Kentucky Basketball High School Centennial

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association, along with the Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches and the Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame, are celebrating 100 years of the sport near and dear to the state of Kentucky; Basketball.

The 2017-2018 basketball season marks the beginning of this "Centennial Celebration", but planning began in 2015.

On October 17, KHSAA held a press conference to reveal the remainder of their plans for the 2017-2018 season to be "A Season to Remember".

The Centennial celebration actually began at the 2017 Boys Sweet 16 at Rupp Arena where it tipped-off. 

The logo used for the Centennial Celebration above was a contest for students to design and a Calloway County High School senior won.

For further information, visit  khsbk100.com, where a full video of the press conference is available as well as 12 PSA's promoting the Centennial of High School Basketball.  

Legendary Sports Broadcaster Dick Enberg Passes Away at the age of 82
Enberg did it all from major league baseball, college and pro football and basketball, boxing , tennis, golf, you name it he did it. Enberg had a trophy case of several Emmy's and broadcasters hall of fame awards.
Not to mention, he was an author and longtime announcer of the Tournament of Roses Parade, held in Pasadena, California and called the San Diego Padres games into his 80s. A former school teacher, he got into broadcasting to supplement his income.
"As a broadcaster, you have to be entertaining, you have to be well informed and you have to be excited about what you know and you have to have a sense of your audience---just like in a classroom."
"There was never a better television broadcast duo than Dick Enberg and Al McGuire. McGuire joined Enberg at NBC after many years as head coach at Marquette. Marquette said  Enberg was the greatest and the greatest victory of McGuire's life was beating Adolf Rupp in 1969 with a final score of 81-74. "  
                                                    -Henry Lackey
      KBA President/CEO 
Annual Conference 2017 Photos and Recorded Sessions 

Please click here  or visit our webpage to view photos, videos of the educational sessions and a taped recording of the awards banquet from the 2017 Annual Conference held last October.  

Your password to view the taped sessions is "kba2017".  
KBA Offers Reimbursement as a Member Benefit

The Kentucky Broadcasters Association will reimburse broadcast stations licensed to a community in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and KBA members for NAB Show, Small Market Television Exchange, Country Radio Seminar and NAB/RAB Radio Show up to the annually approved amounts. Reimbursement amounts are approved by the Board of Directors at the Fall Board Meeting for the following year.

Approved Reimbursements for 2017:
* Country Radio Seminar - Registration Fee Only
* NAB Show, Las Vegas - Up to $1,000 per attendee
* RAB/NAB Radio Show, Austin TX - Up to $750 per attendee
* Small Market Television Exchange - Up to $1,000 per attendee

Reimbursement Requirements:
1. Reimbursement is to be submitted after the conference.
2. All reimbursements must be received within 60 days of the last day of the conference.
3. Each reimbursement must include the reimbursement form and applicable receipts (up to the approved amount.)
Reimbursable expenses include:
  • Registration Fees
  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Meals
4.  Each reimbursement must include a copy of the attendee's name badge from the conference.

To complete your online reimbursement form, Click here.     

The KBA has produced a 2017 membership directory.  Directories are available online and a hard copy will be available soon. To access the online directory, visit www.kba.org and click on the Member Directory tab. The password is kba@directory17. If you do not see yourself or your company, listed please contact Liza by emailing kba@kba.org or Karen at Karen@kba.org.  


Looking Forward to more RAB Sales and Management webinars in 2018? So are we! Here is a sneak peak of what's in store for our members in 2018. 

Upcoming Sales Webinars: 

10 New Year's Resolutions to Crush Your 2018 Numbers - Brandeis C. Hall
January 23 at 10am or January 25 at 3pm - Guest: TBD
Out with the old; in with the new. This is the time of year to get rid of bad habits, learn new strategies, and get ready to crush your sales numbers in the New Year. So in the spirit of the season, here are 10 New Year's resolutions to set your course for a fierce 2018.

Learn to:
* Identify the most-qualified leads and bypass the time-wasters
* Make your clients your most enthusiastic advocates
* Hold your clients accountable for their own success

What Keeps Car Dealers Awake At Night? - Jeff Schmidt
February 20 at 10am or February 22 at 3pm CST - Guest: Anonymous Dealer GM

Wouldn't it be great to know what your local car dealer is really thinking? What keeps them up at night, what they are hoping to accomplish and what's stopping them? We found a dealer willing to spill it all on the condition of anonymity.
* What it really takes to run a dealership
* How you can partner with a purpose
* Why advertising reps usually get ignored
* How not to be ignored

Getting It All Done Without Losing Your Mind Revenue - Brandeis C. Hall
March 20 at 10am or March 22 at 3pm CST - Guests: R Shawn McBride, Shannon Gregg

Why do some people get more out of a day than others? It's time we shatter the myths of 'time management.' You can't manage time, but you can better manage how you use your time.
Learn to:
* Discover your real priorities
* Reduce the stress of daily firefighting
* Leverage the Golden Triangle of productivity

Score! With Sports Sponsorships - Jeff Schmidt
April 17 at 10am or April 19 at 3pm CST - Guest: David Halberstam, Author

Sports is big business. From high school to collegiate to professional sports, radio is a natural home for
America's past times. Learn the secrets to helping clients achieve great results through sports
Learn to:
* Organize systems that sports sellers must follow
* Identify the best prospects
* Prepare to contact the new prospect

Creative Ad Strategies Anyone Can Achieve - Brandeis C. Hall
May 15 at 10am or May 17 at 3pm CST - Guest: Paul Weyland

For stations of all sizes and in every market, learn to produce compelling creative that advertisers and consumers can't resist.
Learn to:
* Tap into your inner creative talent
* Write commercials that cut through boring clutter
* Lighten up and stop overthinking your ads

Sell Relationships, Not Rates - Jeff Schmidt
June 12 at 10am or June 14 at 3pm CST - Guest: Betsy Rozelle, Author

All sales successes begin with the ability build affinity with people. Everything else builds from there.
Discover the skills necessary to connect with clients quickly and build powerful partnerships that last.
Learn to:
* Identify and build on common ground
* Leverage the three affinity building strategies
* Create strategies for being at your best more often

FREE LBS Training!  

Are you using this FREE member benefit? KBA offers access to the LBS Weekly Sales Videos free to all members! Your station's whole sales team can have their own personal LBS accounts at no additional cost! If you need login information, simply contact the KBA and we will be glad to help you get started. Don't miss out on these wonderful trainings!

This week's 3 videos are: Retro Promo, Dodge vs. Chevy, Prospecting and Negative Thoughts 
Retro Promo:  Sally Kohn gives us a promo idea for advertisers and audiences that revolves around retro items!

Dodge vs. Chevy: John Tkac is back with an update on the big pickup truck battle going on between Dodge and Chevy! Be ready with a smart strategy for local dealers of both makes in your market!
Prospecting and Negative Thoughts:   Paul Weyland shows you how to prospect new local direct business in ways you haven't thought about before. Then, Paul uncovers a dark and scary secret that may be hampering your ability to reach your full potential, both as a sales person and as a human being.
Happy Selling!
The KBA staff wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. In observance of the Christmas holiday, the KBA offices will be closed on Monday, December 25, 2017 and Tuesday, December 26, 2017.

" The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us."
                                                                                         -Terri Marshall

Has your station scheduled an ABIP Inspection this year?
This is now a FREE Member Benefit.
Call the KBA office (888) 843-5221 or click here for details.
This service could save you thousands of dollars in FCC fines

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