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Tift Merritt live in Seattle, by Kirk Stauffer

Notes from ND  

At long last, folks in the US will count votes today (you voted, right?) and we can all turn our thoughts away from election year bickering, back to things we can all agree on, like great artists making great music. We'd especially like to hear from unknown artists who are working hard to share their ideas and music with audiences around the music. Think of it like a big international virtual open mic. If you have music to share, post it in this forum. Or, simply keep reading for some highlights from the past week...

Interview with Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson

by Chris Mateer

The Australian duo of Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson have returned with their follow-up to 2008's Rattlin' Bones with their new collection of songs, Wreck & Ruin. In the classic tradition of such greats as Gram and Emmylou and George and Tammy, Kasey and Shane have crafted two rewarding albums that only hint at each of their solo work. Both Rattlin' Bones and Wreck & Ruin are filled with tunes that only Kasey and Shane could conjure out of each other together and give life to... More

Inside the songs: Rayna Gellert's journey into memory

by Hearth Music


Rayna Gellert is perhaps best known as the fiddler for firebrand alt-old-time band Uncle Earl, and though her old-time fiddling is truly wonderful, with her new album, Old Light: Songs from My Childhood & Other Gone Worlds, she's turning over a new leaf as a singer and songwriter. Of course, many artists have tried this before, but it's not very common for... More

Changing LEAFs - Considering the Lake Eden Arts Festival

by Kim Ruehl


It happens twice a year, on a patch of land just behind the juvenile detention center in Black Mountain, NC, outside of Asheville. The Lake Eden Arts Festival moves in and throws a giant family-friendly celebration, embracing all kinds of creative expression, from juggling to blues music, to sparks-shooting hula hoop contra dancing. (Okay, this last thing probably... More

Travel Notes - Recent releases from old faithfuls

by Peter Wrench


I'm currently on the road, working, with not much time for focused writing. Catching up with new releases from some of the old (not always) faithfuls and pondering fuller reviews... I've already made some skeptical comments about Bob Dylan's Tempest, but I haven't yet given it the concentrated attention it deserves. The problem is that, unlike the curate's egg... More

From the Archives 

Issue #69

Nightwatchman (Tom Morello) - The rebel's toast 


by Kurt B. Reighley


"I know that my experience with groups like the Clash or Public Enemy was absolutely pivotal in making me feel less alone with my political opinions - that there was hope beyond the stifling suburb that I lived in." -Tom Morello. Four and a half years ago, the artist known as the Nightwatchman found himself in a quandary. He had composed a sheaf of dark, primal protest songs, but was unsure what to do with them. Aside from a couple chorus parts in high school musicals, he had never sung for an audience before. Would anyone want to hear...More

Some of Our Favorites 

Video of Bela Fleck & Rory Gallagher - "Amazing Grace" 

Martha Redbone's journey to William Blake 

Annie Lou - 'Grandma's Rules for Drinkin'' 

Video of Rodney Crowell & Mary Karr - "Hungry for Home" 

Joanne Shaw Taylor live in Newcastle, UK 

Interview with the Dust Busters and John Cohen on their new album 

Video of the Waco Brothers - "Plenty Tough Union Made" 

Amy Cook on tour at a venue near you 

Jim Byrnes - "I Hear the Wind in the Wires" live at Electric Owl 

Video of a Brite Session with Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson 

Review of the David Latto Band - Self-titled 

Video of Sleeping Bulls - "Quebec City" 

Free download of Joshua James' 2009 LP 'Build Me This' 

Americana Boogie: New CDs from Neil Young & Crazy Horse and more 

Video of Leon Russell - "Stranger in a Strange Land" 

Q&A with Linda Sharar 

Run 8 Rider: Interview, Part I - From Devo to country music

Video of the Old 97s - "Every Night Is Friday Night Without You" 

Review of Monarch - 'Amber Waves of Cain'  

Nick Lowe video of "True Love Travels on a Gravel Road" 

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From the eye 

of the storm

by Easy Ed


When the wind started blowing on Sunday night and the rain started to come down on Monday, it really didn't seem like much to me. I recall thinking I've been in thunderstorms that packed more of a punch, and certainly earthquakes that caused more damage. On Monday night the lights flickered a few times before we lost the power just before dark, and we were prepared... More

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