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Often forgotten about when it comes to building maintenance, frequent  trash chute cleanings will improve the air quality and reduce odor by removing the mold, bacteria and other items lingering inside the chute after trash disposal. 

At ChutePlus we steam clean trash chutes, all hopper doors as well as the compactor and the compactor room with high-pressured steam and then place EPA registered enzymes as deodorizers to ensure those hazardous toxins and bacteria stay away from your building for a long time.
Rats and mice are dirty and can cause a large amount of damage and disease, especially when there are burrows and cracks near your building.

Mice and rats can be a tricky pest for homeowners to eliminate themselves. Rats are instinctively wary of rat control measures such as traps and bait.

Here at Chuteplus we specialize in eliminating pests with our more intensive removal services. 

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