United Christian Parish Preschool
June 2017 Newsletter 
This is the last issue for families whose children are not returning to Preschool next year because of kindergarten or moves to other cities and other schools.  You will be automatically removed from the newsletter list.  We wanted you to get this issue because of the survey results. 
Keep in Touch
If your family will not be here next year and you wish to be on the Alumni Mail List and continue to receive the monthly  newsletter (not all the other little reminders), reply to this e-mail.
Tuesday, August 1-September tuition payment due. (Add $25 if not received by August 7.)
August 1-Emergency/ Information form due
(Add a separate $25 if not received by August 7.)  
August 1- Health form due ( NEW enrollees only, Add a separate $25 if not received by August 7.)  Make an appointment or drop off form today with your child's pediatrician if necessary.
Don't wait until the deadline to send forms.  Send them now so you won't forget!
Don't miss a fun time!
Wednesday July 5
  Come join your new and old friends at the playground.  You may use the playground at any time, but Playground Playdates are special times when lots of friends might be there.  Suggested time is 10-12:00.  You may come through the main entrance or walk up the steps from North Shore Dr.    Nametags will be available inside near the water fountains; please put a nametag on youself and your preschool child. You may bring lunch and picnic before you go home.  The entrance that leads to the restrooms and water fountain will be open from 10 to 12. The office is open during playdate times, so you may chat with the office staff about any business or purchase a school bag. 
The Playground is closed to visitors during Vacation Bible School week 7/10-7/14.
Summer Office Hours
Wednesdays, 9:30-12
 Stop by for any Preschool business or send a friend for a tour.
If your friends or neighbors ask, there are a few spaces for 2's, 3's and 4's in September.
Saying thanks for great preschool year
You may send a tax deductible contribution to the Joyce Allred Scholarship Fund now or at any point in the future. This is a wonderful gift that will bring immense joy to deserving children.
Please join us!      
UCP Preschool Parents,
Your UCP Preschool Parent Group Co-Chairs for the 2017-2018 school year will be Kristin Szczenski (Mom to Ben in Frogs) and Suzanne Venteau-Koch (Mom to Caelan in Starfish). 
Please take a few moments to complete this short survey, which will help us to better serve our children, parents, and staff at Preschool.  
The Parent Group is coordinated by parent volunteers, so your gifts of time and talent are invaluable to us.  If you would like to help out in any way or have any ideas for the 2017-2018 school year, please email Suzanne at suzannegv@yahoo.com or Kristin at kristin.szczenski@gmail.com .
Thank you, and have a great summer! :-)
~ Suzanne and Kristin
New 2017/2018 Families
We are glad you are part of our family now!  We especially look forward to seeing you at summer playdates at the playground.
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Administrative Staff
Jane Plum, Director
Tracie Lambakis & Stephanie Sturgell ,
Administrative Assistants
NAEYC logo
The Preschool is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The Preschool is licensed as a Child Day Center by the VA Department of Social Services.  The Preschool participates in VA Quality.
Dear Parents,
     We had lots of fun activities in the last couple weeks of school.  Children who attended Summer Camp had a blast.  Tomorrow will the be first weekday that the classrooms and halls are quiet.  I'll catch up on paperwork and phone calls and emails, but will certainly miss your children's sweet smiles.    
     It seems appropriate to leave you with some phrases from  "I Wish You Well"   which we sang together for the May Gathering 
My heart to your heart
I wish you well.
We also came together for the May Chapel and celebrated our friends from around the world and ended with singing Shalom. So I will say to you
Shalom, Shalom.
Til we meet again, til we meet again, 
Thanks for your participation!
     The annual parent survey was distributed to families in April.  The survey was basically unchanged from the last several years.  The first two pages of the parent survey are the questions from the NAEYC Accreditation survey. The final page contained a few additional questions of interest to the Preschool and allowed parents space to write general comments.  For the short answer questions, the available responses were "Yes," "No," "Don't Know," and "N/A."
      By June 1, 70 surveys had been completed and returned out of 97 distributed.  Overall, the results are very positive, with the overwhelming majority of the parents happy with the education and environment at Preschool. 
      The multiple choice questions received extremely positive responses.  The following questions were among those that received 98-100% Yes responses: 1. I have a good relationship with my child's teacher and other staff; 2. The teacher takes good care of my child, helps my child learn to get along with others, and is a good teacher; 27. Does your child appear happy and seem to enjoy coming to school?   These questions about relationships and learning especially reflect the values of the school, so the Yes responses were very gratifying to us.   
      Preschool Advisory Committee and the Director consider survey results very carefully and make every effort to address all issues that are raised in the surveys.  Even though the number of negative comments was small, each one was discussed by the committee, and plans for improvement were made.
     There were a few comments about wanting an increased focus on academics; each year we try to let parents know how we incorporate literacy activities into the classes. The alphabet, phonological awareness and writing skills are not being neglected, and we would be happy to provide ideas about how to carry these activities over into the summer!  
    Responses to questions about communication and comments about newsletters will be taken into consideration when the teachers plan their teacher newsletters next year.   As far as it is practical, we will look for more opportunities for families to connect with teachers next year.  Teachers are not compensated for enough time to write detailed daily or weekly reports on each child.
    A significant number did not know how records are kept confidential.  All paperwork is in a locked file and only the child's teacher and the licensing inspector have access, unless the parent gives permission.
      In the Comments section, several parents suggested extended day programs which will be considered in the future.
      One comment on registration lottery was concerning; please understand that parents who only give one choice for next year's class are not placed ahead of those who listed 2 or 3. 
     Several comments such as this were very gratifying: "So happy with the experience with the school and the teachers! The Conscious Discipline workshops were incredibly helpful.  Ms D's weekly emails are great!"
       Family and staff surveys are an important part of PAC's annual review of the Preschool.  Parents are also encouraged to send any concerns to the Director first and next to PAC as issues arise, not waiting until next April's survey.  Parent suggestions and questions are always welcomed.
     If you would like more detailed information than this summary provides, a copy of the full survey results is available in the Preschool office.

Saturday, October 14, 2017 
While purging your toys and clothes this summer,  please consider saving them for the yard sale.

Need it out of your house before then?   Schedule a pickup!

Proceeds from the sale support the preschool scholarship fund. Please consider helping out in any way you can.
How can you help?
Save and donate gently used children's items.

Volunteer to:
  • Work the sale next year
  • Collect donations
  • Store items over the summer (a corner of your garage, basement or attic)
  • Tell your friends we will take their items
  • Advertise
For more information:
Kristin Szczenski -  kristin.szczenski@gmail.com 
Jessica Campbell - bairjd@hotmail.com
Drying the Sliding Board After a Rain, ETC.
Any old towels you have would be appreciated.  Bath size or beach towels!  
Fairfax Public Library
Visit the Library's web site to sign up for the Summer Reading Program.  Read books with your children, write the books in a log and then collect the prize.


Walker Nature Center
Always a good place to go for shady trails and fun activities.  Read the latest issue of the newsletter Branching Out.
Send a Resume or Share this with a Friend 
The Preschool is taking applications for an Assistant Teacher opening. Respond by e-mail to this newsletter if you are interested or would like more information. 
 Set the Example 
Take note that we are not suggesting that you do handwriting drills with your children.  That would be a great way to help them dislike school.  But, when you do write their names, use upper case and lower case letters so they do not start doing it with all upper case and have to re-learn later.  Examples:
Casey, Hayden, Austin, Vicky, Sophia
Articles in Preschool Office for One More Week

We think the lids belonged to bins loaned for the yard sale back in October.