May 19, 2017
FCC Proposes Maximum Fine Against Unlicensed LPTV--Commission Signals Station Owners Had Plenty of Warning
by John Eggerton

The FCC has proposed levying the maximum fine against a pair of low-power TV station owners for operating without a license.

The $144,344 fine is against the owners of a low-power station in Morehead, Ky. The FCC commissioners voted unanimously to propose the fine, which the station can appeal before it becomes official.

The station failed to renew the license starting in 1998, and it was canceled in 2004.
The station continued to operate even after the FCC's Atlanta field office investigated, talked with the owners, and said it had told them to "cease operation, warned of possible enforcement actions, and issued an on-scene Notice of Unlicensed Radio Operation."

In a separate statement on the decision, commissioner Michael O'Rielly suggested license scofflaws should now be on notice.

"This case highlights how toothless the Commission's approach to broadcast pirates had become under past leadership," he said. "How could anyone get away with operating a pirate TV station for almost twenty years?  No longer a fierce watchdog, the Commission had been reduced to a sometimes annoying, sometimes sleepy, but ultimately harmless Chihuahua when it came to protecting broadcast spectrum licenses.  But all pirate operators should be put on notice that we can and we will turn that situation around."

KBA Awards 14 Scholarships

The Kentucky Broadcasters Association (KBA) Scholarship Fund is a post-secondary partial scholarship grant program for children of employees of Kentucky radio and television stations.  In 2017, the KBA awarded 14 scholarship grants of $1500 to each of these qualified sons and daughters listed below.  The grants will be used to assist the students in the payment of tuition, fees, book, and room and board.

An independent committee affiliated with the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities reviewed applications for the scholarship program for these high school seniors whose parents are employees of KBA member stations. 


The recipients are:
  • Lauren Deboor
    • Daughter of Gormon Collins, Q95 FM, Prestonsburg
  • Courtney Cockrell
    • Daughter of Vanessa Cockrell, WTVQ-TV, Lexington
  • Brookellen Tharp
    • Daughter of Cale Tharp, 94.3 the Wulf, Elizabethtown
  • John Combs
    • Son of Craig Combs, WTVQ-TV, Lexington
  • Samantha Sears
    • Daughter of James Sears, WAVE-TV, Louisville
  • Eleanor Tarter
    • Daughter of Mike Tarter, WYKY/WLTO, Somerset
  • Amy Heflin
    • Daughter of John Heflin, KET, Lexington
  • Tabitha Croft
    • Daughter of John Croft, WTVQ-TV, Lexington
  • Hope LeMaster
    • Daughter of Terri Lemaster, iHeartMedia, Lexington
  • Zachary McCrary
    • Son of Christina Blake, WKYQ, Paducah
  • Andrew Schank
    • Son of Kristi Schank, WAVE-TV, Louisville
  • Hannah Fitzpatrick
    • Daughter of Jill Fitzpatrick, KET, Lexington
  • Brock Glaser
    • Son of Sarah Glaser, WFIE-TV, Evansville, IN
  • Daisy Green
    • Daughter of Randall Green, WLEX-TV, Lexington

  Tabitha Croft, daughter of WTVQ-TV Lexington Production Tech John Croft, is pictured receiving her $1,500 Kentucky Broadcaster's Association scholarship award from WTVQ-TV General Manager Chris Aldridge. Tabitha plans to attend Murray State University this fall and major in a pre-veterinary medicine program. 

  Ellie Tarter, daughter of  Mike Tarter, Forcht Broadcasting Inc. President and CEO,  poses with her father.  Ellie got accepted into the WKU Honors College majoring in bio-medical science. She plans on pursuing a career in pediatrics.

We will feature more photos as they arrive, so stay tuned!
Frost Brown Todd Webinar
Staying Clockwise--Managing Hourly Workers in an Ever-shifting Regulatory Environment
In anticipation of the Department of Labor's changes to the salary test last year, employers ran into several unanticipated questions and pitfalls. This presentation will explore and explain  five of the most common pitfalls, including: how to track time; policies and practices for regulating overtime; how to calculate the regular rate, commissions, and bonuses; what to do about travel time; and how to manage working from home.

Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Time: Noon-1:00p.m.

Contact: Erin Patrick
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KBA Travels

KBA's very own Henry Lackey continued his travels with site visits to Western Kentucky, May 15-17, 2017. During his travels he met with WTRT-FM, WHVM-FM, WAAJ-FM in Benton, WFMW-AM and WKTG-FM in  Madisonville, WPSD-TV Local 6 in Paducah, KFVS-TV, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, WHOP-AM/FM in Hopkinsville, WCBL-FM in Benton, WMSK/ WUCO-AM in Morganfield, WFIE-TV in Evansville, Indiana, and WKDZ-FM in Cadiz.  

Adam Tarnowski and Matt Freeman, Heartland Ministries, Inc.

Dwayne Stice, WPSD-TV Paducah

KFVS-TV in Cape Girardeau, Missouri
L to R: Paul Keener, Roger Seay, and Scott Thomas

 Pictured Left, Jeff Sisk - WHOP-FM/AM Sales and Sports, Center Roger Jeffers - former Manager for over 30 years at WHOP-FM/AM in Hopkinsville and Right, Mike Chadwell- Current General Manager WHOP-FM/AM.

Jay Hiett, WFIE, Evansville, IN
Pat Bryson: Coming to a Location Near You!  
Today, we have many options in our sales arsenal to offer to our clients. Not only are we selling radio, many of us are now selling digital products as well. It can be a bit overwhelming. How do we know what to present to our clients?
Sales is a process, whatever we are selling.
It all starts with knowing our clients. We must access and understand our clients' worlds in a deeper way than ever before.

The traditional client needs analysis meeting doesn't work well today. Our questions must be more sophisticated, they must probe more deeply into the business aspects of our clients. We must understand their problems, know the ramifications of those problems for the business and how those problems will affect our client personally. We must know our clients' metrics.

Understanding the goals and objectives of our clients will allow us to craft solutions to those goals and objectives through our campaigns. It will result in larger agreements for us and better results for our clients.

In the first hour, we will learn what topics we MUST know when we leave a client needs analysis meeting and the questions to ask to get this information.
Our second hour will be devoted to learning a revolutionary technique to make "No" a suggestion, not the final answer. Closing sales is a process, and we will study the buy cycle of consumers and the steps necessary to lead our clients through the Marketing Channel to a positive conclusion. Hint: it's all about questions!

Selling today is not what we TELL, it's what we ASK. Questions are truly the heart of the sales process. Learning to ask great questions is an art form. You will leave the session prepared to have your clients say, "That's a great question. No one's ever asked me that before!"
It's not about us: It's about them!

Join Pat for this insightful training as she travels across the state.  The training roadshow will be coming to Paducah, Madisonville,  Elizabethtown,  Somerset, Prestonsburg, Morehead , Pikeville and Frankfort, KY. 
Deadline to register is June 12, 2017. Your station, must be an active KBA member to participate.

Monday, June 19
Paducah, - 22 seats left
Madisonville-28 seats left

Tuesday, June 20 
Elizabethtown-28 seats left
Somerset- 24 seats left

Wednesday, June 21 
Prestonsburg- 30 seats left
Morehead- 30 seats left

Thursday, June 22 
Pikeville- 29 seats left

Friday, June 23 
Frankfort- 29 seats left

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KBA Conference Reimbursements 2017
The KBA Board met at the KBA Headquarters on Thursday, January 26, 2017. As a result, members voted on conference reimbursements for 2017. The conference reimbursements are as follows:
  • Up to $1,000 Small Market Exchange
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  • Up to $1,000 NAB Show
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This Week's 3 Videos: Auto Facts, Competition, Strategic Negotiation Series!
  Auto Facts: Gary Moore discusses the latest data from NADA. In this session, he focuses on local new and used domestic dealers!
  Competition: Sally Kohn continues her powerful series on knowing your local competition and how you can position yourself as the lead sales professional in your market regardless of your station's ranking. This session focuses on the key facts you need to know about competing Account Executives in your market.

Strategic Negotiation Series: In this series, Mark Levy covers the ins and outs of negotiating with local direct clients!
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KBA Roadshow with Pat Bryson
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KBA Roadshow with Pat Bryson
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KBA Roadshow with Pat Bryson
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KBA Roadshow with Pat Bryson
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June 21

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