April 7th - April 14th Schedule
Tuesday, April 11th-  
4:30-5:30 K-6th grade Religious Ed Classes 
6:15-7:15 K-6th grade Religious Ed Classes
Wednesday, April 12th- 
4:30-5:30 K-6th grade Religious Ed Classes

7:00-8:30 7th & 8th grade Confirmation classes this week.
Congratulations to our newly Confirmed 8th grade & High School Students!!!

(UPDATED 11/17/16) 
Highlights from 1st-5th Grade Classes This Week:
Opening Lesson for "Passiontide", and to prepare for Palm Sunday this weekend:

Our students learned that many parishes cover their crucifixes and holy statues during "Passion Week".  The tradition comes from scripture, which tells us that even after performing many miracles (works), a large number of Jews still did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God, and were becoming increasingly angry and violent towards Him.

So, Our Lord Jesus "hid himself" until His time had come to suffer His passion.  We remind ourselves by "hiding" the crucifix with a purple veil.  We know that Jesus is God, and that He freely gave His life for us, so we can be sure that Jesus was never out of control of the events of those sad days. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ chose exactly when to make His entrance into Jerusalem, fulfilling many prophecies of the Messiah, and all the while, realizing it was the beginning of the cruel end of His earthly life.

What an honor it is to journey with Our Lord and The Church during these beautiful yet sad days, which is why as Catholics we proclaim, "There is joy in the cross"!

Take a look at what your children did this week in Religious Ed:

Thank you for sharing your great work Dylan Stern, 5th Grade!

Super job by Alex Nouhan, 5th grade, for filling his Rice Bowl early this year!

Lots of fantastic desk work...thanks again to 1st grade!

And more beautiful, faithful Catholic young ladies from 4th grade!

We watched the Mass Prep Video below:

And here is a "Mass Prep Video" for older Students and Parents:

Many times each week, students will give their wonderful work to me to put in this newsletter...of course I don't have room for all of them, but it is truly heartwarming to see their hard work and attention to our lessons.  Please hug your students for me!!! They are each precious & appreciated!

A message from our friends at Holy Heroes:

The fifth Sunday in Lent marked the start of the most intense part of Lent. These last two weeks of Lent are sometimes called Passiontide.
Now is the time to think about the last week of Jesus' life more intensely than ever. It is the time to make sure that you are really prepared for Easter, both spiritually and physically. Spiritually, it is time to make sure that you and your family have been to confession recently and are really making an effort to contemplate on Jesus' sacrifice for us. Physically, it is time to get your home ready for Easter.
In our house we do "spring cleaning" during Lent and in the last two weeks really make an effort to get the house completely clean so that when the Triduum comes we are ready to put all the household cares aside and focus on Christ.

And finally, please be blessed by listening to the sacred music being used for Lent here at St. Michael the Archangel by clicking on the arrow above or go to the link below to access videos for learning some Latin Chant and being able to participate more fully at Mass! Many thanks to our amazing Director of Sacred Liturgy and Music, Dr. Kevin Vogt:

Religious Ed will be soon working more closely with Dr. Vogt on our music for the last class of the year, May 2 & 3rd, which is our All RE Mass & May Crowning at each regular session of RE. 

  General Info: 
As always, we ask you to please park in a parking spot and walk your students into the building or walk them to the "car free zone" directly in front of the cafeteria doors between the gate and orange cones. 
Curbside drop-off is only allowed along the sidewalk in the front of the school, but entry into the building is still through the cafeteria doors.  Cars may not pass or create two lanes for the safety of students exiting cars.  
Please be patient, and help us to keep all students safe. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation once again!
  • K-5 Drop off is in school cafeteria.  Pick up for all students is at the classroom. 
  • Please walk your K-3rd grade child into the building and come back in to pick them up. 4th grade and older may walk in and be dismissed unaccompanied with parental permission.
  • 6th graders should be dropped off and picked up in the Youth Room
  • Check below for specific details about your child's grade-level class.

Regular Class this week!

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd students meet in cafeteria until catechist arrives.  Thank you!

Regular Class this week!  

1st grade Lesson Outline HERE  

Regular Class this week!  

2nd Grade Lesson Outline HERE
1st Holy Communion is Sunday, April 30th, 2017 at 1:00 pm 

Regular Class this week!  

Regular Class this week!  

4th Grade Lesson Schedule HERE

Regular Class this week!  

5th Grade Lesson Outline HERE

Regular Class this week!  

Here's a list we went over of some different and challenging things to give up for Lent:  http://lifeteen.com/blog/102-things-really-give-lent/

Confirmation Prep 7th & 8th Grade 

General Info:
  • 8th Grade meets in the Youth Room, unless otherwise noted.
  • 7th Grade meets upstairs in the school library, unless otherwise noted.
  • Arrival and Dismissal - Parents need to park their cars in a PARKING SPOT.  Students will walk to and from the building to their parked car.  PLEASE NO CURBSIDE "drive through" drop off or pick up.  This ensures the safety of the students.
  • 7th & 8th Grade enter and exit at the school cafeteria, using the North parking lot. 
  • Check below for specific details about your child's class.
Regular this week   
S pecial Service Hours Opportunities:
Reprinted once more:  If your student will listen to the episode of Archbishop Naumann's radio show, The Shepherd's Voice, and write a summary in the form of 4 or more questions and answers, they may  receive 1-2 service hours, depending on the length and quality of their paper.  Further, if they add praying the Holy Rosary for these Christian brothers and sisters of ours, they may receive an additional 1 hour of service for a possible 3 hours.  
Prayer is the greatest gift we can give to one another if it is done sincerely and with interior focus and love for neighbor! 

Archbishop Naumann interviews Helma Adde.  Adde is an American of Syrian dissent who journeys to the Levant area of the Middle East to reveal the plight of Christians in  Syria and Iraq.

Trailer of the documentary discussed in Archbishop's radio show:

Remember:  Service Hours and Questionnaire Due Wednesday, April 12th.
Service Hours Log

Chosen Chapter 14 Confirmation Program video-

Yes!!! You have class this week, Wednesday April 12th 7:00-8:30

Come to your first class as a Confirmed Catholic to find out

Congratulations once again to a wonderful  
8th grade Confirmation Class!!!

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