Serving York County
First Quarter 2016

Katallasso Provider Spotlight

Susan Kurz, M.D.
has been serving here at Katallasso doing an excellent job.  Susan has been in private practice for nearly 32 years serving in Southern York County as a family practitioner.  She received her undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University and attended medical school at Temple University Medical School.  Susan has been married to her husband Richard for 33 years and is the proud mother of 3 grown children. 

Thank you so much Susan for helping Katallasso to reach beyond healthcare!

Volunteer of the Quarter
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Deb Olewiler
Deb uses her talents in many ways at Katallasso as she works hard on internal communications, the newsletter and even finds time to work in the office with patients.  She worked in many administrative positions at York College for 33 years and retired as Business Manager of the IT department after 15 years. Deb has been a member of St. Matthew Lutheran Church for 45 years.  Deb also gives her time by serving at Heartland Hospice.  She has been married 46 years to her husband Rick and has 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren.

We are SO THANKFUL that Deb is serving God at Katallasso!   

The Beginnings of Katallasso on Video

Ever wonder how Katallasso came about?  Recently Laura Lyyn Phoptography, through the   
gracious weathered-movie-reel.jpg gift of one of our donors, produced a video of Brian telling the story of how the idea of Katallasso was planted by God and turned into Katallasso, Inc/   
Katallasso Family Health Center. Click  here to view the video of Katallasso's beginnings.

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Spreading the Word 
It is absolutely amazing what God has done through the ministry of Katallasso!  Many, many lives have been impacted!  We want to share this with as many people as possible and you may just be the key.  We have spoken to dozens and dozens of groups about what is happening at Katallasso over the 3-4 years of our existence.  Do you know of or belong to a group that would like to hear about the beginning of and the ministry of Katallasso?  Rotary, Optimist, VFW, Church Group, Lions Club, Congregation, etc.  We would love to get in front of YOUR group.  Please just give us a call to line up an engagement.      
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Special Thanks!

A special thank you to Dr. Leon Gibble who donated various equipment and medications to the clinic. In fact, the waiting room chairs in the York Rescue Mission came from his office.  He recently retired and was closing his office. We are so blessed by his generosity.

Don't forget about our gift of a Day Program...
Names are posted at Katallasso in the waiting room on the day of support and in the Medical Area permanently on the above plaques.

(This program was started in October 2013.  $750 
supports one day of service at Katallasso.  Any donor contributing that amount in one year is a member of our Gift of a Day Program)

Thank you so much for supporting Katallasso!
Katallasso is a proud member of the followin g:

We are also registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations

What an exciting quarter for Katallasso!!  From serving our 1000th client to partnering with the York Rescue Mission with an annex at their location.....Katallasso is not standing still and is working to impact more and more lives!

Read on.......
Katallasso Partners with the York Rescue Mission   
WOW, WOW, WOW!  On March 29th Katallasso and the York Rescue Mission (YRM) came together for a ribbon cutting to open a Katallasso medical office in the YRM.  This is the manifestation of the Katallasso mission of pulling churches and para-church ministries together to take care of social needs.  Katallasso has collaborated with many organizations, but not to this level.  The collaboration began with a large renovation to two offices in the YRM and will continue with Katallasso providers seeing YRM program participants every Tuesday.  Both organizations anticipate the need to expand the program.  Tons of media coverage was provided as the community has embraced the partnership.  Click to see just a few examples:

ABC27                     CBS21 
WPMT43                ABC27 Live Remote
York Dispatch        Central Pa. Bus. Journal

The ribbon cutting was followed by a reception attended by over 50 guests.  What a great day for all!  We will continue to look for natural collaborations just like this one.

Katallasso and the York Rescue Mission would like to thank the York County Community Foundation and Wellspan Health for partnering with us by providing many of the start up costs for this collaboration. 
Katallasso Serves 1000th Patient!
In early January Katallasso served our 1000th patient.  That's a lot of impact and it was done in 3 years with a mostly volunteer staff!  Awesome God sized stuff!  Pictured are Executive Director Brian and 1000th patient Crystal.  Crystal is a substitute teacher who was having difficulty paying her premiums and co-pays through the ACA but will be back on her insurance soon.  Katallasso was able to fill in the gap for her during a very difficult time.
Katallasso 3rd Annual Volunteer Social

On a cold snowy evening in mid January Katallasso volunteers gathered to be honored by the Board of Directors for their service at the Yorktowne Hotel for our annual dessert social.  This is done yearly to both honor our volunteers and to celebrate another year of service.  Volunteers contributed over 3000 hours at a value of over $100,000.  WOW!  Leading the volunteer hours were Sandi Wilt, office volunteer, and Margaret Thoman, registered nurse.  We (and our clients) are so grateful for the giving hearts of our volunteers who continually sacrifice their time in the service of God! 

Katallasso Chosen to do Pilot for FCAP

The Free Clinic Association of Pennsylvania has chosen Katallasso for a program pilot that will be used to develop performance measures for free clinics across Pa.  The pilot requests data for diabetic patients, breast cancer screenings as Laptop or notebook computer PC with medical cardiologic diagnostic test software on screen and stethoscope on black wooden business office table with selective focus effect well as other measurables.  Katallasso has taken this pilot and expanded it to other data tracking points for our own use.  This would include items such as A1C tracking for our diabetic patients and blood pressure screenings for our hypertensive patients as well as other items.   Katallasso is always reaching for the next level and this has been recognized by FCAP.  
Katallasso Prayer Group
Bottom line...Katallasso has been built on prayer!  Are you a prayer warrior?  Pastor Kenneth Bethea has come together with Katallasso to form a prayer group that will meet regularly at the health center to pray for the ministry of Katallasso.  Would you like to be part of it?  There is a ton on the horizon for Katallasso and we want to make sure that we are currently operating with His vision and we are looking to the future with the same.  Please contact us at the following email address so we can get you started ASAP:
Impact of the Quarter 
(from the desk of medical director Duane Furman)
It is unlikely that there is person reading this message that at some point in time in your life has not been falsely accused, judged for something you may have or not have done and experienced rejection, hurt and have been the recipient of a lack of forgiveness. Add to that the toughness of having served your country in the military and being a "man's man" as one may say. This has been the experience of one of our clients.  This rejection and judgment has led to being ostracized from his family, community and even extended challenges to find and maintain employment. This is an all too common theme today that broken men and women receive little encouragement, hope and grace from our culture; sadly, even in the Christian community. 
I have had the privilege of caring for this gentleman the past 18 months for his various health issues such as hypertension, high cholesterol and depression. Unfortunately, given his past history, whether fairly judged or not, he is unable to maintain employment to provide health insurance for himself. So he works what part time jobs he can find that will allow him to make some income to afford discounted medications and pay his rent. That still leaves him short for food and other basic needs for daily survival. The past 18 months since we have been meeting, we have established a good friendship and a mutual respect for what he is facing day to day. Though I have not experienced specifically what he is experiencing through his circumstances, I can relate to the rejection and hurt. Our conversations have turned recently to someone else who has experienced that same rejection, was unjustly and unfairly judged to the point he was convicted to death. That is Jesus. Through the challenges this man has faced, he has had a glimpse of what Jesus experienced, minus the "convicted to death" issue. His new appreciation for what Jesus experienced, what Jesus did through his death for this man, how Jesus forgave even his accusers, has become a motivating factor for this young man to seek after God. He is learning what it means to receive God's grace and mercy. He is understanding that "men" may never change their view and attitude towards him, but through a relationship with Jesus, God will forgive him and leave his past in the past!
There obviously is still the reality of the day to day rejection and hurt from people in his life, but now he is beginning to understand that this no longer needs to define him. He is defined and identified as a child of God! His new identity is a refreshing breeze for his soul as he feels a little more hope, a little more encouraged, a little bit freer and definitely in a better season of life than he was some 18 months ago. He commented at our last visit together, that when he comes to Katallasso, that despite his past and present situations, rather than be judged and rejected, that
he is encouraged and accepted.
Praise God for the good work that He
does in each of us!

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       -What is your talent or expertise that Katallasso can use
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4.  Medical providers-  Are you one or might you approach someone you know?

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***All of God's people must come together in order for this to be successful.  WILL YOU ANSWER THE CALL? 

Our mission is to emulate the love
of Jesus Christ by promoting wellness and providing quality healthcare for both the body and soul. In cooperation with the Church and others, Katallasso FHC will strive to reach beyond the health of the body for York City and surrounding communities.


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