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July 6, 2016
Kentucky expects up to $100 million via VW settlement

The settlement of a lawsuit was announced claiming Volkswagen and its connected brands violated Kentucky's Consumer Protection Act potentially means $100 million for the state and impacted car owners. 

Under the settlement, nearly 3,200 owners of affected cars in Kentucky will receive payments of at least $5,100 for the loss of value on their vehicle. Car owners will also have the choice to sell back their car for the original value or receive a modification that will make the vehicle meet emission standards. 

The state will get $19 million from an environmental mitigation trust funded by the automaker.  Money from the trust is intended to be used for projects that target emissions of nitrous oxide, the same emission related to the Volkswagen scandal.

Kentucky also will receive nearly $3.5 million in civil penalties from the carmaker for violating the state's consumer protection act.

Details of the consumer restitution program available to nearly 580,000 U.S. customers can be viewed at .
Kentucky g ets Fourth Tesla Supercharging Station 
Bowling Green has become home to Kentucky's fourth and newest Tesla supercharger station.  Located at 1676 Westpark Drive in the Meijer parking lot, the station hosts eight high-speed chargers designed to charge Tesla electric cars. 

Around the first of the year, a Tesla supercharging station opened in Louisville at Sullivan University.  There are also supercharging stations in Lexington and London, Ky.

The Supercharger is a direct current (DC) fast-charging station that is for use with the Tesla Model S sedan, Model X SUV and now, projected for deliveries by the end of 2017, the Tesla Model 3 (Tesla's lower cost model).  

Tesla cars are 100 percent electric and are zero emission vehicles -- something needed more and more given Kentucky's record number of poor air quality days this year.  
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