KCARD Connection 
July 2016

Client Profiles We Don't Write: The Business Issues No One Wants to Talk About...

Every month, KCARD profiles a different business that has used KCARD’s services.  However, you will never see the names of many businesses that we help in a KCARD newsletter. That’s because the problems that they are facing are not ones that they want to talk about publicly.

This month, we are going to talk about some of those problems and give an idea of how we can help, without naming the businesses.  More often than not, other businesses are out there with the same problems.

Bad Pricing
A farm business had approached KCARD to develop a business plan and possibly apply for grants. After working with the business on financial projections, KCARD...

Client Profiles We Don't Write complete story...

Facebook Ads: The How To

Facebook and social media are now a crucial part of promoting your business and reaching the potential customers who want to buy your products and services. With over one billion users worldwide, Facebook is the most visited social media site, and you can create targeted ads on Facebook to reach different audiences and meet different business goals.

Before creating your Facebook ad campaign, consider the following five things:

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KCARD Highlights

In June KCARD staff provided clients the following services:   

  • Provided business planning support to an agritourism operation, artisanal cheese producer, and several diversified produce operations; 

  • Provided marketing assistance to a diversified livestock operation;

  • Assisted multiple Value-Added Producer Grant applicants with reviewing and submitting their application;

  • Participated in the SOAR Innovation Summit in Pikeville; and,

  • Co-Hosted the MarketReady Training Program Meet the Buyer with the University of Kentucky in Louisville.

Upcoming Events

July 14 & 15: KADB and KAFC Joint Meeting, Campbellsville, KY

August 1: KSU Small Scale Farm Grant Applications Due, Frankfort, KY

August 18-28: Kentucky State Fair, Louisville, KY 

KCARD Agribusiness Grant Facilitation Program

The Agribusiness Grant Facilitation Program is specifically designed to help Kentucky farmers and other agribusiness find, apply, & receive funding through grants and other available programs.   For updates on funding opportunities available nationally and for Kentucky farmers and agribusiness, sign up for our email list.