Doctor's Approach - January 2017 Insider News
Is it Snowing Inside?
Combat Dry Scalp This Winter

What is dry scalp? 
According to the Mayo Clinic, dry scalp is more  common  in winter and is often marked by small white flakes caused by  the  cold weather, excessive dry heat or even diet.  Sometimes, you will find some flakes of dead skin, like dandruff. However, not all dry scalp is caused by dandruff. Dandruff is a yeast-driven skin condition that causes white flakes or yellowish scales on the scalp. Y our hair can also look lifeless, frizzy, dull, and easily break or fall out. Dry scalp can even lead to hair loss  if  left untreated.  
What can I do to combat dry scalp? 
Controlling dry scalp is a relatively  simple   treatment.  Exfoliation and hydration are key.   
  • Turn down the water temperature in the shower. Water that's too hot can pull  moisture from  the skin and scalp. Warm, not hot, is critical.   
  • Exfoliate the dead skin cells and revitalize the scalp with a  scalp stimulator.  
  • Switch to a Zinc  Pyrithione  based  shampoo such  as   Doctor's Approach Soothing Shampoo. This dandruff busting ingredient  helps  improve  dry, itchy and flaking scalp conditions.  
  • Follow up with  Doctor's Approach Soothing Moisturizing Conditioner  to help nourish  damaged hair and leave your scalp cool and invigorated.   

Follow these tips to fight dry scalp and you'll be able to keep the snow off your shoulders, and outside where it belongs. 

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