Doug Burke
ACE President
Tennis Director
ACE Burlington 
Hi everybody,
This is an exciting time for everybody - as players of all levels anticipate the fast approaching summer period with camps and tournaments. We are also introducing our 2017-18 curriculum with a  new exciting option for committed players. This program is designed specifically for players wishing to meet the required volume and quality training demand of high performance development [see further down in newsletter]. Please find attached our 2017-2018 academy year program brochure; registration for programs will be available online shortly.

The annual Junior Team Championships (U9/U10/U12) which ACE hosted at Cedar Springs Club over three successive weekends in April/May were a resounding success.
A " Thank you "  goes out to all of 36 participating  teams from the GTA; Richmond Hill Country Club, Toronto Tennis Academy, ORC, Toronto Tennis City and special mention of the FOUR teams coming all the way from Alberta coached by Byung Chun and Marc Colangeli.

Our competitive players had great results in the recent National Selection events [see results below]. Next for ACE is the summer season with camps that cater to players of varying ages (5 to 18) and levels (beginner to advanced). Camps will be held indoor at ACE Burlington/Cedar Springs Club, outdoor on clay at ACE Toronto/Toronto Tennis City and at Davisville Tennis Club, and outdoor at the Burlington Tennis Club [BTC]. We encourage everyone to visit our website as well as Burlington Tennis Club's website  for availability and registration. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all players, parents and coaches for a great academy year!

Respectfully yours,


Rachel Kryzak and  Viktoriya Tabunshchyk were members of Canada's U14 World JR Tennis and U16 JR Fed Cup teams respectively, which successfully participated in the North  Central American & Caribbean U14 and U16 Final Qualifying Events in Campeche Mexico from April 27-29. Rachel's U14 team qualified for the World Junior Tennis Finals to be held from A ugust 7-12  in the Czech Republic  and Viktoryia's U16 team  qualified for the World Junior Fed Cup Finals from Sept. 18 - 23 in Hungary. Viktoryia pictured first from left and Rachel 3rd from right. 
Jessica Alsola [back row 2nd from left] was a member of Canada's team which participated in the USTA Challenge Cup held May 3-6 at Uniprix Stadium, Montreal. The event is comprised of players born in 2004 and consists of singles and doubles play in a round-robin format.
Rachel Krzyzak U16 Selection Singles and Doubles Champion!

On the right, Sasha Gorchanyuk U16 Selection Doubles Winner with coach
Mike Hall and Rachel.
Jessica Alsola U14 Nationals Selection Singles Champion!
Jessica Alsola was also winner of U14 Nationals Selection Doubles with partner Dharani Niroshan.
Vicky Mboko Singles Finalist Outdoor U12 National Selection #1 at Credit Valley Tennis Club.
Vicky and partner Madison Lee-
U12 National Selection #1 Doubles Champions.
Nicholas Pietrpaolo [on the right] U18 Heron Park Provincial Circuit Champion.
Chris Bulgaru [on the right] U10 Futures Stars UTSC Champion

Arjun Kelagar reached the finals of the U16 Provincial Circuit Event in Milton, with former ACE coach Andre Szczurowski.
Anna Mockovciak NAT U14 Provncial Circuit Champion May 14-16.
Alex Kulakov - U8 Cricket Club Champion June 10th.

On the right: Eliana Buhagier -Mayfair East U8 Champion June 8th.

     Provincial Team Championships 
U9  - APRIL 29th - 30th,  U12  -  MAY 5 - 7th,  U10  - MAY 13th - 14th 
ACE hosted the Provincial Team Championships at the Cedar Springs Club over three successive week ends. A total of 36 teams from the GTA and Alberta participated in the events which showcased highly competitive play and wonderful team spirit from all the teams and coaches.

U9 team Championship - from top left:
ACE Burlington Team 1, ORC Team with coach Kyle Rutherford, ACE Toronto Team 1 with coach Zach Johnson, U9 group photo, TTA Team with coach Mark Cooper, ACE Toronto Team 2 with Irfan Shamasdin and ACE Toronto Team 3 with Morgan Lever.

U12 team Championship - from top left: Independent Team, ORC Team 1 with coach Andrea Rabzak, ACE Burlington Team 2,  coach Jay Barlow with ACE Burlington Team, 5, Team Championship spirit! , ACE Toronto Team 1 with coach Irfan Shamasdan, coach Brandon Alguire and  coach Craig Mercer with ACE Burlington and ACE Toronto teams,  Richmond Hill Country Club Team 2 - with coach Miron Mann and RHCC Team 1 with coach Gino Octa.  

U10 Team Championships - from top left: ACE Burlington team 1, coach Jeremy Langer with doubles players, coach Byung Chun and players from Team Alberta 1,  Amy, Yassin (RHCC) and Madeline, Isabelle (ACE),  Team Alberta 2 with coach Marc Colangeli.  TTC coach Luis Gomez with two TTC players, U10 group photo and coach Kyrylo Tabunshchyk with ACE Burlington players.

ACE's International Team Program targets players wishing to reach their full potential by providing an option which meets the training requirements and integrated team approach of High Performance players. Players will participate in a semi-private training program designed to complement the afternoon group training content and address individual needs. Head coaches will assign an assistant coach to implement the structured Team Program, and will monitor the program with the player's private coach.  Players will also receive tennis specific on court movement training, individual fitness, annual plans, coaching at selected tournaments, access to a mental training program and free use of ACE Replay. Extra individual training will be available. Minimum participation for the U18 and U12 group is 3 x per week (2 x tennis with 2-3 players and 1 x fitness with 2-4 players). Minimum participation for U9 players is 2 times per week. Programs can be customized to add additional training based on player needs.

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Toronto Tennis City

Craig Mercer
Tennis Director
Toronto Tennis City

Dear ACE Toronto Families,
This has been a great year for ACE Tennis at Toronto Tennis City.  We have seen a lot of improvement in our young athletes, who are now uniquely positioned to develop into exceptional players.  This year saw many of these players compete in their first tournaments, while other more experienced players demonstrated their development and were rewarded with the opportunity to take home multiple trophies.  This success is well deserved and great to see, however it has been the passion and commitment to tennis that our players have shown that has been particularly inspiring. 

Our Little Aces have shown sustained improvement over the past year, with all 5-7 year olds...READ MORE 

In preparation for their summer U14 competitive season - which will consist of major events on clay - Pierre Lamarche and Doug Burke conducted a training camp for some of our leading U14 players on the red clay courts of Toronto Tennis City on Sunday May 14th. Players were taken through various tactical and technical drills related to clay court play.
TTC Manager
Michael Zimmerman and Zahara.
Coach Morgan Lever with the 4-8 group.


ACE alumni Raheel Manji recently spoke to the U14 girls during their session with mental trainer Sue [Vietta] Wilson.

Derek Bennett
Fitness Director
ACE Burlington
As the major tournament season wraps up it is of the utmost importance to shift thinking from performance on the court to general preparation. In order to do this we will be moving into a phase with emphasis on aerobic capacity and general strengthening. The groups will be doing long distance exercises every day, with two days of running and two days of spinning. On top of this everyone should be trying to do extra cardio (running, spinning, or swimming) on the weekends that tournaments are not being played. Strengthening plans will be adjusted to build more strength in the older students and anatomical adaptation in the younger students. If one doesn't have a plan you should consider doing circuits targeting basic major movements. 

Group & Private Training
Physical development
4 - 6 hrs / wk
4 - 5 hrs/wk
6 - 8 hrs / wk
5 - 6 hrs/wk
10 - 12 hrs /wk
5 - 7 hrs/wk
12 - 14 hrs / wk
5 - 8 hrs/wk
14 - 18 hrs / wk
6 - 10 hrs/wk
18 - 22 hrs / wk
8 - 10 hrs/wk

As of May, the National Team in Burlington is practicing outside at Burlington Tennis Club. The practices are led by Mike Hall, Brandon Alguire, Doug Burke and Victor Hoang. ACE also offers junior clinics, spring programs and summer camps at the downtown club. Victor Hoang and Flavia Nagayama represent ACE in this new partnership and welcome anyone who is interested to join the club for spring and summer tennis.
Visit  for more information.

National Team and coaches
Victor Hoang 
BTC Head Pro  

Tennis Day in Canada on May 13th capped off a great first week over at BTC. Thank you to all parents and players who came out to support the club. Special thanks to our high performance juniors for coming out with a great attitude and connecting with our members and making this day special for them. BTC is a fantastic club and I encourage all parents and players to take advantage of the cost-friendly memberships and get out to hit some balls in the beautiful weather that is coming our way!
Email Victor Hoang:

Tennis Day participants
Courts at Burlington Tennis Club


From top left: Coach Adam Svoboda with Progressive players, coach Walker Lamarche and players from the Mini Tennis Team and coaches Kyrylo Tabunshchyk and Tom Pociecha with the Futures Team players.

Brandon Alguire
Head Coach
Provincial Team 
ACE Burlington

The link below is a 13 minute video on the skill of self confidence. I would highly recommend everyone watch this video, especially parents, in order to understand that self confidence is a skill that needs to be practiced. Many of us don't practice this well enough because when we get frustrated we lose control of our breathing, positive thoughts, and goals. Instead we only focus on the moment and how upset we are that things aren't going the way we like.




Former head pro at Cedar Springs Club Sam Rifaat ran into Ash Misquith, now a pro at Thanyapura Sports Complex in Phuket, Thailand - Ash was a high performance players at ACE Burlington 15 years ago.
When Justine Berezintsev started tennis at Toronto Tennis City she had very little tennis background and experience. With dedication and hard work she earned herself a US tennis scholarship. She assisted during the summer camps as a coach after her first year of university and was a great role model for the young players demonstrating what consistent hard work can achieve!






ACE TENNIS BURLINGTON operates out of Cedar Springs Health, Racquet and Sportsclub. The Cedar Springs Club boasts state of the art fitness facilities that compliment its 11 indoor tennis courts. It also offers full member recreational services including access to pools, a basketball gym, and a restaurant. Physiotherapy, medical services and massage therapy are also available on site.

Toronto Tennis City is Toronto's most unique tennis destination located at Yonge and Davisville. The club provides its members with year round access to red Italian clay  courts with state of the art LED lighting, a beautiful club house and a complimentary REPLAY video analysis system. The club offers first rate adult programs and service  oriented staff. Toronto Tennis City is also home of ACE Tennis Academy, Canada's #1 school for junior players.

Ace players and coaches benefit from the Ace Replay system which provides them with the opportunity to access a video replay of the player's practice, lesson or match play. The Ace Replay system provides an opportunity for match analysis, an understanding of player's behavior in pressure situations and evaluation through analytics. 

All Canadian Sports Management Inc. is a 40 year old company which has specialized mostly in the field of tennis through strategical planning for tennis development, creation and management of sport facilities, the creation and operation of events, research and development. All Canadian also operates Canada's top tennis developmental school ACE Tennis and has ownership in ACE REPLAY, a new video replay system.
Cedar Springs Health, Racquet and Sportsclub
960 Cumberland Avenue
L7N 3J6
Phone 905.632.9500 
   Toronto Tennis City 
   185 Ballilo Street
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   Phone: 647.381.6464