Lexington, KY, July 21
Firestop product familiarization training (1/2 day)
Poway, CA
July 6
Firestop special inspection training seminar (1 day) 
July 7
Firestop product familiarization training (1/2 day)

Firestop product familiarization training will provide an opportunity for those who have, or will be studying for, an IFC Special Inspector Certificate to upgrade their certificate to a Premier Certificate.
OSHPD requirements for the approval of special inspectors for fire resistive joints and penetrations have been published as PIN 67.
A detailed explanation of the IFC training available to obtain  OSHPD approval for firestop inspection is available at the IFC website.  
The next opportunities to take
the 1-day how-to-inspect-firestopping class
the 4-manufacturer firestop product familiarization training are as listed below.

Due to the hands-on nature of each class, registration is limited to 15 people per event.

Click the event name/date below to register for the class you wish to take.

$349 for early registration paid by June 12, 2017
$299 for government employees and IFC Inspector Certificate holders
Group discount available for 3 or more people registering together
                                        (register 3 for the price of 2) 
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IFC-Approved multi-manufacturer firestop product familiarization training

July 7, 2017, Poway CA 
Tuition:  $125
July 21, 2017, Lexington, KY
Tuition:  $95
7 people or more from your organization:  
We can bring the how-to-inspect seminar or the Product Familiarization training to your location. Contact JohnV@firestop.org 
Future seminars:

Sacramento, CA: June or July 2017
Dallas, TX: 3rd quarter 2017

If you would like to help get a seminar scheduled in some other city, send a note to JohnV@firestop.org, indicating the city you would like, and how many people would attend. We will schedule a seminar in any city where we have 7+ interested individuals.
The 1-day how-to-inspect-firestopping seminar provides the hands-on inspection training required by the Intertek Qualified Personnel (IQP) program for certified firestop inspectors.

The Intertek IQP designation is mandatory effective March 6, 2017 for OSHPD approval of firestop special inspectors in new construction.   

Firestop product familiarization training

Upgrade your IFC Special Inspector Certificate to a Premier Certificate
as required by OSHPD for inspection of existing construction.   

The IFC's online firestop special inspector education and certificate program are described at www.firestop.org/inspection.

After obtaining the special inspector certificate, by passing the 2-hour online exam, you can upgrade your certificate to a Premier Certificate by obtaining firestop product training from at least four (4) IFC-member firestop manufacturers, such as by taking an IFC-approved product familiarization class, as is being here offered. The product training can be taken before or after taking the special inspector exam.

 You can register for a product familiarization class with or without also taking the 1-day hands-on how-to-inspect seminar.

Overview of firestop inspection training steps
(See flowchart below)

1a. Online training curriculum
IBC 2012 and NFPA 1, widely adopted across the US,  both require inspection of firestopping to comply with standards ASTM E2174 and E2393. Since early 2014, the IFC has made available a free, self-paced online training curriculum for firestop special inspectors at: www.firestop.org/inspection

1b. Online exam to earn an IFC Certificate for special inspectors
Inspectors wanting a third-party confirmation of their firestop  inspection knowledge and expertise can take the 2-hour online exam offered by the IFC. Those passing the exam are issued an IFC Certificate of Achievement, and are listed at www.firestop.org/certificate-holders .

2. Hands-on product training
Obtaining hands-on product training from 4 manufacturers, or from an IFC-Approved 4-hour product familiarization class allows your IFC Certificate to be upgraded to a Premier Certificate. An IFC Premier Certificate is required for OSHPD approval of firestop inspectors in existing construction.
The hands-on training by itself (without IFC exam certificate) is required as a minimum for OSHPD approval of firestop inspectors for small remodel projects.

3. 1-day how-to-inspect firestop training seminar
Intertek requires the completion of a 1-day, hands-on firestop inspection seminars for those wanting to apply for the Intertek IQP designation (Step 4.). The Intertek IQP designation is required for OSHPD approval of firestop inspectors in new construction and additions.

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If you have any additional questions regarding the seminars, please contact:

John Valiulis, IFC Executive Director
Phone: 918-200-3757, Email: JohnV@firestop.org
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