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Demond and his family
"Meet Demond Woodruff. Demond is a beloved father of four, a loving husband, a son, an uncle, and a former social services worker. In February of this year, Demond came down with what appeared to be the flu, but his condition quickly worsened and he was diagnosed with viral congestive heart failure. Thankfully, doctors were able to implant a lifesaving left ventricular assistance device, and Demond is currently recovering from surgery and awaiting a heart transplant. 
Many of our patients and their caregivers know that having a family member in the hospital during the holidays can result in an especially trying time. But hope can come from the most surprising places, as Demond found out when he read his daughter Zoie's letter to Santa. Rather than toys or games, Zoie only wanted one thing from Santa this Christmas:
"My dad is very ill and has to go really far away for a long time and if you can, I'm asking you to heal him on Christmas Day." -Zoie's letter to Santa 

At HelpHOPELive, donors like you HELP relieve the financial burden of a medical crisis, provide HOPE at a time of overwhelming need and support patients and their families to LIVE life as fully as possible. Make a tax-deductible donation to our General Operating Fund today and Help HOPE Live for more families like Demond's.
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The mission of HelpHOPELive is to support community-based fundraising for people with unmet medical and related expenses due to cell and organ transplants or catastrophic injuries and illnesses.

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