February 10, 2017

 An Important Message from Orbital Media Networks, Inc.

The five U.S. commercial radio networks who operate their own satellite systems are now up and running on the new AMS-18 at 105 degrees West Longitude. This is the long-term replacement by an equivalent C-band satellite at the same location.  
The five networks--Learfield, Orbital Media Networks (OMNi), Premiere Networks, Skyview Networks, and Westwood One--now have their full complements of satellite-delivered programming available on their new frequencies on AMC-18. This includes all show titles, satellite channels, contact closures, PAD data, cue messages and file-delivery channels--the same ones you are familiar with from AMC-8.  

It also includes programming from syndicators who lease their satellite time from these five companies. A partial list of those syndicated programs is included in our FAQ document at http://www.amc8.com/RNUNG_FAQ.pdf

February marks the five-month countdown to U.S. commercial radio programming being permanently removed from AMC-8 at 139 West. June 30, 2017 is the final date for all affiliates to have their satellite downlinks repointed to 105 West.

To ease the transition, each network has programmed ( or will shortly program) a Fallback Carrier into a table in each receiver's memory. This allows each receiver(whether XDS or Wegener) to find the correct new carrier on AMC-18. Once a receiver loses lock on the old signal on AMC-8 ( because you have pointed away from 139 West), it will alternately search for the "old" and "new" frequencies for that network until it locks to one. When your dish is successfully pointed to 105 West, your receiver(s) should lock to the "new" signal within 30 seconds to two minutes.

The old and new frequencies for each network are as follows. Remember, in most cases the networks have already programmed these frequencies into your receivers, so you should not need to input them manually.

Network           Old Frequency on          New Frequency on   Symbol or data
                         AMC-8 at 139 W             AMC-18 at 105W        rate(unchanged)
Learfield              01,392,350kHz               01,434,450 kHz            1,490,000 sps

Orbital(XDS)        01,024,000 kHz              01,017,500 kHz             5,000,000 sps

Orbital(Starguide)  01,018.000 MHz           1,023.900 MHz             3,200,000 sps

Premiere(XDS)      01,040,000 kHz             01,040,500 kHz            7,136,000 sps 

Skyview(XDS)       01,406,000 kHz             01,094,000 kHz             2,956,000 sps

Westwood            4,170.50 MHz                4,043.00    MHz             14.000 Mb


Westwood             00.979500 GHz              01.107000 GHz          10,127 660 sps

(Kalipso for Storq)

Westwood (XDS)    01,000,500 kHz              01,121,000 kHz           9,259,574 sps

Notes: Kalipso receivers do not have a fallback carrier table and must be set to the new frequency on the front panel.

Numbers are shown here with commas for clarity. Receiver displays do not have commas
If your affiliate downlink antenna (dish) is in too poor condition to be repointed or is not 2-degree compliant-which enables downlinks to reject interference from adjacent satellites--you are strongly urged to consider replacing it with a new one. OMNi has several replacement options available, Information on alignment and installation services can be found at:


Learfield: Please call 573-893-1755 or email Randy Williams at rwiliams@learfield.com

Orbital Media Networks (OmNi):
For AMC-8 XDS networks and affiliates, call 303-925-1708 option 1 or email support@orbitalmedianetworks.com. For antennas, LNBs, other parts, and installation services call 303-925-1708 option 2, or email sales@orbitalmedianetworks.com.

Skyview Networks: Please call 877-503-8910 or email

Premiere Networks: Please call 818-461-8373 or email
Westwood One: Please call 888-435-7450. For Wegener or STORQ-delivered programming, press option 1, then option 2, or email netops@westwoodone.com

For XDS-delivered programming, press option 1, then option 4 or email techservices@westwoodone.com. For general questions about the move from AMC-8 to AMC-18, you may also email amc18@westwoodone.com 

  A Message From the President's Desk
KBA President & CEO, Henry Lackey is working on a power point presentation on the power of  the television and radio industry in Kentucky. Henry will be traveling across the state in the near future to present this power point that will be customized to your section of the state. We want audio and video clips, for example, WYMT television in Hazard and any number of radio stations in Eastern Kentucky. Preferably, these clips should be no more than 30 seconds in length to adhere to the time limitations of the presentation. Both national and state broadcast statistics will be included. These should be stories that were large in nature from floods, tornadoes, major industry being announced and criminal activities that had a direct impact on the area, such as the heroin epidemic.  We are seeking audio and video clips that demonstrate the power of radio and television from your region. Stories that  listeners and viewers would immediately recognize and have made a  direct impact on their lives. Henry and Karen will create a power point with possibly your audio-video cuts that will be presented to civic clubs, churches and schools throughout the state.
As a result, the KBA is asking for your help. If you have any news clips from a significant event that occurred in the past few years in your area, if you could please forward a copy of the video to
The deadline to receive all video clips in Friday, February 10, 2017.

We anticipate a large participation from radio and television stations, so not all contributions will be able to be used, but we will try our best to use as many as we can. The main thrust is to show the power of radio and television as we present this power point to leaders in your area.While in your area, Henry will be visiting with local radio and television stations.  

KBA Conference Reimbursements 2017
The KBA Board met at the KBA Headquarters on Thursday, January 26, 2017. As a result, members voted on conference reimbursements for 2017. The conference reimbursements are as follows:
  • Up to $1,000 Small Market Exchange
  • Up to $399 Country Radio Show
  • Up to $1,000 NAB Show
  • Up to $1,000 for the NAB Radio Show

Attendees of these events must provide KBA staff with a copy of their name badge and receipts of all expenses.  

Thank you PEP Supporting Stations

Your Support of the Public Education Partnership (PEP) Program is integral to the work of the KBA and the services provided to our members. PEP provides the means by which the KBA brings trainings, workshops and the annual conference to members all FREE of charge. KBA provides monthly PEP reports to our sponsors, and those reports show which stations run PEP commercials, the number of spots played and the value of those spots. So don't forget to send monthly affidavits to the KBA--your stations deserve recognition for your support of PEP.

Send your affidavits to PEP Coordinator, Lisa Gross at pep@kba.org or to the KBA at 101 Enterprise Drive in Frankfort, KY. For more details, visit the PEP page on the KBA website. Thank you for supporting PEP. 

The KBA Association presents. . .
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CES is the world's biggest technology show, and this year was no exception. Fred and Paul Jacobs took a tour of radio execs to CES this year, and came back with some major takeaways for radio broadcasters. From new innovations with the "connected car," the Internet of Things, and smart devices that even include a "smart umbrella," the Jacobs brothers will take you onto the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Automotive Advertising for 2017 
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There was once a time that large amounts of local automotive ad dollars were automatically allocated to broadcast. Not always so anymore. We'll discuss how to engage today's automotive dealer and how to position your broadcast and digital assets so you get more than your fair share. Gain a competitive edge in your marketplace and discover nuggets to fine tune your conversations with your auto dealers. Don't miss this practical webinar!

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This Week's Vide
os: Be the Best Rep, Listening, Why They Say Ad's Don't Work Series!

Be the Best Rep: Gary Moore questions whether your customers are happier to see you come in to their business or to see you leave, what kind of attitude you have, and how you are doing in providing leadership for your customers.
Listening: Eric Moore discusses the most underdeveloped and under used sales skill in the world! In this segment, he lists three key things you can do to strengthen your abilities in this area and also offers some simple ideas on how you can put them into practice.

Why They Say Ad's Don't Work Series!: Check out Paul Weyland's series on why prospects say that broadcast advertising has not worked for them in the past.
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