A KIDS Experience Enlightens Possibilities
Meet Ashley Patin!
"I'm not quite done yet"
Looking INSIDE KIDS at Ashley Patin, a former KID and the 2016 Tour Administrator.
 Ashley is currently a senior acting major with a dance minor at the University of Northern Colorado. Ashley will graduate this May with a Bachelor of Arts degree. 
Ashley in "Marathon 33" at
University of Northern Colorado
QHow did your experience in KIDS help you in the tour staff role and how did your staff position help define your further aspirations?
A: As a KIDS alumni, my past experiences were invaluable to my time as the Tour Administrator. It helped me advocate for the KIDS as well as

Through my experience as a KID, I knew what to expect and what came next.
I was able assess the tour and troupe moral and resolve issues before a problem could arise. For example, itineraries, stage issues as well as knowing how to motivate during the hard parts of the tour. I know what the performers need and what our audience would be like because I was a KID. 
I've always considered returning to school after finishing my current Bachelor's to get another degree in Arts Administration.  The tour staff position has affirmed this additional career path I'd like to take.

Ashley, third from the left, as a KID in 2014
Q What did you learn from this past summer in your tour staff position?
A:   As tour staff, it was vital to have secure communication with the troupe,  parents, and of course the rest of the staff along with using the proper vehicles to communicate effectively with each.
Objectivity may seem strange, but when conflicts arose between troupe members - which is bound to happen when you have 33 young adults together for three months, it's vital to understand all sides of a situation. Listening was key and encouraging them in effective ways to work things out was so important.
Q: What was the biggest obstacle in your role as tour administrator? Most interesting? Most rewarding?

A: My most interesting obstacle was my adjustment to tour life.   I was not initially contracted as the Tour Administrator,rather the tour facilitator, which was a part-time role and not touring. I was asked to consider changing my role and given just a few hours to make a decision. I am sure they would have given me longer if I indeed needed more time.
Tour Staff and KIDS headed for a performance
In my mind I was not prepared to give up my entire summer to going on tour, but it ended up being the best thing that happened to me. I wouldn't trade my summer with the KIDS for anything in the world. It was rewarding, invigorating, exciting, and full of love. I am so blessed to have been given the chance to be a part of the KIDS experience in 2016.

Ashley, as a KID in 2014
Q: Do you see yourself being a part of the KIDS organization in the future?
A: I certainly hope that I am involved in the KIDS organization for many years to come.  I hope to return next year for another summer. I feel I can bring even more to the role. I'm  not quite done yet.     
Those crazy KIDS. Gotta love em.    
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