March 17, 2017

KBA President and CEO Henry Lackey visited  various stations in the eastern part of the state earlier in the week to discuss member benefits and ways the association may be of service. The meetings were very successful. The KBA will continue field visits during the course of the year. We applaud our member stations for providing outstanding service in the Commonwealth. It is a pleasure to serve you, our members. To schedule a meeting with Henry, please call the KBA office at (502)848-0426 or email at 

  Henry Lackey  at WDOC, Prestonsburg with Travis Shortt  

Meeting with WMMT-TV in Whitesburg, KY at the Appalshop
   Cindy May Johnson and Henry Lackey , East Kentucky Broadcasting, Pikeville. 

 As a reminder to all of our valued KBA members, the KBA annual membership dues do not supercede stations playing the PEP spots.The KBA would like to thank all of those that have sent in their KBA membership dues for the 2017 year. We sincerely appreciate all that you do for the KBA.

New Associate Members! The KBA is pleased to welcome Gabe Hobbs of Gabe Hobbs Media and Dennis Smith of as our newest KBA Associate members.

Membership does offer a lot of tangible benefits. We urge you to renew today, deadline is March 31, 2017. You do not want to miss all of the great benefits the KBA has to offer.

In 2016, the KBA expended over a million dollars in benefits and operational costs for you, our members.

As a reminder to all of our members, the PEP Pledge form does not supersede any membership dues. If you do receive a dues renewal invoice and also play the PEP spots, we sincerely appreciate you. Our association would not be able to provide any of the myriad of the membership benefits that is does without the PEP program.

If you have not received your dues renewal form, please contact the KBA office at

Coming in the 2017-2018 Basketball Season
The Kentucky High School Basketball Centennial
The Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA), Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches (KABC), and Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame (KHSBHF) are partnering to celebrate the "Centennial" of Kentucky high school basketball.  The Centennial Celebration is set to tip off in Lexington at the 2017 Boys' Sweet 16 held in Rupp Arena.  In the summer of 2017, the celebratory year will continue in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, where the Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame facility will open, a documentary on the sport's history will premiere, and the Hall of Fame will induct its 100th member into the Centennial Class.

The Centennial Celebration will continue into 2017-2018 with various promotional endeavors and activities culminating during the 2018 Sweet 16 state basketball tournament in Lexington's Rupp Arena.  The Centennial Committee is actively involved in creating a plan of action reaching all across the state and in schools, communities, fans, media outlets, and businesses that have contributed to the culture of basketball in the Commonwealth.

Logo Contest
There is a logo contest for high school students currently underway at

For more information, click here 

KBA Conference Reimbursements 2017
The KBA Board met at the KBA Headquarters on Thursday, January 26, 2017. As a result, members voted on conference reimbursements for 2017. The conference reimbursements are as follows:
  • Up to $1,000 Small Market Exchange
  • Up to $399 Country Radio Show
  • Up to $1,000 NAB Show
  • Up to $1,000 for the NAB Radio Show

Attendees of these events must provide KBA staff with a copy of their name badge and receipts of all expenses.  

The KBA  presents. . .
Radio Advertising Bureau's    
Beg, Borrow, or Steal;Events as New Revenue in Any Market

One-Hour, Live SELLER Webinar

(11:00 am Eastern/10:00 am Central/9:00 am Mountain/8:00 am Pacific)


(4:00 pm Eastern/3:00 pm Central/2:00 pm Mountain/1:00 pm Pacific)
Guest: Matt Coen, Second Street
With the massive reach of radio combined with the targetability and engagement of digital, events are a terrific source of new revenue for markets of every size. Get the best ideas of 2016 in this webinar; ideas you can use today.


Join: and Enter as a GUEST using your FIRST AND LAST NAME.

Audio: over computer or 800-244-2500, PIN 550122#
NOTE: AdobeConnect recommends using Internet Explorer. If you do not have Internet Explorer, Safari is the next best.   
Contact Adobe Support at: 800-422-3623. International support numbers are available at To contact RAB, call 800-232-3131 or email


FREE LBS Training!    
Are you using this FREE member benefit? KBA offers access to the LBS Weekly Sales Videos free to all members!  Your station's whole sales team can have their own personal LBS accounts at no additional cost! If you need login information, simply contact the KBA and we will be glad to help you get started. Don't miss out on these wonderful trainings! 

This Week's Vide
os: Local Trends, Telephone Selling, Promotions Series! 

Local Trends: Mark Levy discuses a great way to use current news and trends to generate powerful sales ideas and concepts to take to specific prospects and clients.
Telephone Selling: Gary Moore offers nine tips for you to use in enhancing your telephone prospecting skills. These are an absolute MUST for today's local broadcast sales professional!

Promotions Series!: In this series, Stephen Warley discusses effective marketing and promotion for the web. He covers everything from developing an effective marketing strategy to creating brand advocates to do the marketing for you
In This Issue
This eCast is sponsored by  "Wedding Planning with Pem," a sweet fit for your advertisers.

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