- the Station, painting on glass, by Roger Mason

The Earth is moving through the deep dark night
While all around me is the starry light
As I welcome in the mystery
A song of peace wells up in me
A song from way down deep
A song so soft and sweet
It calms a baby in the cradle in the deep dark night
             - Solstice Song 1 by  Sheri Bauer

To our dear readers & makers,

 Three women approach the the front desk, laughing. One, pressing 90 years,  brings Caps for Sale, The Story of Ferdinand, Blueberries for Sal and, putting Bread and Jam for Francis on the counter says, "I heard my own son's giggle when I picked this up."
It's one of many delights we've heard. We love our store, too - how it reflects our community's passions & questions,  comforts, dreams & challenges.
The welcome you find when you walk in the door is the light of all of us together learning, sharing, encouraging. Thank you for helping us make this place what it is in an ever-changing world!

Nicole, Thomas, Wendy, Patti, Gloria, Sheri  &  Adiron 


 Friday, January 5, 5-7 pm
 Parisian Charm School: French Secrets for Cultivating Love, Joy, and That  Certain je ne sais quoi
 Join us for a reading, conversation and Q&A with Jamie Cat Callan and Thomas  Chulak. Jamie shares her new book about living and loving with old-fashioned  Parisian-inspired charm.

 exhibit  continues  through January 21,  2018.
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         Sunday, December 24  10-2
December 25 & 26
& January 1 
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