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Dear Friends,
We are proud to announce that we have new British programming joining our weekly schedule! " Midsomer Murders" began on Saturday but if you missed it, we will rebroadcast it Friday at 9PM on KLRN World . This suspense thriller will keep you captivated with its twisted plots and interesting characters.

Tonight, we introduce you to " The Wrong Mans " starring James Corden and Mathew Baynton. Ordinary office workers find themselves unwittingly caught up in a deadly criminal conspiracy when one of them answers an abandoned mobile phone. This is an unmissable comedy thriller about two friends in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong skills. Watch with us on Mondays at 9P and 9:30P.

Keep watching,

Arthur Emerson | KLRN President and CEO 
KLRN World
Thursday, Jan 11 at 8PM
AURORA: Fire In The Sky
Myths linked to the aurora, or polar light, by Finland's Saami, Alaska's Inuit, Canada's Native Americans and New Zealand's Maori are explored.
Friday, Jan 12 at 7PM
WORDGIRL: The Rise of Miss Power
Jane Lynch guest voices as Miss Power, an intergalactic visitor who teaches WordGirl a new way to fight crime: by using mean words to hurt people. But the verbose superhero has second thoughts when Miss Power takes the tactic to an unnecessary level.
KLRN Create
Tuesdays &Thursdays 8:30PM
Grain-based recipes. Included: breakfast grain bowl with quinoa, steel cut oats and chia; sorghum salad with cucumber, cilantro and cumin; popcorn with parsley and parmesan; and chickpea and farro stew.