KCARD Connection 
October 2016

National Cooperative Month- Hopkinsville Elevator: A farmer-owned cooperative returning value to members 

Founded in 1968, Hopkinsville Elevator in Kentucky began when a group of farmers recognized that there would be more value in their grain if they had ownership in where they sold it. Since then, the cooperative has grown to 3,500 members and has annual revenue of more than $600 million. While offering its members a place to sell grain is its core mission, Hopkinsville Elevator also owns an ethanol plant, a farm supply business, a finance company and crop insurance company.

The growth of the cooperative is due to the vision of its members, according to Jerry Good, general manager of Hopkinsville Elevator. Good has worked at the co-op for 41 years and has served as the general manager since 2009. 

Is a Cooperative Right for Your Business?

KCARD is often contacted by individuals and groups that have a business idea and are interested in forming a cooperative. A cooperative can be a great choice and we help people form cooperatives all the time, but many times the cooperative business structure is misunderstood and people have the wrong idea about what a cooperative is and when it is the right business structure. 

A cooperative is a business formed and owned by the people that use its services or in some cases, the workers that are employed there...

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KCARD Highlights

In September KCARD staff provided clients the following services:   

  • Provided business planning support to numerous diversified agritourism businesses;

  • Provided marketing assistance to several value added dairy operations;

  • Assisted multiple recipients with recordkeeping for their Value Added Producer Grant; and,

  • Completed a feasibility study on a local food aggregation point. 

Upcoming Events

October 14: KCARD Board Meeting, Elizabethtown, KY

October 19-22: FFA National Convention, Indianapolis, IN

KCARD Agribusiness Grant Facilitation Program

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