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Saturday, August 8th, 3-6pm in Emeryville, CA
Already taken Diva's beginning course or had some previous experience? Time to put those letters together & take your practice to the next level!  You'll learn new skills in the art of correspondence, including flourishing techniques and the ins & outs of addressing. Class includes all materials, special take-homes and stationery extras. Refreshments & small bites, limit 20 students, $135.

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Tuesday, August 11th, 7-9pm in Emeryville, CA
Finding it hard to make time to practice? Or working on a project you're stumped on? Bring your own supplies (or buy from Diva) and enjoy a supportive environment where you can work on special projects or just practice with hands-on help from the expert! RSVP to this email ( to reserve a spot. Light refreshments, limit 20 students, $40.

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Saturday, August 22nd, 1-5pm in Emeryville, CA
The ultimate beginner's workshop (Diva's most popular so sign up quick) where you'll learn everything you need to know to get your practice started! Click on the link above for a detailed syllabus. All materials included, as well as lovely extras and take-homes. Refreshments & small bites, limit 20 students, $155.

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I started ballet as an adult 2 years ago, and it's so hard!!!  My first class i was so discouraged i had tears in my eyes by the end.  Really.  I'd never taken a dance class but consider myself coordinated and athletic, so it was a hard pill to swallow.  But i'd been a beginner before (haven't we all) and you can call it tenacity or plain old stubbornness: i kept at it.  

Actually i'm no stranger to being the worst in class-- i joined the swim team at age 10 (at my best friend's urging)  when i couldn't swim a lap, i joined the tennis team in 9th grade having never picked up a racket (also cajoled by a close friend)-- i had a full shelf of 'Most Impoved' trophies & 'Participation' ribbons by the end of high school.  AND i was captain of my Swim Team senior year, got offered a tennis scholarship from a small college, and yes, even performed on stage in May with my beginning/intermediate ballet class. I'm not saying i'm any good, but i love dancing, learning and being challenged, and noticing small moments of grace along the way.  

All that said to encourage you to follow your passion (or your good friend's) and try something new!  i am CONFIDENT that all of you can do calligraphy and art and anything else you put time and attention into -- practice makes (moments of) perfect!  :)

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Inspired by travel, Diva designed these illustrated mugs and tea towels to tell the stories of what she loves most about her favorite cities: The food, architecture, fashion, language.. Watch for new cities coming soon & find them exclusively at ANTHROPOLOGIE  !

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