A Note From Your Kindergarten Teachers
Kindergarten Connections
September 22nd, 2016

Dear Families,

We've had an exciting week studying our ocean community as a part of Sea Crest's first Coastweek.
Your children have learned about a variety of ocean animals and enjoyed many exciting activitites: stories, games and art projects. Together, we created our own ocean community. It went swimmingly! Tomorrow, we'll tour the school to see the work done by students across the grades.

Health Alert

One of the children in our class must take aspirin daily. Children who develop a viral illness while taking aspirin are at a risk for an illness called Reyes Syndrome. (This is why it is not recommended to treat your child with aspirin while they are ill.) The chickenpox virus (Varicella) and the flu virus (Influenza) are the most important viruses associated with Reyes Syndrome. **If you think your child has been exposed to chicken pox or the flu, please let Mrs. Ortiz, Ms. Travis or Ms. Sherri know so that the concerned parents can keep their child out of school if necessary. Thank you for your help!

Ask Your Kinder About
Dinner table conversation starters
  • Our Zoo-phonics friends. Who is Timothy Tiger?
  • Who lives in an ocean community?
  • Creating our class rules together
  • Holding live crabs during our Crab Cab guest lesson! (last Friday)
  • Hunting for "treasure" in our classroom library

Don't forget!
  • As a part of our introduction to Reader's Workshop, we ask that you please send in your child's favorite book. We wiill keep the books in the classroom for a few weeks so each child has an opportunity to share their favorite with the class. This will help us learn more about each other and the wonders of reading.
  • We've got a full two hours between snack and lunch time. Make sure to send your child to school with a hearty, healthy snack!
  • Kindergarten classrooms are nut-sensitive zones. For the safety of children with serious allergies, leave all food containing nuts at home. Thank you!

If you've got these items around the house, please bring them in!
  • Paper Bags
  • Wood scraps - 2x4s 12" or longer and 3/4" plywood 12" square inches or larger
  • Interesting cardboard pieces - egg cartons, paper towel rolls and the like for creating.

Kinder Quotes of the Week
Kids say the greatest things! 

On reading:

"...So sometimes we read the pictures, but no words, and then when you read Junie B, we read the words, but no pictures! Books are funny!"

On ocean animals:

Teacher: "Which of these ocean animals do you like the most?"
Student: "I don’t know, I haven’t tasted most of them!"


Your Kindergarten Teachers (Team K!)
Emily Travis, Helen Ortiz, and Sherri Trigueiro

Upcoming Events

Friday 9/23: Special Ocean Adventure Assembly with two guest presentations and Coastweek at Sea Crest Learning Share Out where lower school classrooms will present their experiences celebrating the ocean.

Saturday 9/24 - Sunday 9/25: We encourage all our families to participate in our Coastal Cleanup Challenge by attending any of the Coastal Cleanup Days organized by the California Coastal Commission. Please click here to find a beach nearby and help us protect our beautiful sanctuary!

Saturday 9/24:

Sunday 9/25:

Don't forget to wear Sea Crest gear and share your pictures on social media using the hashtag: #SeaCrestCoastweek, or email us at communications@seacrestschool.org.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday 9/28: Our first school-wide Preventative Lice Check of the year. Please make sure your child comes prepared:

  • Dry hair
  • No braids, hair clips, or hats
  • Students with longer hair should come with ponytails or pack a hair tie so they can put hair up after they are checked

Thank you for your help in keeping our school lice-free!

Fundraising Opportunity
Purchase a New Leaf Gift Card to support Sea Crest

Do you shop at New Leaf Market? If you do, you can help raise funds for Sea Crest by purchasing a new New Leaf Gift Card, or reloading an existing one with Cathy at the front desk, and using it each time you shop.

The school receives up to 5% when you purchase with this card. You can purchase a card in increments of $50, $100, $250, or $500 by writing a check to Sea Crest for that amount.

Please consider taking this opportunity to help raise funds for our school. Last year we raised over $1600!
How to Reach Us
  • If there is an emergency, please call Cathy at the front desk, at 650.712.9892.
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