Dear Greyhound Friend-

This year, a bill that would open greyhound tracks in Kansas is being considered in Topeka.  Recently the animal rights activists have canvased Topeka's House of Representatives opposing HB 2173.  They have depicted greyhounds as abused, disposed and overbred.  We are asking you to reach out to the committee and Kansas House of Representatives via mail, phone and email and re-educate on the positive impacts of greyhound racing and de-bunk the likes of Grey2k and HSUS.  Your support is timely as it will be heard by committee on March 6.

Here are some talking points to include in your letters and emails supporting HB 2173.
  • Greyhound people are passionate about their breed and take greyhound adoption seriously. Even with Kansas being the greyhound capital of the world, the home of the Greyhound Hall of Fame, the breed is rarely, if ever, found at local animal control shelters.  With a placement rate of 95%, it is the gold standard against municipalities that struggle with sub-standard adoption rates.  In 2009-2014, Wichita's shelter had a 63% euthanasia rate. 
  • With the vast majority of greyhounds being placed into adoptive homes once their racing career is over, there is little need for professional lobby groups like Grey2K.  These animal rights activists would like to paint a picture of deplorable despair that pre-dates modern care, however far from the truth. 
  • Greyhound adoption and welfare is a priority for everyone involved in the raising or racing of our dogs.  The humane treatment of all animals, regardless of species, is written into the NGA by-laws.  The dogs placed post racing career are healthy, well socialized, and ambassadors to adoption.  They epitomize the remarkable and specialized care they received growing up in Kansas.  Anyone who spends days in and days out caring, feeding and depending on these animals for family sustaining income has a healthy respect for the breed's athleticism. 
  • Modern safety improvements to tracks and racing markets have produced a very low injury rate.  Animal Rights groups have impeded the standardization of improved safety models at tracks
  • Allowing racing to redevelop will bring new jobs to Kansas City, Wichita and Frontenac.  It will also lend to a resurgence of farming communities dotting the state as new dollars are pumped into the industry.  It will increase tourism to our state and bring a renewed source of income to these communities.

The bill will be heard in the Appropriations Committee next week.  It is imperative that this pass with recommendations.  Please write to your House Representative as well as these committee members before March 6.  Here is a pdf of Kansas Appropriations committee members.  


Thank you,


Jim Gartland

NGA Executive Director
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