Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth 


Keep calm.  And yes--the energy is intensfying 


We're approaching the Eclipse cycle and the 11:11:11 energies revisited. Enormous infusions happened yesterday on the Cross Quarter Day (Nov. 6). 


Personally I had stupendous energy today for much of the day. However, noticed as the day went on, I got tired and then became more and more sensitive when interacting with others/other versions of me ♥ 


Since the Cross Quarter Day yesterday the path is winnowing and everything leads to the December Equinox...and what a gauntlet it is, with 11:11:11 energies deepening as we revisit that alignment, then a major Eclipse Cycle and the 12:12:12 Stargate. 




Remind yourself of all the smart ways you care for yourself that have worked and do them.  Our steady, love-filled focus through these turbulent and increasingly intense days keep us anchored within. Clarity is the name of the game here. It is from yourself in this reality, that you operate.  The physical body is your home.  Love yourself.  You are capable of connecting with the deepest cosmos and grounding it into Earth.  You are not alone, and furthermore--realities are merging.


Take advantage of your wisdom to prepare for these amazing Celestial attunements which are ushering us into the NEW paradigm of civilization and culture on Earth.


We'll be gathering on Sunday, Nov. 11 to co-create with the 11:11:11 qualities at a deeper level and to prepare for the Eclipse Opening. This passage, which I'm calling the "Communing with the Invisible Dragon," as this cycle is clearly to support us in resolving the hidden ways we are still connected to the illusion of duality.  This is the gift of 2012: the emancipation from illusion.  If you'd like to join us, CLICK HERE for more details and to register. 


Life at the Ideafrontier.

I am feeling it.  Aren't you?



Love and blessings,







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