March 24, 2017
Annual EEO Public File Report Deadline for Stations in Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas
By Laura Lynch Flick and Scott R. Flick

April 1, 2017 is the deadline for broadcast stations licensed to communities in Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania,  Tennessee and Texas to place their annual EEO Public File Report in their public inspection file and post the report on their station website. In addition,  certain of these stations, as detailed below, must electronically file their EEO Mid-term Report on FCC Form 397 by April 3, 2017 ( as April 1 falls on a weekend).

Under the FCC's EEO Rule, all radio and television station employee units ( "SEUs"), regardless of staff size, must afford equal opportunity to all qualified persons and practice nondiscrimination in employment.

In addition, those SEUs with five or more full-time employees ("Nonexempt SEUs") must also comply with the FCC's three-prong outreach requirements.  Nonexempt SEUs must broadly and inclusively diseminate information about every full-time job vacancies to referral organizations that have requested such notification, and  earn a certain minimum number of EEO credits, based on participation in various non-vacancy-specific outreach initiatives ( "Menu Options") suggested by the FCC, during each of the two-year segments (four segments total) that comprise a station's eight -year license term. These Menu Option initiatives include, for example, sponsoring job fairs, and having an internship program.

Nonexempt SEUs must prepare and place their Annual EEO Public File Report in the public inspection files and on the websites of all stations comprising the SEU ( if they have a website) by the anniversary date of the deadline for that station's license renewal application.  The Annual EEO Public File Report summarizes the SEUs EEO activities during the previous 12 months and the licensee must maintain adequate records to document those activities. Nonexempt SEUs must submit to the FCC the two most recent Annual EEO Public File Reports with the license renewal applications.

In addition, all TV station SEUs with five or more full-time employees and all radio station SEUs with more than ten full-time employees must submit to the FCC the tow most recent Annual EEO Public File Reports at the midpoint of their eight-year license term along with FCC Form 397--the Broadcast Mid-Term EEO Report.

Exempt SEUs--those with fewer than five full-time employees--do not have to prepare or file Annual or Mid-Term EEO Reports.

For a detailed description of the EEO rule and practical assistance in preparing in preparing a compliance plan, broadcasters should consult the FCC's Equal Employment Opportunity Rules and Policies--A Guide for Broadcasters published by Pillsbury's Communications Practice Group.    

Henry's Travels
On Monday, KBA President and CEO, Henry Lackey was on the road visiting with stations in the Central Kentucky area. Chris Winkle of WCYN in Cynthiana, Lynn Martin and Craig Olive with LM Communications in Lexington, KY and Gil Hammond with WIOK-FM in Falmouth, KY. Each week, Henry will set out across the bluegrass state in an effort to reach our member and to work with stations to find out what benefits they are using and what the KBA, as a membership association can do to help you, our members.

Next week, Henry will continue his visits in Central and Eastern Kentucky.  Throughout his travels next week, he will be visiting WKCA-FM, WIVY-FM, WMST-AM/FM, WKYN-FM, WBUL-FM, WWRW-FM , WLLK-FM, WJQQ-FM, WSFC-AM, WKQQ-FM, WSEK-AM/FM, WWTF-AM, WGOH-AM, WUGO-FM, WLGC-FM. Henry looks forward to meeting and talking with everyone on his travels. Stay tuned!

To schedule an appointment with Henry, please contact

Membership Dues and PEP Make KBA Strong
KBA has received a few questions related to participation in PEP and payment of membership dues. In the past, KBA had sometimes waived the payment of dues for members who pledge to play PEP spots. That is not the case for 2017. When your stations receive their dues notices, KBA encourages your owners and GMs to continue membership.

The association also encourages your station to continue to participate in PEP; the income from the program allows KBA to provide strong member services such as training, resources and the annual conference-- at no cost! No other state broadcasters association is able to offer its members free services at this level. Kentucky is unique in that area, and KBA is proud of that designation.

If you or any other staff member has questions about payment of dues, member benefits or other items related to KBA, please contact Member Services Director Karen Mucci at

Membership does offer a lot of tangible benefits. We urge you to renew today, deadline is March 31, 2017. You do not want to miss all of the great benefits the KBA has to offer.

About 90 percent of our revenue comes from PEP, five percent from the lease of space at KBA Headquarters and two percent from membership dues. Your support assists the KBA in continuing to offer members over $5,000 in tangible benefits annually. The KBA sincerely appreciates your support.

Coming in the 2017-2018 Basketball Season
The Kentucky High School Basketball Centennial
T he Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA), Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches (KABC), and Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame (KHSBHF) are partnering to celebrate the "Centennial" of Kentucky high school basketball.  The Centennial Celebration is set to tip off in Lexington at the 2017 Boys' Sweet 16 held in Rupp Arena.  In the summer of 2017, the celebratory year will continue in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, where the Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame facility will open, a documentary on the sport's history will premiere, and the Hall of Fame will induct its 100th member into the Centennial Class.

The Centennial Celebration will continue into 2017-2018 with various promotional endeavors and activities culminating during the 2018 Sweet 16 state basketball tournament in Lexington's Rupp Arena.  The Centennial Committee is actively involved in creating a plan of action reaching all across the state and in schools, communities, fans, media outlets, and businesses that have contributed to the culture of basketball in the Commonwealth.

For more information, click here 

KBA Conference Reimbursements 2017
The KBA Board met at the KBA Headquarters on Thursday, January 26, 2017. As a result, members voted on conference reimbursements for 2017. The conference reimbursements are as follows:
  • Up to $1,000 Small Market Exchange
  • Up to $399 Country Radio Show
  • Up to $1,000 NAB Show
  • Up to $1,000 for the NAB Radio Show

Attendees of these events must provide KBA staff with a copy of their name badge and receipts of all expenses.  

NEW DATE AND TIME: April 12, 2017 | Newseum | Washington, D.C.

12:30 p.m. ET Awareness in Reporting Live Stream Begins

Join the Conversation About Reporting on Race
Local radio and TV broadcasters are part of the communities they serve. During times of unrest, they capture and reflect the voices and feelings of those around them. As first informers, trusted reporters, investigators and public servants, local reporters put themselves on the front lines to report up-to-the-minute information. Join an important conversation as broadcasters unveil a new toolkit to assist newsrooms in reporting on race.

View the live stream to hear from those who have been on the front lines.
  • Learn how news directors decide to cover crisis situations.
  • Listen to reporters talk about their experiences reporting breaking news.
  • Understand how social media has changed crisis reporting.
  • Hear about guidelines and recommendations developed by the broadcast industry to assist the corporate offices, news directors, reporters and videographers covering racially sensitive stories.
Click here to view the agenda and list of panelists.
Join the conversation at #AwarenessInReporting.

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This Week's Vide
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Closing: Paul Weyland offers several different closing styles to help you land a higher percentage of sales.
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