National Music Centre, Studio Bell Auditorium Canada

Dear Clients, Friends and Partners,

Love is in the air as Valentine's Day approaches! Here at Kaswell, we love our white oak edge grain, recently installed in the  National Music Centre (NMC) in Calgary. 

40,000 square feet of our beautiful edge grain white oak was chosen for NMC's recent expansion, Studio Bell, with flooring specified by Allied Works Architecture, Portland, OR, and installed by Alberta Hardwood Flooring, Alberta, Canada. The expansion allows NMC to exhibit approximately 15% of their collection, whereas most museums only display 2-3%.

Visitors to Studio Bell will discover many of the earliest and rarest electronic musical instruments, such as an Ondes Martenot. The Ondes Martenot (similar to the modern-day organ) is so rare that it took them over 10 years to acquire. Also, the NMC collection includes Randy Bachman's 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitar, used to write and record hits such as "American Woman," "No Time," "Undun" and "Laughing". A current exhibit being showcased is that of Tom Cochrane, the Grammy nominated artist responsible for "Life is a Highway," which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

NMC celebrates Canada's music story and history to inspire a new generation of music lovers through programming that includes onsite and outreach education programs, performances, artist incubation and exhibitions. Home to a collection of over 2,000 instruments and artifacts, NMC proudly displays one of the most impressive music collections in the world.

Thank you for your continued interest in our products and stay warm this winter! 

Best Regards,
Joshua Kaswell
Edge Grain Flooring is a unique and eco-friendly product that utilizes the waste created while manufacturing other hardwood materials. Off cuts are mixed together in several patterns, including the ladder pattern shown here. The popularity of our edge grain is primarily due to its proven durability, versatility and affordability. And of course, the way it looks!
National Music Centre, Studio Bell in Canada
National Music Centre, Studio Bell Auditorium in Canada
"We choose to not only work directly with Kaswell Flooring Systems on many of our cultural projects given their wide range of product offerings and competitive pricing, but mostly for their attention and commitment to our projects. 

They have participated at every point along the process, including support during the design, bidding, and construction phases. This support is offered through numerous material samples, specification input, pricing options, and constructibility feedback. When we begin to consider wood flooring for a project one of our first contacts is always Kaswell."

--  Chelsea Grassinger, Associate Principal, Allied Works Architecture

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