Family Promise of South Sarasota County Stats

25 families served to date, 57 children and 91 people total, 52 day average stay




2016 Program Services Report 
(January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016)

Number of Family Promise Affiliates 203
Individuals served (guests) 14,028
Families served 4,217
Number of children 8,349
Percent of total who are children 60%
Number of children age 5 and under 3,527
Percent of total children age 5 and under 42%
Average length of stay (days) 61

Housing Status at Exit
Percent of families securing permanent housing 63%
Percent of families securing transitional housing 11%
Percent of families securing shared housing 13%

Family Composition
Female headed single parent families 66%
Male headed single parent families 5%
Two-parent families 26%
Other family composition 3%

Individuals served, other than as guests, who
      received some form of assistance 53,815
Total individuals served 67,843




  • Day Center Closed, July 4th.  
  • Volunteer Training, 7-11-17 at the Day Center, 5-6:30 PM - This training is for anyone who wants to volunteer with their congregation doing meals, hosting and overnights.  All volunteers must go through training.  Please RSVP if you will be attending to Jennifer at jenniferfagenbaum@familypromisessc.org to ensure adequate space is available.
  • Homeless to Home Luncheon, 7-18-2017 from 11:30-1:30 - This month will be in Venice at the Jacaranda West County Club located at 1901 Jacaranda Blvd.  This is a networking and information gathering luncheon sponsored by the Steve and Janine Marrone Foundation.  Lunch is no charge to you and many concerned individuals in South County attend these luncheons to get and give information.  It is open to the public.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Ellen Domke at ellendomke1@yahoo.com
  • 3rd Quarter Coordinator Meeting, 7-20-17 at South Venice Baptist Church, 5:30-6:30 PM - This meeting is for all Host and Support Coordinators at the congregations.  We will be going over some things to clarify as well as starting some new segments to these meetings.  Coordinators, please don't miss this meeting and please RSVP so Jennifer knows who will be able to attend.
  • 4th Quarter Coordinator Meeting, 10-26-17 at South Venice Baptist Church, 5:30-6:30 PM  - This meeting is for Host and Support Coordinators at the congregations. 




Terry Winfrey, our first Volunteer Van Driver is an absolute magnet for the kids in our program.  He along with the other Volunteer Van Drivers are some of the highlights of the kids day.  You see them light up when they see these wonderful men coming and they all rush to get a hug.  Of course, once Terry is here, I become chopped liver and the kids don't want to play with me anymore, it's all about Terry!

Kathleen Englert, Epiphany Cathedral and Knights of Columbus, presents our family with an iPad donated by Mr. and Mrs. Brozosky for this family.  The children also all got new pajamas (featured above) and some knitted stuffed animals.  Thank you so much!

Meghan has finished a CNA Course and will be taking the test soon.  She is also being considered for a position in the Health Care field.  We are crossing our fingers for her.  She has made considerable strides since entering the program and we are so proud of her.

List of Day Center needs for our families  
  • 8 oz bottled water
  • Speedway $15 fuel only gas cards
  • Lysol spray & wipes
  • Paper towel and toilet paper
  • Frozen roasts or hamburger *follow-up care
  • Publix and Walmart gift cards *follow-up care and **support of sized items
  • Store bought Frozen meals (like lasagna or casserole) *follow-up care
  • Nutritional snacks and juice drinks (individual size) 
*Food stamps do not cover some items so we try to provide other resources and/or expensive items so the families can save money on groceries in follow-up care
**We do not take diapers, clothes and shoes as we never know what sizes we will need and have very limited storage.  We buy those items for the families with the gift cards when we know what we need.    


I would like to start taking this space to acknowledge and thank the volunteers who give so much to support our organization.   Our Office Angels have been such a blessing and they all deserve a special thank you!

2017 Office Angels
Nancy Bennett
Barbara Briggs
Barbara Griffin
Carolee Hanbury
Grace Mahoney
Josephine Mihalopoulos
Dee Miller
Patricia Moyle
Ruth Pestorius
Sandra Roberts
Carolyn Winfrey
Toni Yahres

I would also like to take this time to say a special Thank You to my Volunteer Coordinator, Patricia Moyle, as well as my Facilities Coordinator, Carolee Hanbury.  Pat coordinates and schedules all of my Office Angels for me.  She also trains them on the programs we use so they can assist with what needs to be done here.  Pat took on the huge responsibility of integrating all of our data into a new Information Management System after we went paperless and I cannot thank her enough.  She now is the person who manages that Information Management System for us. Carolee coordinates the Day Center needs for me and makes sure things are in order here for our families.  If they need something, she makes sure I get to the store and provide it for them.  Carolee makes sure I am on top of maintenance here as well and I am thankful to have someone helping me stay on top of this.  She also has taken over coordinating the weeks when we are so graciously able to use one of our congregations for an extra week and schedules all of my volunteers for me.
Thank you for all you do!
Jennifer Fagenbaum, Executive Director

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