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2018 Highland Pacific Golf Jeneece Place Invitational presented by The Keg Victoria
Highland Pacific Golf is proud to announce the 5th Annual Jeneece Place Invitational presented by the Keg Victoria. This years event will be a full 18-hole shotgun event to be held on Sunday July 15th, 2018. The entry includes acharitable donation to Jeneece Place, 18-hole green fee, cart fee, warm up bucket, buffet dinner and prize presentation in the Highland Pacific Golf Rustic hall.

Our goal is to raise $10, 000.00 to go towards the Jeneece Place to provide for families of sick kids staying at the Victoria General Hospital. 

To register for this great event please follow the link:

This tournament will also be run in conjunction with the RBC Scramble of Canada. For an extra $25.00 teams may submit their scores to qualify for the provincial RBC Scramble Championship. Top teams from the provincial championship will have the chance to compete in the National Chamionship to be held at Cabot Links this fall.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Jeneece Place event this July!
Golf Shop Chronicles
Our team in the golf shop has some exciting things happening during the month of June! We have a lot happening around the facility and some exceptional deals to be had. Come see Warren and his amiable team for the best in golf service.


All Men's and Ladies Outerwear in the Golf Shop is 25% OFF from June 1st - June 30th.

This includes jackets, pullovers and rain gear.

HP Academy and Range

If you don't want to get better you are flat out cray-cray. Come in today and register for one of our classes taught by our award winning coaching staff and take your game to the next level. Check out our programs here:

While you are at it purchase your range card to get better. Get great deals on the 10 , 25, 50, 100, 200 bucket range cards and prepare to shoot the score of your life.

For more information email Warren Reeves, Head Golf Professional, at
Club Fitting
Are you clubs right for you?

Club fitting has become very popular and we offer this service at Highland Pacific Golf Course. Instead of waiting for a demo day, if you are someone who is interested in getting fit for clubs, come on in to the golf shop and ask one of our professionals for the information needed to get started. 

A lot of players don’t know that the clubs they may be using could be slightly adjusted to properly fit their swing and make the game easier. Even if you’re not looking to purchase new clubs, you can do an equipment evaluation on the current set you have. This small change could result in a big change for the better for your golf game and lower scores.

If you are currently taking lessons or are interested in taking lessons with our golf professionals, you may request to use a lesson for a club fitting. The combination of lessons and club fitting could impact your game greatly in the right direction. 

Contact us at 250-478-4653 ext. 1 for more information.

Range Cafe Revelations
We are excited for our fall renovations. Until then, w e appreciate your patience if you are a larger group...with limited surface area it may take a little longer to produce your order.

There will be a few benefits once we complete out kitchen renovation in the fall. As follows:

1.) We will have increased capacity for larger groups.

2.) We will be able to serve items more quickly.

3.) We will be able to serve larger groups in addition to our regular golf clentele mech easier.

4.) Our menu will expand slightly and our quality will improve.

We look forward to serving our loyal guests in the Cafe this summer. If there is something you would like to see or have any feedback let us know.

If you have any questions regarding the Range Cafe please contact Fred Green, Food and Beverage Manager, via email at
Highland Pacific Golf Academy- Pro Tip
Pre-Shot Routine
Watch any of the world’s best players and you will see them make practice swings before every shot. They are doing four things:

  • Making the motion that will produce the type of shot they want.

  • Getting a feel for that motion and what they must do with the golf club.

  • Visualizing the ball doing what they want.

  • Programming their 'computer' with information to produce the desired shot.

Practice strokes are a rehearsal of what you are trying to do with the golf club - and ultimately with the golf ball. We call this “pre-shot”. However, I don’t call it a “routine,” and for one simple reason: no two shots are alike. Since every shot you hit is different in one way or another, each one of them must be programmed individually into your computer. Hitting a shot that draws is certainly different than one that fades, so the pre-shot is different.

Dial in your pre-shot routine and you'll start to dial in your scores!
Warren Reeves
 Head Professional
Highland Pacific Golf Turf Talk
By: Geoff Sheffield

The maintenance crew have been working hard at maintaining the golf course to a high standard. After multiple spray applications to our greens and fairways, the course is looking good form an esthetical stand point.
The summer heat and light winds are now in effect which means that Highland Pacific will have to start our water conservation practices to ensure that we have enough water to get us through the rest of the season. We will start by watering less of the driving range and rough areas that are out of play. You will notice that these areas will appear brown or burned out. Our water supply is from onsite wells only with no supplemental supply. We have gone through this many times now and are getting more efficient with each year as we learn new techniques. Also, the use of different products help us retain moisture. The south facing slopes are the hardest to maintain as the sun exposure is direct and quite often so is the wind.

We have some other areas that we will be working on improving as time and manpower allow.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email at

-Geoff Sheffield
Course Superintendent  
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