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KNOW NOW Conference Call with  Ronald E. Neumann, former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan

President Trump outlined a new U.S. strategy for Afghanistan in a prime-time national address August 21. WACA turns to  Ronald Neumann, former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan and President of the American Academy of Diplomacy, for his take on whether increasing the U.S. troop presence and NATO support will help bring the 16-year Afghan war to an end. 

Councils, members, and supporters are encouraged to participate in this  KNOW NOW conference call featuring Ambassador Neumann  TODAY at 2:00-2:30 PM ET

Read Ambassador Neumann's August 9  Washington Post  op-ed on this topic, and come with your questions.

KNOW NOW conference calls feature global thought leaders hosted by WACA, as well as local authorities in government, business, academia and cultural fields who are identified and moderated by local Councils. 
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