Fishnet Syndication Adds Wedding Planning Show With Pem 
The KBA Congratulates our long-term Associate Member and Friend!
Dallas, 11/3/2017 - Fishnet Syndication announces adding new Wedding Planning Show with Pem which will be made available to radio stations immediately.   
The Wedding Professional, Pem Pfisterer Clark, hosts "Wedding Planning With Pem" which is now on radio stations. It is a 90-second feature that is available 7 days a week. This feature offers radio stations a sweet opportunity for local advertisers.  

About Pem Pfisterer:

Pem is a professional speaker, wedding planner, writer, retailer, radio and television personality and an ordained minister. With more than 1,400 episodes to date,  "Wedding Planning With Pem" delivers sound wedding planning advice, insider tips, answers to etiquette questions and money saving ideas in a format that informs and entertains.
"Wedding Planning With Pem" is in its 16th broadcast year on radio and is now starting its 8th season on television.  
Pem said,  "I'm looking forward to working with Mike Tyler and Fishnet Syndication! 'Wedding Planning With Pem' offers sound wedding planning advice, insider tips, answers to etiquette questions and money saving ideas.  Mike Tyler and Fishnet Syndication will help us grow our network of affiliates so more couples can plan their weddings and save BIG money by listening to 'Wedding Planning With Pem' on their favorite Radio station!"
"Wedding Planning With Pem" is a 90 second wedding lifestyle program of original content that delivers sound wedding planning advice, insider tips, answers to etiquette questions and money saving ideas in a format that informs and entertains. Marrying couples need stuff! And "Wedding Planning With Pem" offers unique sponsorship opportunities to clients who sell big ticket items and a wide range of products and services. The wedding industry is a $50 Billion/yr. market and stations find "Wedding Planning With Pem" an easy sell. 

About Fishnet Syndication:

Fishnet Syndication provides everything a syndicator or radio network needs to succeed. We provide syndicators with PR, affiliate sales, marketing and advertising sales. Our business model at Fishnet Syndication is simple: We let the creative people create their shows and we take care of everything else and get them paid.     
"This is exactly the type of feature we are looking for.  And being a 7 day a week feature, it offers radio stations more advertising opportunities. Weddings are a 50 billion dollar a year  industry and this feature offers radio stations an opportunity to reach new potential advertisers.  We are excited to be adding this feature to our growing list of shows and features," said Partner in Fishnet Syndication, Mike Tyler.


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We want to say 'thank you' to our TV, Radio and Associate members for another successful year. We couldn't be more blessed than to work for you, the Kentucky Broadcasters Association. 

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All KBA Members are invited to attend a memorial tribute for Nolan Kenner

Memorial Tribute to Nolan Kenner

Station Manager WSFC-AM WSEK- FM 1975-80
Manager/Owner First Radio Inc. Somerset 1980-2001

What: An outdoor gathering of family, friends and all who admired Nolan's broadcasting career.  

When: Thursday, December 14, 2017 3:00pm EST

Where: 101 First Radio Lane, Somerset, Kentucky

Following this memorial tribute join us for a "Celebration of Nolan Kenner's life" at Mellow Mushroom, 2520 Monticello Street, Somerset, KY

Appetizers and beverages with be provided, highlighted with treasured stories and video of Nolan's life. 

Please RSVP: 
Chirs Kenner  chrisk.ecv@gmail.com, 859-322-1804
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This week's 3 videos are: Branding, Retargeting, and Vital Auto Terms Series!
Branding: Mark Levy answers live questions from broadcasters! In this segment, he deals with the following questions:
▪ How can you build confidence in representing your brand?
▪ When selling radio, I am sometimes bombarded because we do not sell digital advertising. How does our brand get around that? They don't even want to talk after they hear we don't have that as an option sometimes.
▪ How do you know you are representing yourself correctly to your clients?

Retargeting: In this powerful session, Mark Landon of Recrue Media reveals that the four primary benefits of retargeting revolve around the real and practical concept of Audience Management. In this segment, Mark focuses on retargeting's capabilities in relation to audience outreach and conversions. If your station already offers retargeting services, that's great! If not, then you will definitely want to know what your local competition is offering to your customers!
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