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June 2012

June News from the Home Office


MAP Welcomes New Intern, Fred Fruehan

Custom Museum Publishing (logo)We are pleased to welcome Fred Fruehan, our new summer intern. Fred grew up in San Bernardino, California, and moved to Maine seven years ago. Formerly employed as a butcher, he decided a few years ago to go back to school because he "needed more intellectual stimulation." After taking a few preliminary classes, "one thing led to another," and Fred soon found himself wholly immersed in and enjoying his classes.


Fred is majoring in English at University of Maine at Augusta. His interests vary greatly and, while he considered studying subjects like psychology, sociology and anthropology, he chose to study English because it encompasses all of the above. He is able to read great literature at the same time. Fred says he is inspired by working at Maine Authors Publishing after seeing how many people are writing their stories. He is also pleasantly surprised by the high percentage of local authors. "As an English major, I believe that communication is important, from words to artwork. Maine Authors Publishing is something I believe in, and I like seeing people succeed."



Maine Literary Awards

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The winners of this award ceremony sponsored in part by the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance were announced May 31, 2012. We are pleased that one of our upcoming authors, Deborah Cummins, won the non-fiction category in the short works competition. Congratulations, Deb! We look forward to turning the unpublished stories into a book.


If you have any accolades or newsworthy items, be sure to let us know so we can publicize it in our next enewsletter and on our Facebook page.


New Arrivals

Here are titles that arrived throughout April, May and June.

Aha! Gaining Insight through Humor by Dayton Salisbury - a non-fictional book reminding readers that wisdom can always be obtained through humor


Against All Odds by Edith Lucas Pagelson - a miraculous account of Holocaust survival written as a memoir.



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Coldness of Marek by Rachel O'Laughlin - a fantasy novel where protagonist Trzl Sakar must endure political chaos, marauder raids, and evil schemes in order to survive and protect her son.


Duck Says Moo by Thomas D. Cashell - a wonderfully illustrated children's book where a duckling wishes to talk to a cow.


In Honor of Them by Denise Morin - a non-fictional homage to near-death cancer patients and the unique wisdom they bestow.


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Island Friends by Jeff Bowman & Jennifer York - an illustrated journey where a young girl builds a friend that comes to life from shed lobster parts.


Julie's Climb by David Morse - a children's adventure story where protagonist Julie faces many perils during her rock climbing excursion, including a giant spider.


Matinicus: An Island Mystery by Darcy Scott - a thrilling novel packed with memorable characters where multiple murders threaten to tear asunder a remote Maine island community.*


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The Hired Man by Cedric Berry - a rural tale of familial drama and friendship centered around teenager Ned Prescott as he faces opportunities and adversities brought on by hired farmhand Henry Pierce.


Silent Maine Reminders by Alden L. Weigelt - a powerful, eloquent book regarding the sacrifices Mainers have made to defend America.


*Also available as e-books for Kindle and/or Smashwords.


Upcoming Events




Friday, June 15th - From 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., Kendall Merriam will be signing his new poetry book Light Relaxes into Evening at Asymmetric Arts, located on 405 Main Street, Rockland. Blind Albert will be providing musical entertainment for the evening. There will be light refreshments. For more information, call (207) 594-2020.






Friday, July 27th - Belfast Bound Book Festival will be hosting Jane Karker. From 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. in the Abbot Room of the Belfast Free Library, located on 106 High Street, Jane Karker, president of Maine Authors Publishing, will be presenting "A Cooperative Model of Self-Publishing: The Real Deal and How We Did It". The event is part of the second Belfast Bound Book Festival, which runs from July 27th to July 29th. For more information about Jane's presentation, email For more information about the book festival, visit or email


Saturday, June 30th - The South Berwick Summer Book Bash at the South Berwick Library will highlight ten local authors. From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., this will feature an eclectic mix of writers offering genres from fiction to memoir, mystery to non-fiction, and poetry to children's. Each author will give a reading of his or her selected works and be available for personal discussion. The event will include the following: John R. Cobb's Judith, Darcy Scott's Matinicus, Jack O'Mara's Whitewater Opera, George Rosol's This Island Life, Carol Glover's Loving Hannah, David Morse's Julie's Climb, Astrid Marshall's Widow Watched, Travis Smith's The Garbage Men, Katherine Mayfield's The Box of a Daughter, Deborah Gould's Father Is Here...He's Fat as a Pig, and Jeff Foltz's Birkebeiner. The event is part of the South Berwick Library Renovation Project. Participating authors will donate ten percent of the sales generated from the event and gift a copy of their book to the South Berwick library. For more information, email

Self-publishing for Maine Writers

Adult Ed/Library courses throughout Maine 

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Amazon Information

We recommend that authors place their books on Amazon. Our Amazon sales have more than doubled in the last quarter. Once your book appears there, it can be beneficial for you to set up an Author Page to help promote your book. You can check out the program and sign up through Author Central. If you need help with this, we can set up your Author Page for a nominal fee. Contact Cheryl for further details.



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