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April 26, 2017
Engaging Trump and 18-35 year-olds on EE
Earnest energy efficiency programs will not engage millennials      
Utilities and LDCs will have to learn how to woo millennials to get them to buy into energy efficiency which is why CEEA and IESO decided to investigate what millennials think about energy conservation. "It can be hard to get input in this sector," said Terry Young, VP at IESO. "We need some level of input and put structure around it as we build programs." The big reveal of the CEEA/IESO Engaging Millennials report came on April 19 at CEEA's Business Forum in Toronto. The alliance's Elizabeth McDonald agreed, saying the insights gathered will help Ontario with its Long Term Energy Plan, particularly since millennials can be hard to reach despite their constant use of smart phones.

Some of the key takeaways include that millennials have expectations that an EE program have clarity, that it make a difference and be grounded in verifiable fact - when you tell them something they will check to see if it's a true. Millennials are motivated by a desire for financial independence first, and then by environmental concerns. So energy efficiency is not rejected, it's just not a top priority (forgetfulness is a barrier for them)....   MORE   
Kateri's crystal ball mixes good news with bad for energy efficiency under Trump

What does the future hold when Congress doesn't have an appetite to cut EE, but a president wants to ditch Energy Star?

It was refreshing to hear - "Trump is one man and one man only. There are a lot of other things in play and I believe he is getable on these issues." That was
The U.S. EE sector offsets energy costs and employs 2.2 million people, just two considerations for Trump to think about before gutting programs. Photo: LearnATW Creative Commons
the great opener from the Alliance to Save Energy's Kateri Callahan as she began her analysis of what's going on in Washington and what the future holds for energy efficiency.

With that statement she immediately had a captive audience at our Business Forum. While she admitted it can be a tricky business to predict what will happen, she laid out an impressive case for energy efficiency - one she has been lobbying for in Washington since 2004.

Good EE news pre-Trump
First came the good news story. The not-for-profit ASE is celebrating its 40th year and part of that success is thanks to its critical mix of advocates, including policy experts, environmental groups, academics, and business leaders. Notably its board of directors has several high-powered Democratic and Republican politicians including Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Senator Robert Portman.

Since 2012 the ASE has been focussed on its goal to double energy productivity and they've been using advisors, members of congress and its board to make this happen, stressing the need to have the voice of business on energy efficiency. The underlying premise: energy efficiency policies drive energy productivity....MORE 
EE News
New board member: CEEA's AGM on Apr. 19 approved new board member Jesse Row, executive director of the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance. And new to the executive is William Crossland, president of Thermal Energy International, who has taken on the role of treasurer.

CIET to deliver CAN-QUEST training: Congratulations to CIET for winning the only commercial license to train people on this bilingual building energy simulation software which can demonstrate performance compliance with the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2011.


 Alberta's EE program is in demand: Over 80,000 have signed up for Alberta's new energy efficiency programs to receive home energy kits and demand for info on the rebate program for EE home upgrades was so popular its website crashed as traffic increased.

Legislation to create Efficiency Manitoba underway: CME will be consulting on how to proceed with the new crown agency which will create EE and conservation programs that plan to have annual energy savings targets of 1.5 per cent for annual domestic electricity demand.

Low income EE program in Newfoundland: The latest provincial budget includes $5-million over three years to help low income households with new homes save energy.

First Nations EE program in NS:  First Nations and non-profit organizations will benefit from an additional $8 million for free assessments and upgrades to save energy.

Federal report and website address 2030 low carbon goals: The federal Ministry of Environment and Climate Change released (and it's a mouthful) its report Canada's Mid-Century Long-term Low Greenhouse Gas Development Strategy. And NRCan has launched the portal to Generation Energy create a dialogue and gather input from Canadians on creating a low carbon economy - it includes a quiz and poll and will be accepting submissions until October. The push is on to make a change -- according to a report by two environmental economists carbon prices must rise to $150 a tonne to meet Canada's 2030 greenhouse-gas targets.

Ontario's Solutions 2030 Challenge has $7 million to fund innovators: This is exciting - it's a global call for ideas on how to cut industry GHG emissions. There is $7 million in funding and the challenge will award up to $3 million in support for the winning team.  Online entries are due by Sept. 22, 2017.

CIET Canada's Certified RETScreen Expert:  The three- day course starts May 16 in Toronto.

EE Global Forum: Join outstanding energy efficiency influencers at the tenth annual Alliance to Save Energy EE Global Forum May 8-9 in Washington, D.C.
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