June/July 2017
We've got three new tools to make your BNI membership even more valuable!

The official BNI Connect® Mobile App is here! 
BNI Connect® Mobile is an application exclusively for BNI® Members. You can now access BNI Connect® from your mobile phone. Initially you can enter electronic slips for referrals, TYFCB, and One-to-Ones. Additionally, you can invite visitors to visit your Chapter and update your profile. We will be adding new features to BNI Connect® Mobile on a regular basis. We're excited to hear your feedback!

BNI has introduced a new tool to help members and chapters be more successful! Reporting2You works with BNI connect to report eight success factors: attendance, One-to-Ones, trainings, visitors, new memberships, number of members and referrals, and TYFCB. 

BNI members will receive a monthly "Traffic Light" report. With a click, the interactive report will identify those areas where individual members can work harder to achieve the best possible results for their businesses and the success of the chapter.  Our Director Consultants and Ambassadors are available to assist you with using this new tool.

Have you been to the BNI Louisiana and BNI Mississippi websites recently? They have been updated and now include a fillable PDF application file for new members. After filling in all the fields, the form should be printed twice and submitted to the Leadership Team. Also available now is an option to finance membership dues for six months through Paypal.

Visit our websites for more details! 
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Mike Woodson

This month's spotlight member is Mike Woodson of Jackson Madison-Ridgeland BNI chapter. He is the owner of Round Da House, a comprehensive handyman service including plumbing, carpentry, electrical and general contracting work.

Mike joined BNI in 2006, and since joining he has served on Membership Committee and as President of his chapter. During the BNI Fall Leadership Conference, he was recognized as a Platinum Member for sponsoring 12 new members in one year and as a 10+ year member. He's also been recognized by local and national companies for superior customer reviews. 

Please click here to visit Mike's BNI website.

This month's Spotlight Chapter is another new chapter in Louisiana, Lafayette  Acadiana Business to Business. The chapter launched just over two months ago with 19 members and has already reported over $27,000 in closed business!  

Under the guidance of President Amanda LaGrange, Vice President Andre Hebert, Secretary/Treasurer Bridgett Menard, Director Consultant Maria Benoit and Area Chapter Consultant Ann Shea, Acadiana Business to Business meets Tuesdays at   8:30 a.m. at the Abacus Banquets & Receptions.
Click here for more information about this exciting and enthusiastic chapter.
The following articles are from the BNI website.

The Formula for Success in BNI
Dr. Ivan Misner

What is the one true secret to success in BNI? 

The one secret is...there is no "one" secret.  In order for members to be successful in BNI it's a formula of four important elements that members need to apply in order to achieve success.

This is the formula for success in BNI:
  1. Quality
  2. Growth
  3. Engagement
  4. Stories
Click here to read more.

Grit Is Your Key to Success
By Graham Weihmiller

There are a handful of qualities that come to mind when I think of my professional mentors, and other global business leaders, who have been highly-successful in their endeavors - they're all trustworthy, they're resourceful, they're enthusiastic, and they're results-oriented. But what is that one quality that each of these individuals possesses? In my opinion, it's grit. It's that rock-solid resilience and extra drive that keeps them focused on the end result.

If you aren't familiar with the term "grit," it was recently made popular by Angela Duckworth, a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania. She noticed her highest performing students weren't necessarily the 'smartest' people in the room, nor those who had the most natural talent. It was the students who had that 'extra something' who were the most successful. A select few individuals were motivated to work harder than those around them, despite facing obstacles, until their dreams became a reality. As Duckworth also describes it, "a gritty individual approaches achievement as a marathon; his or her advantage is stamina." 

So how do you develop this grit if you do not already possess it? You can train yourself to have more fortitude and perseverance. While it can be challenging, here are five quick tips to help: 

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Stay Energized During the Summer Slump
Remember those years when summer meant an endless possibility of fun? Three months of playing with friends until after dark with no threat of  homework or tests? Oh, how we long for those lazy, hazy days of summer.  Now, the heat seems endless and the lack of that simplified summertime makes us just feel lazy and hazy. While the heat rises, we naturally slow down and unfortunately so can business. So how do we stay energized and engaged? Here are three ideas to keep you engaged.
  1. Call up that friend or business acquaintance and meet up for lunch. Reconnecting with people can inspire us, even calling someone you've never met with before and have been meaning to. Don't have time for lunch? Maybe you can fit in time for coffee? Find out what is happening with that person and ask if there is anything you can do to help.
  2. Attend a business event. Has it been a while since you've stepped out of your daily routine to meet with members of the business community? Bring along a friend to make it more enjoyable. Meet and greet with others always remembering to show interest and ask questions.
  3. Volunteer at a local event. There are more than enough areas in our cities that depend upon volunteers to be successful. Stepping up to give to others can be so beneficial to you. Your perspective and determination to succeed can be contagious. You may very well end up inspiring others.
You may notice that all of these suggestions are about helping others. That's the theory that BNI is based upon: Givers Gain. Helping others can only help you succeed. When others see your efforts to help them, they will want to help you in return. This summer, invest in yourself and your business by reaching out and making your efforts work you.

Shreveport / Monroe
Billie Frederick
Acquanetta LeDuff
Stith Bynum
Tim Brannan
Elton Richey

Shelly Redmond
Clarence Ybos
Duane Simpson
Kim Semon
Victoria Lynch
Lafayette/Lake Charles
Ashley Forman
Becky Franks
Sarah Ford
Trevor Jolie
Brittany Calhoun Fitch
Chad Elter
Alivia Vidrine
Haley Reggio
Denise Patin

Terrence Richard
Clayton Burnett
Hillary Robertson
Sebrina Curet
Dustin Gibson
Phillip Broussard
Brandon Varisco
Jonathan Linzer
Timothy Reynolds

New Orleans / Northshore / Slidell
Jeannie Talazac
Robert Jaques
Daniel Messinger
Kevin Kitchen
Christina Scalco
Alison Burns
Josh Kaston
Mark Tauzier
Vincent Dileo
Daye Geigerman
Tracy Broussard
Alison Smith
Michael Pedalino
Roxanne Ashwell
Don Schwarzenbach
Eric Bauer
John Steger
Frank Fassy
Roland Rusich
Hope Clay
Cindy Elfert
Lorie Hollis
Connelly Hayward
Shelley Radosta
Tonya Wren
Alvin Dupre, JR
David Ruppert
David Smith
Howard P Vollenweider
Kristen O'Keefe

Louis Dutel
Shirley Deluzain
Bill Tripoli
Robert Mathews
Kelly Lutman
Darren LaSalla
Tara Waldron
Angelique Moret
Barbara Barach
Casey Swift
Chad Roberts
David Herrera
Grayson Reno
Jared Daigre
Anthony Quillen
Fran Arriaga
Kerry Landry
Amy Bairnsfather
Christine Morris
Lee Rogers
Michael Territa
Victor Prima
Bill Laderer
Jerry Lincoln
Steven Childers
Gaye Hawkins Dufrene
Mark Henning
Ashley Quirk
Esther Livaccari
Johnny Crow

Margaret Reynolds
Mary Kay Souther
Mike Woodson
Susan Pinkston
Deonte Oscar
Blake Chance
James Brantley
Jack Welch
Mark Alexander
Eric Harper
Mallori Hopkins
Ashley Longmire
Denise Moulier
Margaret Yockers
David Fisher
Oliver Ellis
Richie Lott 

Baton Rouge
Carson Bankston
Derek Hailey
Julie Ferris
Mike Jordan
Cynthia Taylor
Kayla Dubos
Julee Hymel
Margie Melancon
Scott Dufrene
Ashley Blanche
M. Todd Alley

Micah Ellis
Stephanie Torregrossa
Reggie Bottolfs
Katreena Moses
Diane Landry
Becky McDaniel
Paul Angelle
Meredith Eicher
Donald Main
Andrea Kopfler
Sue Courtney

Thanks to all the professionals and businesses who continue to make BNI a part of their business growth plan!