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A safe way to get some summer color

Blog by Julie Miller, R.N.


So last month, in honor of Skin Cancer Awareness month, I pointed out a lot of facts about sun exposure and skin cancer.  Hopefully I convinced you to be smart in the sun.  However I don't want you to change your lifestyle, just suggest taking precautions:  sunscreen, cover up and no tanning beds.

I remember, about 45 years ago, when my older cousin tried out Coppertone's Quick Tan.  OMG!  She turned orange and it took days to get it off.  Thank goodness we have come a long way.

One option is spray tanning.  When I was working at Wellspring we offered airbrushing, which I prefer over the machines.  You aren't at as much risk for inhaling it and you have more control of where you want the tan and what shade you want it.  (air brushing is done  by a person)

The other options are self tanners.  These products combine with the dead cells in the outer epidermis and generate color.  The entire epidermis turns over in 30-40 days so a self tanner only lasts about 7 days as the dead cells slough daily.  Most people apply the tanner several days in a row until you get the shade you are looking for and then reapply about every 3 days to maintain it.

Application tips:

  • Exfoliate first. Before using a sunless tanning product, wash your skin to remove excess dead skin cells. Spend a little extra time exfoliating areas with thick skin, such as your knees, elbows and ankles by using a buff puff, scrub brush and shaving the area.
  • Apply in sections. Massage the product into your skin in a circular motion. Apply the tanner to your body in sections, such as your arms, legs and torso. Wash your hands with soap and water after each section to avoid discoloring your palms. Lightly extend the product from your ankles to your feet and from your wrists to your hands.
  • Wipe joint areas. The knees, elbows and ankles tend to absorb more of sunless tanning products. To dilute the tanning effect in these areas, gently rub them with a damp towel or apply some lotion to the area first.
  • Take time to dry. Wait to dress at least 10 minutes. Wear loose clothing and avoid sweating for three hours.  Usually in about an hour you will start to see some color.

Make sure to wash your hands after you are done applying and anywhere you may have touched that you don't want color.

In the past I have used Jergens or Neutragena's products.  When I started at Dr. Hale's office they carried a product by Ave'ne, called Natural Glow.  I used it last summer and again on my cruise.  I usually only use tanners on my legs and I have been pleased with this product.  I get more color than I do from the Jergens.  It is also Hypoallergenic and non comedogenic so those with sensitive skin or acne, it should be tolerated. Kimberly, our marketing director, loves the self tanning sprays such as SUN and VeraSpa Sunless Pro.  She sprays quickly in even strokes then uses a fan brush, lightly going over each section right after spraying to make sure it is evenly distributed. 

Bronzer:  I am not an expert with bronzers but I do know people that use them and they look nice.  Pick a color that works well with your skin tone and for summer if you want to add color go 2-3 shades darker.  If needed you can apply foundation to even out skin tone and then apply the bronzer over the top or bronzer alone.  Apply with a large face brush in circular motion all over the face, all the way to the hairline and especially evenly around the mouth and eyes.  

June Special:   All sunscreen and self tanner 10% off.

Most of our sunscreens are physical blocks vs. chemical sunscreens.  They are made up of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which a lot of people believe block the rays better, especially those that have pigmentary problems.  A few of the sunscreens have 1 chemical in them so that they can be called broad spectrum.    We have several different sunscreens that will hopefully cover all your needs:  light weight, non comedongenic, sensitive skin, with moisturizer, water proof, non irritating to the eyes, safe for babies, and aerosol for easy application and for scalps

Be Smart in the Sun.

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