A Note From Your Kindergarten Teachers
Kindergarten Connections
January 12th, 2017
Dear Families,

Welcome back and Happy New Year! The children bounded back into the classroom full of enthusiasm and excitement to rejoin their classmates. It feels so good to be back together. 

As the students returned from break, we remarked at how much older they all seem. Now is a great time to revisit Chip Woods' Yardsticks Kindergarten Development brochure, which we passed out at Welcome to Lower School Night. We've also included three insightful articles about 5, 5 ½ and 6 year olds in the Helpful Links section. Remember that development happens at different rates for different children. Regardless of your child's chronological age, consider reading the articles. They may strike a chord.

Speaking of development, today Ms. Travis' class set off for the Butterfly Joint woodworking studio in San Francisco. Mrs. Ortiz' class is looking forward to attending tomorrow. Building, crafting, and doing work around the house are all great ways to develop fine motor skills and growth mindset. We'll continue to build on these skills in class, and encourage you to do the same at home.


Your Kindergarten Teachers - Team K!
Emily Travis, Helen Ortiz and Sherri Trigueiro
Health Alert
One of the children in our class must take  aspirin  daily. Children who develop a viral illness while taking  aspirin  are at risk for an illness called Reyes Syndrome. (This is why it is not recommended to treat your child with  aspirin  while they are ill.) The  chickenpox virus  (Varicella) and the  flu virus  (Influenza) are the most important viruses associated with Reyes Syndrome. **If you think your child has been exposed to chicken pox or the flu, please let Mrs. Ortiz, Ms. Travis or Ms. Sherri know so that the concerned parents can keep their child out of school if necessary. Thank you for your help!
What We Have Been Learning
Ask Your Child About

Talking with your child is the best way to support classroom learning. The following questions can help you get started.

  • Counting with care and accuracy - What can you do to make sure you get right number when you count?

  • Perserverance - What does that mean? Why is it important to perservere?

  • Field trip safety - How can you follow our class rules of be safe and be kind on a field trip?
If you've got these items around the house, please bring them in!
  • More wood scraps - 2x4s 12" or longer and 3/4" plywood 12" square inches or larger
  • More nails!

  • Got games? Lower school is looking for any games or blocks to actively engage the children during rainy day recess.

  • There is no school on Monday, January 19th, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Rain or shine, please send your child to school with PE appropriate footwear. If your child wears boots during the day, please send sneakers as well, inside his or her backpack. Safety first!
  • Our school day begins at 8:15 a.m. Please do everything you can to ensure your child arrives to school at or before this time. Arriving on time allows your child to ease in to the day gracefully. Here are some tips to helpHere are some more tips!

  • The  Lost  &  Found  items will be put out to claim on  Friday, January, 20th. Unclaimed items will be donated at the end of the day.

Helpful Links
Kinder Quote of the Week
On rest (said to a teacher) 
"You work so hard! You should take a break. Wouldn't it be nice to go home and just relax?"
On perserverance and empathy
"I think this is tricky for him. We need you to play the don't give up song!"
Upcoming Events
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school)
Monday, January 16th

Science Festival
Thursday, January 19th, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Kohrs Family Center
All-School  Parent Education
Managing Screen Time 
Guest Speaker:
Family Therapist Donna Blethen, MFT
Friday, January 20th, 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.
Think Tank

Learn about the latest research on digital media and our children, how/why we use digital media (information, education, connection, distraction, entertainment) and strategies for well-managed screen time. 

K-1 Parent Education
Healthy Self-Esteem 
Guest Speaker: 
 Licensed Clinical Psychologist Keely Sikes Rollings,  a Sea Crest parent for 13 years!
Monday, January 23rd, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Think Tank

A workshop series for Kindergarten and First Grade parents as an opportunity
to help their young children develop healthy self-esteem, resilience and school relationships.

Additional Photos & Videos

Do you have photos or videos you'd be willing to share with the school? 

Please click here to upload them to SmugMug, or email us at communications@seacrestschool.org.
Thank You
Thank you to the parent community for your generous gifts to each of us during the holiday season as well as the  winter birthday treats on Thursday January, 5th. We are so grateful for your thoughtful recognition of our work and for the strong support you provide throughout the school year!

~ Sea Crest Faculty and Staff
How to Reach Us

If questions ever arise, please do not hesitate to reach out! We are available by email at etravis@seacrestschool.orghortiz@seacrestschool.org and/or strigueiro@seacrestschool.orgEmail is our preferred method of communication. We will check our inboxes after school daily. 

If there is an emergency, please call Cathy at the front desk - 650.712.9892.

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