You've heard of Arabica and Robusta trees, but how many of you have heard of Liberica?  If you're a Muddy Dog fan, you've probably heard our story.  For the rest of you, Liberica trees are a completely different cultivar originating from Africa As you can see in the picture on the left, these trees grow straight upwards.  They were originally used as fencing and therefore not harvested.  But, as time went on, borer beetles invaded and the coffee beans gave them a place to live.  Reluctantly, these beans were harvested.  Because of its scarcity and phenomenal flavor it commands a huge premium.  In fact, we were able to purchase two of only three bags in the world this year!!
This coffee is finished with the natural process, i.e, it is sun-dried cherry, yielding great fruit flavor. The flavor profile really kind of defies description - it is a distinctly Indian coffee, beautiful and unique, unlike anything you've tasted before. 

Sold in 8 oz packages 

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Like many great ideas, this one happened quite unexpectedly. For our first few years in business, we sold quite a lot of aged coffee.  Around 2009, for many reasons, the supply of aged coffee on the market evaporated. 
We dappled with the idea of aging our own coffee, but it is a long, complicated process.  Until, Jim came up with the idea of experimenting with cask-aging coffee.  After many struggles, he was finally able to convince the Mcilhenny Company (makers of Tabasco sauce) to let us buy some barrels.  It takes about a year for us to age the green coffee, so supply is limited. 

Cupping notes:  Big and brooding, full of earth, yet retains a pleasant, low acidity with a hint of pepper in the finish.  NOT SPICY.

***Note- This coffee is NOT intended to be used as an espresso!***
Sold in 10 oz packages

Now only $17.14

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Happy Thursday and Welcome June!

The two coffees above are part of our specialty group.  We hardly ever put them on sale, so now is the perfect opportunity to give them a try.  We've had many compliments on the Pepper Cask-Aged coffee and the Liberica.  If you are part of that group that loves these high end coffees, treat yourself and buy several bags before the prices go up next week.  Local customers- normally we only sell these particular coffees by internet orders only.  However, this week only, we will roast extra.  Stop by the shop or one of our farmers markets to purchase one of these spectacular coffees.  But, act fast, before they disappear!

Courtney continues to work diligently on the new website.  In fact, she spent several hours on the phone with our web designer.  Progress is slow, but coming along nicely.  It's worth the wait! 

One last thing, join me in congratulating one of our farmers market employees.  Last Saturday, Matthew graduated from Cary Academy and will be moving to Philadelphia in August to attend college.  We are very proud of him!

Have a wonderful week! 
Debbie and Jim


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