Teaching Kitchen a Pipeline
for Skilled Kitchen Staff
Since 2009, Community Servings'  Teaching Kitchen has provided 
food service job training to hundreds of unemployed individuals 
who face barriers to full-time employment. As they learn basic food service and job-readiness skills, trainees work alongside
Community Servings' kitchen staff, making valuable contributions 
to the agency's mission, which includes making 2,200 medically tailored meals each day.
"The Teaching Kitchen program is a natural extension of our core mission," David B. Waters, CEO, explains. "Trainees gain experience working in a professional kitchen while helping us to feed more sick clients."   

Community Servings' culinary team is made up of six Teaching Kitchen alumni. "We often hire Teaching Kitchen graduates
because we have seen first-hand what they're able to do and
they've already committed themselves to our mission," said
Kevin Conner, Executive Chef.
Community Servings' Teaching Kitchen Alumni, from left to right: Darryl Branch, Evening Chef; Jerome Brodie, Utility Associate; Elsa Stengel, Prep Cook; Larry Eason, Prep Cook; Lakeisha Hall, Prep Cook; David Price, Utility Associate
Join us on Thursday, June 22 to celebrate the graduating trainees
of Class 35 at the Teaching Kitchen Graduation Ceremony and Reception. Congratulations to our graduates! 

June 8

New Date:
June 10

Father's Day 
is June 18

June 22

June 28

June 29
Farm to Fork Nutrition Education Class
at Community Servings

Bacon & Beer Festival - Proceeds benefit 
Community Servings

Buy a Red Sox raffle ticket for Dad, provide healthy meals 
for those in need. Raffle ends Friday, June 16

35th Teaching Kitchen Graduation Ceremony and Reception at Community Servings

Wicked After Dark Cabaret to Benefit Community Servings

Join our cheering station at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
on Saturday, June 24th. 

June is National Fresh Fruits
& Vegetables Month! 
Don't let the simple ingredients fool you - this crisp
salad is packed with flavor and nutrients. The peppery flavor of the radish balances with the sweet watermelon. The familiar combination of feta cheese, walnuts, and
citrus offer a brightness that brings this salad all together. 

Radish 101
Radishes are a peppery root vegetable thought to have made their debut in Massachusetts as early as 1629! They are  low in calories and offer  important nutrients like fiber and vitamin C. 

Radishes are most abundant between the months of April and July. Choose plump, firm, and smooth radishes that are free of blemishes. Enjoy them raw, sautéed, or roasted.

Spice up your next meal with radishes!  Check out these recipe ideas .

Thank You!

Thanks to you, we raised more than $730,000 at the
25th Anniversary of LifeSavor presented by Citizens Bank, totaling $10 million raised in the lifetime of the event! 

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