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My Dad, Tommy Thompson, started this nursery in 1973.  To honor him, we continue with our annual tribute to fathers this month.  With any purchase from now thru Sunday, June 19th, you may register for a $100 gift certificate.  A drawing will be held at the end of business on Father's Day.

In our newsletter this month you will find great deals on select plants, information about an upcoming fairy garden class, suggestions for Father's Day gifts and much more.

Janielle, our Landscape Architect,  has written Part I of an informative three part series on Trees. 


We are looking forward to a great summer here on the island.

Hope to see you soon.



Back Garden Tour Postponed

Due to the predicted bad weather for this weekend, the Clean Galveston Back Garden Tour has been postponed until next weekend.

Saturday, June 11  from 10am to 5pm
   Sunday, June 12  from noon to 5pm

$8  Advance tickets are available for purchase online 
and at Tom's Thumb Nursery.   

Gift Certificate Giveaway

Honoring Father's Day

Sunday, June 19

With any purchase, register to win a 
$100 Gift Certificate 
to Tom's Thumb Nursery.

A drawing will be held at the end of business on  Father's Day.
We will notify the winner and publish the winner's name in our July newsletter.
Peggy's father is pictured on the right.
"Mr. Thompson in his garden"
Mr Thompson
Plant Nanny - A great way to make sure your plants stay watered while you are away on summer vacation!


In this newsletter you will find.......  

  • Father's Day Drawing
  • Event:  Fairy Garden Class for Children & Adults
  • Seasonal Ideas & Information for June
  • From Our Landscape Dept: "Trees I - Planting your new tree"
  • Sale on Select Plants
  • Olivia's 10% Coupon
  • In the Garden
  • How to have the best hummingbird season!
  • Around the Giftshop & Father's Day Gift Ideas
  • Seaside Casual Outdoor Furniture
  • Mother's Day Drawing Winner
Special Event for Children and Adults:  


"Under the Sea" Fairy Garden Class


Participating child must be accompanied by an adult.

Hosted by Peggy Cornelius and Staff


Saturday, June 11

from 10am to 1pm


Class fee is $50 plus tax.  You will receive a clam shell to plant in, soil, rock, one plant, $20 in miniature mermaid under the sea merchandise, and lots of fun!


Hurry and register because class size is limited.

To register you may call 409-763-4713 or email sales@tomsthumbnursery.com



Clam Shell 



Seasonal Ideas and Information

 June Seasonal Checklist


  • 50% off Vines (sizes 1, 3 & 5 gallon  containers & trellises)

    Passion Vine
    Rangoon Creeper

    Assorted Colors

    Mexican Flame Vine

    Coral Honeysuckle

    Edible Fruiting
    Passion Vine 

    Fig Ivy

    Purple or White

    Confederate Jasmine
  • Vegetables and Herbs - The most common watering mistake that gardeners make is to water too little, too often.  Established plants do best with a good soaking less often.  Drip irrigation is better than sprinklers.  Drip irrigation puts the water on the soil and into the root zone.  Sprinklers wet the foliage which can promote disease and waste water to evaporation.

    Blossom End Rot


    Cause:  Calcium imbalance 
    Treatment:  Add calcium 
    Rot Stop

    Urban Farm tomato and vegetable food contains calcium.
    Tomato Blight
    is a fungal infection


    " Serenade "

    biological control of fungus on tomato plants

  • Perennials & Annuals - These perennials love the heat and come back year after year:  lantana, salvias, verbenas, coreopsis, rudbeckias, grasses, potato vine, and purple coneflowers.  Once again the nursery is stocked full of your  favorite purslane in 4" pots , 6" pots and hanging baskets.
    salvia blue and black


  • Fruits & Nuts -  
    Last call for using Neem oil to spray your fruit trees.  Now that the trees have set fruit you can spray; however, soon the temperatures will be too hot.  
We have a nice 
selection of 
fruit trees in stock.

What a great 
gift idea!
Lime MexicanThornless

Neem Oil  

available in a trigger spray , hose end sprayer or concentrate


  • Biological Insect Control - Live Beneficial Nematodes is 100% safe for humans and pets and all of your plants.  Nature's Guide Antidote kills fire ants, fleas, white grubs and over 230 other soil borne insects. 
  • Two sizes:  
    Green covers 1/4 acre 
    and Purple covers 1/2 acre.
    Nematodes come packed live in an oxygen rich soil container.  To keep them fresh and happy the containers are kept refrigerated.
    Storage is critical, so call us to place your order.
  Prepare for Mosquitos!              

Safe for you and your family

All natural products for repelling mosquitos

  From our Landscape Architect  
"Trees I - Planting your new tree"  by Janielle Guzinski
Who doesn't think about the nostalgic days of summer sitting underneath the shade tree with a cold drink and a watermelon?  However, that idyllic image is completely dependent on having a decent tree.  Shade is one of the reasons why we love having trees in our landscape.  But we have to be smart when we plant a new tree so that it has the best chance to thrive generally in Galveston and specifically in your yard. 
1.  How to choose the right tree? 
The main conditions in Galveston that you have to worry about are the salt in the air and the cold, winter wind from across the bay.  If you live where nothing blocks the salt air off the Gulf or the cold air off the Bay, you need to think about a plant that can handle those conditions.
The specific conditions at your house to consider are shelter, sunlight, and space.  Even if you live near the beach or the bay, you can grow a tree that needs a bit more protection if your house blocks the salt or the wind.  Some trees grow better in hot sun than others, so if your yard has no shade currently, you might want to go for a tough tree or one that is larger and already has a good start on life.  As for space, remember that trees take up room above and below the surface of the soil.  A tree like an oak with aggressive roots wouldn't be the best choice right next to a pool or a house foundation.  And you may never be able to grow a tree that tall if you have powerlines above your yard.  In that case, I would consider smaller trees like crape myrtle or bottlebrush. 
Now here at our nursery we can help you pick out a tree that is appropriate to Galveston, but researching beforehand so you have an idea what you want is a great idea. 
2.  How to plant your new tree?
There are a couple of easy to follow guidelines for planting any new tree: 
  • Dig your hole at least twice as wide as the rootball of your tree, three times is better.  The hole doesn't need to be very deep, maybe half again as deep as the rootball. 
  • Mix in new compost with your existing soil to fill the area around the plant.  If you just add new soil, you can create a barrier between existing soil and nice new dirt that the tree roots aren't going to easily grow through. 
  • Stake the tree upright especially in areas of high wind.  If you are only using one post, place it upwind of the tree so that the trunk won't hit it when the wind blows.  If you are using multiple posts, space them evenly and try to get them angled with the wind. 
  • Water your new tree deeply.  Rather than spraying the trunk and damaging it, I would recommend laying a hose on the ground on a low setting for 15 minutes every couple of days.  That way the water can percolate into the soil and not run off. 
Select Plants on Sale


Giant Timber Bamboo
15 gallon  

 regular price $249 


All hybrid tea roses
Floribunda roses


Cardboard Palm
3 gallon
regular price $29.99

50% off

Autumn Embers
Encore Azalea

Save 10% off your next in store purchase 
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Offer expires 06/30/2016

In the Garden







white vinca



How to have the best hummingbird season!


Try some of these plants to attract more hummingbirds to your yard this summer.






















Combine four parts hot water to one part real sugar.  Mix it up until it's completely dissolved.  Once it cools to room temperature, it is ready.   Do not use honey or sugar substitutes.


You don't need red water to attract hummingbirds.  In fact, it could be bad for the birds (scientists are still figuring this one out).  Either way, it is not worth the risk.  It's time to break the habit!


Sugar water eventually goes bad.  You should change the water every few days or even sooner if it's really hot out.  Also, clean your feeders occasionally.  Mold can collect, so you want to make sure you're offering hummingbirds clean, safe water.





Around the Gift Shop






Need help with Father's Day Gift Ideas?

mermaid fish


Texas Tough Gardening with Randy Lemmon

Radius Tools

Bamboo fountain

Wallaroo Hat
Adirondack Chair
by Seaside Casual


SEASIDE CASUAL Outdoor Furniture 

Portsmouth 42 x 56 Dining Table
Shellback Dining Chairs

Portsmouth 42" sq Bar Table
Shellback Bar Chairs

Mother's Day Drawing Winner 




Congratulations to Natalia Nieves,

a Galveston Island resident.

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