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NY 24 Congressional District Poll

Katko Has 15-Point Lead Over Balter, 54-39 Percent

Balter Leads Big in Syracuse; Katko Up in Rest of Onondaga; Leads Big In Other Counties; Women Evenly Divided; Men for Katko Two-to-One

Favorability Ratings: Katko, 53-36 Percent; Balter, 32-23 Percent

Download the press release and crosstabs below:


Press Release         Crosstabs

Contact Information

Siena pollster Steven Greenberg will be available starting at 8 pm tonight to discuss the 24th  C.D. poll findings. Greenberg can be reached at  518-469-9858  or  steve@greenbergpr.com  to arrange for interviews in person or via phone (do not hit 'reply' to this email to reach Greenberg).