KCARD Connection 
September 2016

Seven Springs Sorghum Producers

In 2007, when Harry Irwin bought his Metcalfe County farm and became friends with farming neighbor Frankie Froggett, the two never imagined their mutual interest in growing cane and making sorghum would lead to becoming business partners.  Nine years later, the farmers are looking forward to inviting the community out on September 24, 2016 for the 4th Annual Seven Springs Sorghum Festival at the new Barn at Node on Irwin’s farm in Sulphur Well.   

“Seven Springs Sorghum Producers and the annual festival have grown out of our love of making sorghum and the enjoyment of sharing the experience with our community,” said Rebecca Froggett, daughter-in-law of Frankie and a partner in Seven Springs Sorghum.  “We are really excited about the new Barn at Node and how we are expanding our operations. We have the Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (KCARD) to thank for helping us make it happen.”

Seven Springs Sorghum Producers: A community inspired business...

Life as a KCARD Intern

KCARD hires part-time interns throughout the year to assist in its work with Kentucky farmers and agribusinesses.  This month, we visited with our current intern, Madeline Dant of Bardstown, Kentucky, an Agricultural Economics graduate student at the University of Kentucky to learn more about her internship experience. 

“Interning with KCARD has been a great opportunity to learn more about Kentucky agriculture and to apply skills that I learned in college in a real life setting” stated summer intern Madeline Dant.  “I researched industry trends and competitors and contacted potential customers, putting together information that was used for writing business plans and feasibility studies that KCARD was conducting.” 

KCARD Highlights

In September, KCARD staff provided clients the following services:   
  • Provided business planning support to livestock producers, produce operations, meat processors, and shared-use commercial kitchens; 
  • Provided marketing assistance to a local foods operation and a non-profit working with farmers;
  • Assisted multiple applicants with reviewing and submitting grant applications;
  • Participated in the ARC Appalachia Aspire Conference and other Promise Zone activities; and,
  • Represented KCARD at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville.

Upcoming Events

September 16: Kentucky Agricultural Development Board meeting, Frankfort, KY 

October 1: KSU Small Scale Farm Grant applications due, Frankfort, KY

October 1: KIO Tri-State Small Ruminant Summit, Burlington, KY

KCARD Agribusiness Grant Facilitation Program

The Agribusiness Grant Facilitation Program is specifically designed to help Kentucky farmers and other agribusiness find, apply, & receive funding through grants and other available programs.   For updates on funding opportunities available nationally and for Kentucky farmers and agribusiness, sign up for our email list.