May 5, 2017
Congratulations to Tony Rose of WDNS- FM, Recipient of 2017 Crystal Award!
The KBA congratulates Tony Rose, WDNS-FM D 93 of Bowling Green, Kentucky on  receiving a 2017 Crystal Award on behalf of the station. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Crystal Radio Award.

Ten recipients were chosen among 50 finalists nationwide.  The winners were chosen by a panel of judges representing broadcasting, community service organizations and public relations firms. Finalists were honored and winners were announced at the NAB Show Radio Luncheon held in Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

The National Association of Broadcasters is a premier advocacy association for America's broadcasters. NAB advances radio and television interest in legislative, regulatory and public affairs. Through advocacy, education and innovation, NAB enables broadcasters to better serve their communities, strengthen their businesses and seize new opportunities in the digital age.

Tony Rose, WDNS Morning Radio Personality accepts 2017 Crystal Award on behalf of WDNS-FM Bowling Green from NAB Chief Executive Director Gordon H. Smith and Caroline Beasley NAB Radio Board Chair and Chief Executive  of Beasley Media Group.

Alan Cooper General Manager of WDNS Bowling Green, Tony Rose, Morning personality, Bryan Locke, Program Director of WDNS honored to acceptNAB Crystal Award.

KAPB Awards and Workshop Featuring Al Tompkins a Resounding Success!

More than 100 students and professionals registered for a Storytelling Workshop sponsored by the Kentucky Broadcasters Association on Saturday, April 29, at the downtown Hilton in Lexington. KBA President/CEO, Henry Lackey introduced Poynter Institute's, AL Tompkins, who led the day long session. Following the workshop, Lackey and his wife Karen, along with more than 110 others, attended the Kentucky Associated Press Broadcasters annual awards banquet where best of journalism awards for 2016 were presented to more than 20 AP-member television and radio broadcasters and colleges in Kentucky.
Henry Lackey introduces speaker Al Tompkins at the KBA- sponsored Storytelling Workshop

At the KAPB awards banquet, from left Chris Mossman, president and GM. WKYT-TV; Adam Yeomans, regional director, Associated Press; Henry Lackey, KBA president and CEO. 
Pat Bryson: Coming to a Location Near You!  
Today, we have many options in our sales arsenal to offer to our clients. Not only are we selling radio, many of us are now selling digital products as well. It can be a bit overwhelming. How do we know what to present to our clients?
Sales is a process, whatever we are selling.
It all starts with knowing our clients. We must access and understand our clients' worlds in a deeper way than ever before.

The traditional client needs analysis meeting doesn't work well today. Our questions must be more sophisticated, they must probe more deeply into the business aspects of our clients. We must understand their problems, know the ramifications of those problems for the business and how those problems will affect our client personally. We must know our clients' metrics.

Understanding the goals and objectives of our clients will allow us to craft solutions to those goals and objectives through our campaigns. It will result in larger agreements for us and better results for our clients.

In the first hour, we will learn what topics we MUST know when we leave a client needs analysis meeting and the questions to ask to get this information.
Our second hour will be devoted to learning a revolutionary technique to make "No" a suggestion, not the final answer. Closing sales is a process, and we will study the buy cycle of consumers and the steps necessary to lead our clients through the Marketing Channel to a positive conclusion. Hint: it's all about questions!

Selling today is not what we TELL, it's what we ASK. Questions are truly the heart of the sales process. Learning to ask great questions is an art form. You will leave the session prepared to have your clients say, "That's a great question. No one's ever asked me that before!"
It's not about us: It's about them!

Join Pat for this insightful training as she travels across the state.  The training roadshow will be coming to Paducah, Madisonville,  Elizabethtown,  Somerset, Prestonsburg, Morehead , Pikeville and Frankfort, KY.  Deadline to register is June 12, 2017. Your station, must be an active KBA member to participate.
KBA Travels

We believe it's safe to say that Henry has fully recovered from pneumonia. He has been back in the office for 2 weeks and has shown marked improvement, almost daily. It has been amazing to us how quickly he was able recover from such a serious illness. We can't thank you enough for all the thoughts and prayers he has received. The KBA broadcast family is the best!

Henry will be back on the road traveling to western Kentucky, May 15th-17th and is scheduled to meet with WPSD-TV and WFIE-TV. We appreciate all of our stations support as Henry makes his way across the state to a town near you. Look for pictures in the next eCast of his adventures. Stay tuned!
To schedule an appointment with Henry, please contact

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KBA Conference Reimbursements 2017
The KBA Board met at the KBA Headquarters on Thursday, January 26, 2017. As a result, members voted on conference reimbursements for 2017. The conference reimbursements are as follows:
  • Up to $1,000 Small Market Exchange
  • Up to $399 Country Radio Show
  • Up to $1,000 NAB Show
  • Up to $1,000 for the NAB Radio Show

Attendees of these events must provide KBA staff with a copy of their name badge and receipts of all expenses.    

The KBA present's....

Radio Advertising Bureau's

  Managing Up and Down 
One-Hour, Live MANAGEMENT Webinar

(1:00 pm Eastern/12:00 pm Central/11:00 am Mountain/10:00 am Pacific) 

Guest:  Weezie Kramer, Entercom Communications

Feeling stuck in the middle? You run a market and your team counts on you and reports to you. At the same time, you have an owner/CEO/Board that you must answer to as well. This causes "middle manager frustration." Learn the skills and tools required to manage up and down successfully.


Join:  and Enter as a GUEST using your FIRST AND LAST NAME.

Audio: over computer or 800-244-2500, PIN 550122#
NOTE: AdobeConnect recommends using Internet Explorer. If you do not have Internet Explorer, Safari is the next best.   
SUPPORT                                                                                                                                             Contact Adobe Support at: 800-422-3623. International support numbers are available at To contact RAB, call 800-232-3131 or email

The KBA present's....

Radio Advertising Bureau's 

The Perfect CNA

One-Hour, Live SELLER Webinar

TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
(11:00 am Eastern/10:00 am Central/9:00 am Mountain/8:00 am Pacific)
THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017
(4:00 pm Eastern/3:00 pm Central/2:00 pm Mountain/1:00 pm Pacific)

Presenter: Jeff Schmidt, RAB's SVP/Professional Development

"To identify and then satisfy the customer's needs profitably from the customer's point of view." That's the goal of the perfect CNA. Learn the best ways to get the real information you need from time-starved clients; information that is vital to creating solutions that work.


Join: and Enter as a GUEST using your FIRST AND LAST NAME.

Audio: over computer or 800-244-2500, PIN 550122#
NOTE: AdobeConnect recommends using Internet Explorer. If you do not have Internet Explorer, Safari is the next best.   
SUPPORT                                                                                                                                              Contact Adobe Support at: 800-422-3623. International support numbers are available at To contact RAB, call 800-232-3131 or email

FREE LBS Training!    

Are you using this FREE member benefit? KBA offers access to the LBS Weekly Sales Videos free to all members! Your station's whole sales team can have their own personal LBS accounts at no additional cost! If you need login information, simply contact the KBA and we will be glad to help you get started. Don't miss out on these wonderful trainings!

This Week's 3 Vide
os: Auto Facts, Outreach, Personality Selling Series!
Auto Facts: Gary Moore discusses the latest data from NADA. In this session, he focuses on key information from the "Average Light Vehicle Dealership Profile" section that can help you to go get more than your fair share of revenue from local dealers!
Outreach: In this segment, Mark Landon of Recrue Media explains the variety of strategies available to your advertisers in the area of online audience outreach. This session focuses on "keyword targeting" and "behavioral targeting".

Personality Selling Series!: In this series, Gary Moore covers the basics of identifying, understanding and adapting to your customers' and prospects' communication styles to give you an advantage over all the other sales reps they see every month!
In This Issue
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Mark Your Calendar for these 2017 Events!

KAPB Awards and Workshop
April 28-29
Lexington, KY

KBA Roadshow with Pat Bryson
June 19-23

KBA Roadshow with Pat Bryson
Paducah, KY
June 19

KBA Roadshow with Pat Bryson
Madisonville, KY
June 19

KBA Roadshow with Pat Bryson
Elizabethtown, KY
June 20

KBA Roadshow with Pat Bryson
Somerset, KY
June 20

KBA Roadshow with Pat Bryson
Prestonsburg, KY
June 21

KBA Roadshow with Pat Bryson
Morehead, KY
June 21

KBA Roadshow with Pat Bryson
Pikeville, KY
June 22

KBA Roadshow with Pat Bryson
Frankfort, KY
June 23

KBA Annual Conference
October 8-10, 2017
Louisville, KY

KBA Board Meeting
July 20, 2017
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