June 23, 2017
Today Wrapped Up Training Roadshow with Pat Bryson
Pat Bryson from Bryson International and the KBA went on tour providing eight sales training sessions in Kentucky, the week of June 19, 2017. We had over 180 broadcasters in attendance throughout the Commonwealth.

Each session was 2 hours in length and Pat offered lots of ideas to help your stations make money.  

The first hour was spent exploring the fine art of asking sophisticated questions designed to un cover needs, goals, objections...everything our stations needed to craft on-target campaigns for their clients. We learned, "It's not your father's customer that needs analysis!" a true session designed for today's crowded and complicated environment.

The second hour was spent learning a new technique to handle o
bjections. We often hear from our stations that getting the final agreement is tough. Using the process Pat provid ed will hopefully make it much easier for our members.    
We all had some fun and improved our sales game!

Remember, the KBA offers 2 Sales Training Roadshows each year at no cost to you or your station. Be on the lookout for our fall registration dates.

KBA Congratulates Kentucky Afield Radio and Charlie Baglan
Kathryn Stokes, president of the National Association of Government Communicators beside Charlie Baglan, KY Afield Radio

We just learned that KY Afield Radio attended the National Association of Government Communicators in St. Louis.  The group consists of press and media personnel from all areas of government - federal offices, state, major cities and smaller towns. Kentucky Afield Radio won the award for best government-produced radio program in the USA. 

The particular episode that won was - the 50th Anniversary of the protest hike leading to the undamming of Red River Gorge.
This episode of Kentucky Afield Radio is the only complete account of that story.  Charlie says, "it was an honor to tell it. I thank the KBA for helping to promote this episode at the 2016 annual conference."
A Brief History of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association's Harry Barfield Scholarship Program - From its Inception to the Present - Written by Carl Nathe, Program Chair (1991-2017)

During the fall of 1991, Bernie Vonderheide, then director of public relations at the University of Kentucky and a member of the board of directors of the KBA as director of associate members, and Carl Nathe of UK Public Relations, worked together and brought a proposal to the KBA Board to establish a new scholarship program. Vonderheide had the idea for the scholarship from his experience with the Kentucky Press Association, which offered a scholarship program to college and university students in Kentucky who were majoring in journalism. Vonderheide and Nathe were successful in their pitch to the board, with approval being granted to establish the KBA Harry Barfield Scholarship program to begin in the following academic year of 1992-93. The board approved Vonderheide and Nathe's recommendation to name the scholarship in honor of Barfield, the longtime chairman and president of WLEX-TV in Lexington who had recently passed away. The program would award two scholarships a year worth $1,000 each to broadcasting and communications majors at colleges and universities in the Commonwealth, based on several criteria including academics, extracurricular activities, and a sincere desire to pursue a career in broadcasting. Provided the recipients met certain goals and expectations, the scholarships would be renewable for a second-year award of $1,000 to be applied to undergraduate study. Thus, the KBA's initial financial commitment to the program was $4,000 annually.
Nathe, who was elected to a two-year term on the KBA Board succeeding Vonderheide as director of associate members, was named to chair the Barfield Scholarship program. He worked closely with the organization and its then-executive director J.T. Whitlock to organize a committee to evaluate scholarship applications and select the recipients. The program was underway with the first two students being selected during the spring semester of 1992 and receiving the first scholarship awards for the 1992-93 academic year.
The budget for the program remained at $4,000 annually for several years. Toward the end of the 1990's, KBA President and CEO Gary White asked the board to expand the budget for the scholarship to $8,000 per year, allowing for four new scholarships ($1,000 each) and four renewals ($1,000 each) annually.
Recognizing the value of the program to the students who received the scholarship, many of whom eventually landed jobs at radio and television stations across Kentucky and beyond, and the positive reflection it provided to the KBA, the board remained steadfast in its support of the Barfield Scholarship.
During the ensuing years, the KBA's Public Education Partnership (PEP) program continued to grow and provide additional funding for the organization's operations and programs. About ten years ago, cognizant of the increasing costs of higher education, the board approved a dramatic increase in the amount awarded for each new scholarship and renewal, from $1,000 to $2,500. Hence, with eight students a year receiving these awards, the annual budget for the Barfield Scholarship grew to $20,000, where it remains today.  
Sincere thanks to KBA President and CEO Henry Lackey and the staff of the KBA, together with the members of the board. The scholarship awards for 2017-18 mark the 26th year of the Harry Barfield Scholarship. In all, the KBA has now awarded just over $265,000 to deserving college students across Kentucky through this program.

KBA Conference Reimbursements 2017
The KBA Board met at the KBA Headquarters on Thursday, January 26, 2017. As a result, members voted on conference reimbursements for 2017. The conference reimbursements are as follows:
  • Up to $1,000 Small Market Exchange
  • Up to $399 Country Radio Show
  • Up to $1,000 NAB Show
  • Up to $1,000 for the NAB Radio Show
Attendees of these events must provide KBA staff with a copy of their name badge and receipts of all expenses.   Please be advised you have 60 days from the close of the event to turn in your reimbursements. Thank you!

Did you miss this month's one-hour live seller webinar from RAB?  
What Agencies Want From Their Media Partners

Media sales is an ever-evolving profession. If you're selling the same way you were just two years ago, you're out of date. Learn what has changed in dealing with agencies, how they have evolved, and what they want and need from you now. 

NO WORRIES! This link includes a survey, PDF of the slides and the on demand webinar.  

FREE LBS Training!  

Are you using this FREE member benefit? KBA offers access to the LBS Weekly Sales Videos free to all members! Your station's whole sales team can have their own personal LBS accounts at no additional cost! If you need login information, simply contact the KBA and we will be glad to help you get started. Don't miss out on these wonderful trainings!

This Week's 3 Videos: Peddler to Partner, GSM Interview, and Being the Best!
Peddler to Partner: Mark Levy discusses how to approach clients that have been mistreated in t he past and a strategy you can implement to increase your chances of long-term success with them. 
GSM Interview: In this session, former General Sales Manager, Sally Kohn, discusses some of the basics she needs from her sellers, how to find new business opportunities, some key things you should know about your station's audience, and much more! 

Being the Best!:  Gary Moore discusses what it is to create inspired performance and then o ffers t en qualities you can develop to actually do it! 

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