Important information about your daughter's opportunity to attend the KAIROS retreat.

Dear Senior Parents/Guardians,

W elcome to senior year! As your daughter begins her busy senior year schedule, we hope she will take some time to deepen her spiritual life as well.  Senior year offers her a chance to step away and attend a four day, three night retreat at Colombiere Retreat Center in Clarkston. This retreat is the KAIROS Retreat. Kairos is Greek for "God's Time." We feel this is a very important part of your daughter's formation. We offer three opportunities for your daughter this year: November 15-18, 2016; February 14-17, 2017 and April 4-7, 2017. Some of the concepts that will be covered on this retreat are: Christian Ideals and Values, God's Friendship, and Living the Message of Christ.
The cost of the KAIROS retreat is $195 which covers transportation, room, board, and a portion of the retreat expenses; the rest is covered by the activities fee. $55 of the fee will be a non-refundable deposit. We realize that this is a substantial fee for you and your daughter and so we offer an installment payment option to assist with making this cost more manageable. We feel this experience should be available to all seniors, so no student will be turned down because of financial need (please contact Judi Griggs-Dennis for details on applying for assistance).
It is important that both you and your daughter are aware that she will be responsible for making up the school work missed while she is on retreat. We do believe that retreats are an important part of the total education of your daughter, but her academic work should not suffer because of them. We also feel that students who have either under a 2.0 cumulative GPA or many absences should not miss any more school days. We reserve the right to withhold consent for a student to attend the retreat due to grades and/or absences. "In addition, the school reserves the right to prohibit a student from attending a retreat due to school rule violation(s) and/or inappropriate behavior."
Retreats are filled on a first come first serve basis.The forms needed include: permission and behavioral form and medical-release form. These forms along with a $55 deposit payable to Mercy High School are required to register. Please have your daughter return the forms and payment to the Pastoral Team Room. Note: There are registration deadlines for each retreat and these will be strictly enforced. Please contact Mrs. Dennis if you have questions or concerns regarding this.
We are looking forward to sharing this special time with your daughter. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. On behalf of Pastoral Ministry, we wish you and your daughter many blessings as you begin this eventful and exciting year.

Mrs. Judi Griggs-Dennis
Pastoral Minister

Mrs. Andrea Kowalyk
Pastoral Minister
Mercy High School Pastoral Ministry Office