Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado
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Use the Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado calendar all year long - post your events related to problem solving activities to our calendar for all months, not just October!
June 23rd, 8:30 AM: Tune into KGNU! (1390 AM or 88.5 FM)
July 14th, 4:00-8:00 PM: Women Powering Change
July 20th, 7:00 PM:
Forgiving Others, Forgiving Ourselves presentation and book signing, Tattered Cover
September 28th-October 1st, All Day: 2016 ACR Annual Conference: Principles into Practice
November 11th, 6:30-10:00 PM: PeaceJam 20th Anniversary
There are so many ways to get involved in Conflict Resolution Month. One of the best ways is to become a Synergizer and join a Team!

Conflict Resolution Month Teams are groups of folks who have come together to coordinate an aspect of Conflict Resolution Month. There is a wide range of diversity in team activities--chances are, there is a team that would be a great fit for the contribution of your time and talents!

Check out the details of each team here.  If you don't see a team that's right for you, feel free to attend the monthly Synergizer meeting and suggest something new!

To join a team, contact 

  All donations to Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado are processed through our fiscal sponsor, The Conflict Center.  Please be sure to make a note in the online donation form that indicates that your donation is for  Conflict Resolution Month!
You may also send a check directly to the Conflict Center with Conflict Resolution Month in the memo line. 
June, 2016

We are seeking an intern who can help us achieve growth. The intern will be working closely with the Planning Committee from now through November 2016, which will be planning and implementing a statewide publicity campaign. The committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month.

Assist and support the Planning Committee by:
  • Promoting awareness of Conflict Resolution Month
  • Networking across multiple communities and organizations
  • Managing logistical and administrative tasks
  • Work in other areas of interest
HOURS: Flexible, 10-30 hours per month depending on the needs and availability of the student

LOCATION: Work space and meetings at The Conflict Center, 4140 Tejon Street, Denver, CO 80211

SUPERVISOR: Jes Ward/Mary Zinn

HOW TO APPLY: Please send a resume and cover letter to Jes Ward at
11th Annual Conflict Resolution Conference, October 20, 2016 at Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs
The keynote will be Laura Crawshaw, Ph.D., BCC.

Solving the Problem of Abrasive Leadership Behavior
Commonly referred to as bully bosses, their destructive management styles erode motivation in coworkers and disrupt organizational functioning. In today's highly competitive business environment, companies and academic institutions cannot afford the costs of disruption caused by abrasive leadership. These costs include attrition of valued employees, hostile environment/harassment lawsuits, and retaliatory responses such as sabotage and workplace violence. Mediators are often called upon to mediate conflicts that are symptomatic of underlying abrasive management styles, and the pros and cons of these requests will be examined. World expert on perpetrators of workplace bullying, Dr. Laura Crawshaw, founder of The Boss Whispering Institute of Portland, Oregon, will discuss what drives leaders to engage in destructive interpersonal behavior at work, and what needs to happen to solve this problem.

If you are interested in being a sponsor or speaker for the conference, please follow this link.

"Inside Out: How Conflict Professionals Can Use Self-Reflection to Help Their Clients" 

Gary Friedman, Esq.  will present for three days at the 10th Rocky Mountain Retreat, July 15-17, Colorado Springs, The Franciscan Retreat Center!
This retreat is designed to give conflict professionals a weekend to develop new individual conflict resolution and negotiation insight as well as skills for resilience in a beautiful retreat atmosphere. For all conflict and ADR professionals, lawyers, therapists, judges, peace-builders! Refresh, renew, and build strong boundaries against occupational vicarious trauma while also developing new insights and skills.

Read Susan Skog's article, When Women Collide: A bullying problem in the workplace for commentary on the all-too common issue. Skog discusses the costs of these actions and suggests collaboration is key amongst women, offering up a variety of ways leadership can address the problem.
Read advanced practitioner, Bruce Edwards, take on commercial mediation and how to compute the true cost of conflict. Edwards explores process participants objections, highlighting monetary concerns. Access the article here.
Upcoming Meeting:
July 6th, 2016 - 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

The Conflict Center, 
4140 Tejon Street
Denver, CO 80211
The Conflict Resolution Month Synergizers are a group of individuals who come together each month to build the infrastructure that supports Conflict Resolution Month activities and to build awareness of Conflict Resolution Month overall. Meetings are open to anyone who has the passion and energy to commit to making Conflict Resolution Month a success!
Synergizer Meetings take place at 11:30am on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month at the Conflict Center. Please bring your own lunch if you wish. Snacks will be provided.
The mission of Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado
is to inspire the use of constructive problem solving in Colorado.