June 2017

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Single stub tickets
  • Cloudy peach
  • Cloudy purple
  • Cloudy red
  • Solid blue
  • Solid buff
  • Solid cranberry
  • Solid Dijon gold
  • Solid gold
  • Solid green
  • Solid lavender
  • Solid orange
  • Solid peach
  • Solid purple
  • Solid red
  • Solid blue (NO STUB-standard 2 x 5½)
Double stub #1

(leading stub is 1 7/8", the main stub is 2.5" and the trailing stub is 1 1/8")
  • Cloudy cranberry
  • Solid lavender
Double stub #2

(leading stub is 1 3/8", the main stub is 3" and the trailing stub is 1 1/8".)
  • Cloudy blue
  • Cloudy cranberry
Sell season tickets with pre-assigned seatspreassigned

Season packages can be a bit tricky to manage, but they are well worth the work. "Pre-defined" season tickets have names like "First Friday Season Ticket" or "Opening Night Season Ticket." The definition is that they cover a fixed set of performances (but subscribers can exchange and add tickets as they need). Subscribers will have the same seats all season. These are the least work and best loved by subscribers and box office people.

Learn how to set up and sell pre-assigned season tickets.
Flex your season package flex

A lot of venues are also moving from selling standard season packages to selling flex passes.

In essence, a flex pass is like a season gift certificate. The customer pays in advance for a certain number of tickets that are valid for a pre-determined time. The individual  performances in this type of series package are not reserved when the season package is sold. Rather, they are selected when the patron contacts you to redeem the  pre-sold package.

We have complete, detailed instructions on setting up Flex Passes in Wintix and Webtix here.
Offer your online patrons a choice of show and date when they book season ticketsformchoice

Se lling season packages is a great way to ensure you have a guaranteed audience for your shows. A lot of organizations pick the show date and times for their subscribers but that can lead to a lot of wasted time doing exchanges. 

Did you know you can use something called "form choices" to allow your online subscribers to pick their own date and time? 

By having them choose the date of each performance, you'll be able to define how much more of the house you will need to fill and can market accordingly.

To learn how to use form choices in a season package, read this Help Desk post. 

To see what this looks like online, go to our Webtix demo site and sell yourself a ticket to CSS 5 Show Season Package.
You can't go Surfing USA yet! surfing

We know it's hot outside but you can't go surfing until you update your Wintix, dude! 
If the chop gets gnarly and you need help because you're a goofy foot, paddle over here .

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