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June E-News 2017


When you support the Byron Youth Service, you are making a difference in the lives of young people and therefore the future. BYS has been the primary provider of youth services in the Shire since 1987, and our mission, our vision, our goals and values are summed up in our motto, 'Young People Matter'. BYS is staffed by qualified and experienced youth workers committed to providing support and services for young people between the ages of 12 -24 years and their families in areas as far ranging as education support, enterprise, case management, group work, alternative education, harm and crime minimization, outreach, holiday & after-school activities and parenting teens workshops. But that doesn't say it. We support Mick, who has been in foster homes since he was 4 years old and doesn't fit in mainstream schools, to complete his high school certificate through distance education. We advocate for 15 year old Trish, who has been witness of her mother's substance abuse for years and finds it hard to concentrate at school. We also provide enterprising Maxine with mentoring, support and free stall space to sell her homemade mobiles at the monthly BYS Flea Market.
The support we offer is based on a sound understanding of young peoples' needs and experiences, but BYS is currently in need of substantial amounts of unrestricted funds to run programs and to remain sustainable. Your ongoing support of the BYS, of young people has ripple effects, who's to know how it will grow into the future? All we at BYS do know is that -  

'Young People Matter'.

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Latest News


This year at the BYS Mullumbimby Cottage we are blessed to have Dr Liz Elliot drop off extremely yummy and nutritious food twice  a week for all the young people. It makes a big difference as ma ny of them haven't had breakfast and has also started conversations  about healthy food, nutrition and what young people need to live healthy, active lifestyles.


Both the boys' groups are high energy and loving working on a Fitness program with Rick that focuses on strength, teamwork, self defence and maintaining concentration. 

BYS has started a new pilot program called Nalia Dubay (Bundjalung for group of girls) at the Cottage on Friday. Such a wonderful group  of young women and the program is co-facilitated by Nickolla Clarke and funded by NRCF and FaCS. The girls will be making some  macrame pot plant hangers and Indigenous bracelets, some of which will hopefully be sold at the Flea, held monthly at the YAC.

The Year 8 girls have already bonded well as a group and are working on two posters, one on women's rights and one on the impact  of logging/deforestation. They are colourful, well thought through and imaginative and we thank Rainforest Rescue for providing  some resources.

Year 9 and 10 girls' group completed D&A groups with Siobhan from Intra and while some of the discussions were intense, using  the beer googles always lightens things up and adds some hilarity and insight.

Courses - Programs - Activities

When:  Tuesday 13th June - 4pm to 7pm
            Tuesday 11th July -  4pm to 7pm

How much: $50

Who: Ages 15 - 24

Where: Byron Youth Activity Centre
             1 Gilmore Crescent
             Byron Bay

To book a place call 6685 77 77

Thanks to Byron Bay Coffee Company for donating coffee for our course!
Safe Drivers Course for Learners 

The Safer Learner Driver Course is a combined theoretical and practical Course for under 25 year-old learner drivers who have completed 50 hours of log book driving hours. The Course involves two Modules:
  • Module one: A three-hour facilitated group discussion on how to manage risks on the road. This will involve a maximum of twelve participants and will be delivered by a facilitator.
  • Module two: A two-hour in-vehicle coaching session to develop low-risk driving strategies. This will involve two participants and a coach.
Participants who complete the course will receive a bonus of 20 hours credit recorded in their learner driver log book.
  • BYS is an RMS authorised Course Provider
  • The Course costs a total of $140 for both modules.
  • Participants may enjoy completing the Course with a friend particularly for the in-vehicle session. 
  • For more information please contact: Steffie Sims on  6685 7777 or email

Next Course dates: 


Wednesday 21st June - 4.30 to 7.30pm


To book visit:   

Work and Development Order (WDO)

The Work and Development Order (WDO) Scheme is an initiative that offers vulnerable young people (aged 12-24) the opportunity to clear outstanding fines with activities at the Byron Youth Service like unpaid/volunteer work, counselling, & participation in courses or programs.

WDOs are available to anyone who is homeless or in acute financial hardship, as well as people living with mental illness, intellectual disability, cognitive impairment or serious addiction.

Byron Youth Service is working together with Legal Aid NSW and the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW) to link eligible clients with the program.

For more information call BYS on 6685 7777

"Here Today" will be seen in schools from May 30th until June 6th.  For more information about Byron Youth Theatre you can contact Lisa at
BYT are also gearing up for the Positive Adolescent Sexual Health conference being held at Southern Cross University Lismore Campus on June 15th and 16th.  Attended by over 700 school students, BYT will be performing in the main theatre this year to meet the demand that everyone gets to see their production.

Don't miss this exciting FREE event, to register go to:

Outreach Programs
Northern Lights rocks!
After a few weeks break Northern Lights free youth events will be roving the northern suburbs  of Byron Shire on Friday afternoons soon! Please support BYS and young people by getting involved or sponsoring this great program any way you can. Call Karim 6685 7777 for more information or to register your interest. 


Cruising the Byron Shire on Friday nights from 8pm till 12am.  


for allowing us to park the bus on their property!  
Your donations are invaluable.
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Youth Voices  
BYS mission is to give young people a platform to have their voices heard.

Tawny Fitzsimmons, 15 years old, Links to Learning student

1. What has been the best experience in your life?
When my sisters were born. Or when I started to make friends, real friends who were actually nice and caring and made me feel better about myself.

2. What inspires you?
Music and certain art that I see on the internet. Hanging out with friends and going to nice places gets me inspired to do more pleasant things and more stuff in general.

3. Who would you like to meet and what would you ask them?
I want to meet a skateboard professional, Shane Cross, who died when I was little and who was a friend of my uncle's and was a really amazing person. There are photos of me with him when I was very young and Shane looks really happy. Would like to ask him about his life experiences and how he stayed positive and was always smiling even when things were really horrible. 

4. What would you like to see happen in Byron Bay?
More respect for the environment and it would be more enjoyable if it wasn't so crowded all the time, it would be more relaxing to hang around. More things happening rather than shopping, going to the beach and music. More accommodation access for youth, making it easier for young people to find places to stay. They may not be homeless but sometimes need alternative living options.

5. When do you think a person becomes an adult and how?
I believe that there is a higher power that made everything what it is.

6. What do you believe in?
As soon as you start to believe in something a bit too much, you start to push out other stuff, which is counterintuitive to what you want to do. I'm open to other people's subjective ideas.

7. What has been the worst experience in your life?
My uncle was not very nice to me. He used to drink a lot. He was very nice sometimes and sometimes he would get really unpleasant.

8. What would you like to change in the world?
All the negativity. People need to be more caring about everything.

Byron Youth Service Team
Management Committee 2017

Kristie Clifton                                  Chairperson
Michael Goldberg                     Vice Chairperson
Ian Leggo                                           Treasurer
Mark Smith                                           Member   
Martyn Mills                                          Member
Patrick Lorenz                                      Member
Christina Freeman                               Member
Teeya Blatt                                          Manager

BYS needs a Secretary to join our Management Committee.
If you are interested in this very important role call Teeya on 0416 570 114.

Byron Youth Service Team

Teeya Blatt                                                Manager
Deb Pearse                   Mullum Youth Coordinator
Rosalie Bryant                 Byron Youth Coordinator
Stephanie Sims                           YAC Coordinator
Berri Drum                         Byron Flea Coordinator
Dale Shaddick       Education Support Coordinator
Lindy Lou Smith      Links to Learning Coordinator
Karim Kauffman         Links to Learning Facilitator
Jonathan Edwards                               Accountant 
David Dalton                                     Street Cruise
Yani Clarke                       Resident Photographer 
Zen Kahlert                  Northern Lights Facilitator

Community Project Workers

Katie Magriplis           Byron Community Campus
Chad Kolzce                            The Uncle Project
Andrew Green                         The Uncle Project
Lisa Apostolidis                   Byron Youth Theatre

Pablo (Bryce)

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