Words cannot explain...

The relief we felt initially as we heard from Joane Charles and Francois of KDB was short lived once the pictures began to arrive...

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Reports from our Haitian family

Joane was the first we could reach. She is ok. She said "Les Cayes and Jeremie is dead."  She said there are many deaths and destroyed houses, trees and animals.
It seems her house is ok but her mother, brother and cousin lost their houses.

The next day Francois, president of Kafe de Baraderas (KDB) our first growers association, contacted us. Francois lives in Fonde Tortue, a small village in the mountains surrounding Baraderas. The pictures he has sent us are from there. Here are his words: "We are here but our country is broken." He is OK and all of the KDB growers have survived.  There were 3 deaths but no one from KDB. All but one grower has lost their house, they have lost all their animals and most of their trees. Francois asks us to understand that losing their animals, every single one, is devestating because this is their source of food and livelihood. He has not yet heard from Bina, a smaller community of higher altitude. As we hear more we will share with you.

What can we do?

Our hearts are heavy. They may believe they are broken, but we must let them know they are not forgotten. How? One way is to make a donation directly to Just Haiti. 100% of your donations made from this date on will be earmarked for direct relief post Hurricane Matthew. We do not keep any of the money for administration costs. As the damage is assessed, the growers associations will work within their communities to organize reforestation, replanting of crops, and other projects to help the Haitians get back on their feet. Stay tuned for more information on exactly what your donation will support, but know that all of it goes directly to them. 

We thank you again for your prayers, your concerns, and your support. Cherish life and all that it offers. None of it is promised...it is all gift.

Kim, Pascal, Michele, Bernard, Dave, Kathy, Angela, Pierre & Steve