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Amelia House News
April has been a month of mini holidays, outings, and lots of fun had by all at Amelia. 
Cory started off the month by heading up to Comox to see his Mom and Grandma.  They had a lovely visit for 2 days and enjoyed the sights of the Comox Valley, spent some time at the beach, enjoyed a few meals together and spent some time at Cory's mom's place.
Kate enjoyed a trip up to Tofino and a stay at The Tin Wis Resort with her mom Lynda and Csaba.  They had a lovely time and enjoyed some shopping, meals together and walks around the resort town.
Kim headed over to Vancouver last weekend to The Price is Right show at The Hard Rock Casino.  She had a fabulous time, enjoyed playing a few slot machines
at the casino, enjoyed the show and then did some Window Shopping at The Tswassen Mills mall.
Now it's time for Jennjifer to get away.  Perhaps a trip up to Tigh Na Mara is in the near future.
Enjoy this lovely weather...the sun is finally here!!
 Admin Office News

There have been a few changes around the admin office; the Home Share and ISN team have a brand new office across the road.  Karl and Keith were very busy sprucing up the Tillicum offices for the people who moved around internally.  Nice jumpsuits guys!   

One Day Celebration
This year One Day will take place on Saturday, September 8th! One Day is Victoria's kick off to community living month with FREE entertainment, activities, kid's zone, and more! One Day also features a low cost BBQ and a marketplace for local artisans! Interested in joining our marketplace? Download our reservation form.
Interested in the latest updates from One Day? Find out more by following the One Day Facebook Page !

Paskin House News                                                   

Greg enjoyed some April sunshine and a brisk breeze to fly a kite.  It was his first time and it looks like he successfully caught some wind! 

Paul has joined the Reach Performing Choir and is all smiles at one of his first practices! 

Henry House News
The folks at Henry House kept busy during the month of April with trips to the Aviation Museum and the Shaw Discovery Centre.  They also tried to keep their poker faces on during a rousing new game of dice poker!


Dear Community Partner,

The following is taken from a Reminder Notice in the Annual Statement of Grant Entitlement for 2018 that RDSP holders will receive. We are sharing this with you to help ensure that people with RDSPs are clear about the rules on taking money out of their Plans.

As 2019 is approaching some people will have had an RDSP for 10 years and may be thinking about taking money out of their Savings Plan.
It's important to remember that the money the government deposits into an RDSP must remain in it for at least 10 years after the last government contribution was made to the Plan. If money is withdrawn before this time, all or part of the government contribution will have to be repaid to the government.

What this means is that if a person takes money out of their RDSP within 10 years of receiving the last government contribution they will be subject to one of the following repayment rules:
  1. Return $3 of government contributions for every $1 that is withdrawn from the RDSP, or
  2. Return all of the government contributions received in the last 10 years; whichever of these two amounts is less.
Please share this information with your networks. If you have any questions or concerns about this information please call Access RDSP at 604-872-1278 or 1-800-663-1278 and ask to speak to an RDSP advocate.

Best regards,
Sam Turcott, Program Director, Advocacy Access

Patterson House News

Ken Wong loves working on his scrapbook. Ken enjoys lots of different textures and bright colors and patterns. Ken has been working on this project since last summer and it is one of his goals for the year. Ken enjoys shopping at the craft shops and dollar stores for items to use in his book. The book has been turning into a major art project that Ken browses through often while relaxing at home. 
Home Share Victoria News

Kevin and Alex love going to Western Speedway to play mini golf and race go-carts. Kevin also practiced in the batting cage for his upcoming Special Olympic softball nationals which will take place in Nova Scotia this July.
Teri has lived in a Kardel Home Share with Dulce and Jackie for the last four years.  She is very excited to announce that she is moving with her family to Penticton BC.  Here are a few photos of her new home. 
Home Share Campbell River News

Jackie is part of a Musical Theater group and this picture was taken after their performance on April 25, 2018. Jackie enjoys Musical Theater very much and hopes it will continue. 

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