"It's About The CROSS"   2017

                Mark Your Summer Calendar For These Important Dates
* Red Hot Rocket 5K Run/Walk  -  July 29
* Registration Day / Picture Day  -  Aug. 7 - 7am-10pm / 4pm-7pm
* Parent/Student Open House  -  Aug. 24
* Blessing of the Backpacks/School Picnic  -  Aug. 27
* First Day of School  -  Aug. 28
* Labor Day Weekend - No School - Sept. 1 & 4

From The Principal's Desk
Mrs. Julia Wackt

Since my first year of teaching the song that plays in my head is "School's out for Summer", but is school every really out. Every child at LLS has learning to do over the summer. Many students go to summer school, participate in VBS, and partake in summer sports. In all these activities the students are still learning. They are learning about rules, friendship, teamwork, and responsibility. I encourage you to keep your child engaged and learning this summer. Read with them. Review math facts with them. Talk about nature and most important, continue to instill God's love in your child's heart. Take time to have a devotion with your child daily. Sit down and pray with them before bedtime. Go to church. Show them how God's love works through you. So as we enter summer vacation, how can you help your child keep learning?
Congratulations & God's Blessings
to Our 
2017 Graduates

4th Quarter Honor Roll 
Congratulations to the following students!

5th Grade High Honor Roll
Casey Grudzinski
Adam Theder

5th Grade Honor Roll
Carsten Hurtgen
6th Grade High Honor Roll
Brett Batterman
Lucy Groeler

6th Grade Honor Roll
Caroline Plasil
7th Grade High Honor Roll
Meghan Hurtgen
Connor Lehman
Nathan Pfeifer
8th Grade High Honor Roll
Carson Peirick

Prayer of Thanks - Ms. Karen Braun 
Dear heavenly Father, I come to You with grateful thanks that You have permitted me to reach my retirement after so many years of service.
Thank You for the health and strength that You have given me each day to enable me to work.
Thank You also for those that have been instrumental in giving me work and working alongside me. 

Please bless all my work colleagues and bosses, my friends, and those that have mentored me over the years.  May each one be sheltered and protected by Your love. 

Thank You for the skills that I have learned and the opportunities that You have put in my path throughout my career.
And thank You for the opportunities that You have purposed for me - that are still hidden in the future. 

Thank You for being with me throughout my working life, and I pray that You will continue to give me many more years in Your service so that this time of retirement may continue to be an opportunity to serve You, in spirit and truth, and to draw even closer to You.
Praise Your holy name for my life. Direct each future path I take.
I pray that You will continue to be my ever present help in time of trouble and my constant Guide, and to direct my every step.

In Jesus name I pray. 


Olympic Day & Awards Ceremony





PreK-4 Graduation / Kindergarten Graduation

         June-July-August Birthday Celebrations  

                  JUNE BIRTHDAYS
                                        10 - Brett Batterman
                                        12 - Parker Bridgham
                                        21 - Cooper Genz
     25 - Ms. Braun
     28 - Pastor Phillips
                                        02 - Mrs. Fortlage
                                        10 - Brody Otto
                                        10 - Mason Vogel
                                        11 - Kolton Wyse
                                        15 - Brycen Rejret
     25 - Landon Pfingsten
     29 - Abigail Schmidt
     30 - Ivy Jo Phillips
     31 - Lucas Theder
                                        08 - Thea Finley
                                        14 - Kierstyn Black
                                        15 - Keaton Waskow
                                        16 - Carsten Hurtgen
                                        19 - Casey Grudzinski
     24 - Maddie Novotny
     26 - Madelyn Bliefernicht
     28 - Sawyer Ninmann
     30 - Mrs. Damrow

Congratulations! These 5 from K-2 finished all 6 months of Book-it!

Summer Food Summer Fun!   
Healthy meals for kids and teens. Free!

No need to sign up or apply - just show up and enjoy!

Location and Time(s) of Meals:
Watertown High School - Cafeteria
June 19--July 20  10:50 a.m. -- 11:30 a.m.
Site Closed: June 23 & 30; July 3 & 4

Contact:  Watertown Unified School District  - Nutrition Services  -  920-262-7536

More Info:  wisummerfood.org or call 211 / Test: 'food" to 877-877 for meals near you.

"Vanco" Online Payment Site
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               Our Online Payment Site Is Up  And Running
Our online payment site is now up and running! We are working on getting the mobile app.also. Keep your eyes peeled for that. Until then, please bookmark the payment page! If you have any questions or would like to meet to go over it please contact the school office. 

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7th & 8th Grade News
Mrs. Jenny Meyers
We had a wonderful trip to Milwaukee. They represented our school well and were very fun (and easy) to travel with. You should be proud of them.

Thank you and have a wonderful summer.

Mrs. Meyers.
Graduating 8th Graders loved this picture! :)

Below: Pictures from the 7th & 8th Grade Class Trip to Milwaukee

Boat Trip

Discovery World

The Pabst Mansion

The Bronze Fonz

5th & 6th Grade News
Ms. Pam Bartee

Annual End of the Year Devil's Lake Trip

3rd & 4th Grade News
Mrs. Jennie Berken

As another year comes to an end, I can't thank you all enough for the support you have given throughout the year. I appreciate the extra time you have spent helping your child grow academically, and spiritually.

I give you back your child, the same child you confidently entrusted to my care last fall. I give them back, inches taller, pounds heavier, months wiser, more mature and more responsible than when they first started. Even though they would have gained knowledge in spite of me, it has been a privilege and pleasure to watch your child's personality shine each and every day.
Psalm 103:2  Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me.
Mrs. Berken

1st & 2nd Grade News
Mrs. Kathy Fortlage

Wow! Where did the school year go? Here it is June already!  These first and second grade classes have grown - physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically. I am very impressed on how well they read, how fast they can do their math facts, and so much more.
20 children (18 first graders and 2 second graders!) were a bit shocking at first - and the paperwork doubled from last year, but we found our rhythm and figured out how to do two grades of classes with these numbers! We learned from each other!

These past few weeks we worked on polishing the skills we've been working on all year - writing our own story and "publishing" it, learning our addition and subtraction facts, and using them in math problems, and so much more! We've learned about our world in Science and Social Studies. In Religion we covered the favorite Bible stories and learned about some not so common ones as well.

This past year included some travels as well. In fall K-2 visited Glacier Rock Farm, Honey Acres and Harnischfeger Park to learn about farm animals, bees and the Rock River and the animals that live around it. In winter we went to a play and a concert at the Overture Center in Madison. The concert by Drumline Live was appreciated by all who attended! This spring we visited sites in Watertown - Pick-N-Save, the Watertown Public Library (for a tour and information on the summer reading program), and the Watertown Police Station.
I am blessed for the experience of this year and look forward to a new class next year!
Keep reading!   
God bless!  
Mrs. Kathy Fortlage

Kindergarten News
Mrs. Kiki Damrow
Happy summer! It seems like just yesterday that it was September! We've had a fantastic year learning and growing this year. We've grown in so many ways and we are now ready to move on to first grade.
We've been going backwards through the alphabet to the last day of school- starting with Zebra day back in April and celebrating each letter in different ways! We learned how to yo-yo, had the marriage of Q and U, played Ninjas, had Doughnut Day and Bubble Day. We had Career day and Brycen took his police job seriously giving out tickets!

It has been a fun year full of exciting learning and as always it's hard to "give up my kinders" as they move on to first grade. I wish everyone a warm and relaxing summer!
God's blessings!
Mrs. Damrow

PreK-4 News
Miss Heidi Field

"Sticky fingers, runny noses. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes-es. Shapes and colors. ABC's. Taking turns and 123's.
Toothless smiles, hugs and giggles. Circle time and lots of wiggles! Wooden blocks and dress-up clothes. Learning how a flower grows.
Milk and cookies, first time friend. Thinking days like these won't end.
Preschool done before you know it. No one sadder than this poet.
Like a butterfly, time has flown. You have learned and you have grown.
Tiny chairs give way to desks. Book reports and spelling tests.
So take off now, spread your wings. Soar to new heights, learn new things.
Just remember as you do, someone's very proud of you!"

God's blessings to you all and congratulations to all of my 4K graduates! It has been such a blessing being your teacher. Good luck in Kindergarten! I will miss you.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer!

Ms. Heidi Field

PreK-3 News
Mrs. Kayla Zimmerman

Daycare Director News
Mrs. Jackie Unke

What a great year we all had at the ECC!

The Preschool children did lots of fun things this year! They went to the Hwy department to see all the big trucks, then to a farm to watch cows get milked by robots and they spent the day at the children's museum in Milwaukee.

We wish all our 4K grads the best of luck on Kindergarten in fall!
Have a great summer!!

Jackie Unke

Music Notes
Mrs. Kathy Fortlage

It has been a wonderful year in the music room!  The children learned many new songs to sing for Sing Sundays, chapel, our Christmas musical, Miracle on Bethlehem Street,  and our exciting performance of "All You Need is Love" in May.  Many children now love the Beatle's songs!  The children learned many musical concepts taught at each level and then applied it to songs with clapping or instruments.  I am looking forward to a great new year with many more exciting programs and songs!  Keep singing His praises!

God bless!  Mrs. Kathy Fortlage

Miss Anna Witan

With their chapter books and grammar units finished, each grade spent some time during this quarter to review the concepts we've been learning this school year. We wrapped up a great year of Spanish learning and a difficult year's end test in each grade by watching movies in Spanish and English last week. It was a great challenge for the students to hear that kind of immersive audio. I'm pleased with the effort that students put in toward their learning this year, and I'm also grateful for their excitement and patience with the subject.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful summer full of great experiences! I'm looking forward to teaching Spanish ( and art) next school year! 

┬íHasta luego! 

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