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BCThe legislative session is in full swing! We are very excited that Rep. Lenar Whitney is taking the lead on the Louisiana Pre-Natal Non-Discrimination Act.  Please email your legislators today and ask them to co-sponsor HB 701!

Ramona Trevino
We are looking forward to hosting Ramona Trevino, former Planned Parenthood manager from Texas, at the Nola Needs Peace Rally on May 18 and then the following day at Bowties for Babies.  Ramona has a powerful story and can share the true story of what Planned Parenthood is versus what they want you to believe. Please join us May 18 and 19! See below.

And if you didn't see the email last week, we are thrilled to welcome Alan, Lisa, and Miss Kay Robertson to the National Right to Life Convention in July in New Orleans. You can read a bit more about Lisa's story here.  Have you made plans to attend the convention?

See you at the Capitol!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana,   
Benjamin Clapper
Bowties for Babies

Comedy, More Planned
at Bowties for Babies 

Plans are coming together for the third Bowties for Babies: A Southern Soiree Benefiting Life, and you don't want to miss out on this good time!


Sen. Perry

In fact, you'll likely get a good laugh as Sen. Jonathan "J.P." Perry, also known as the Cajun Comedian, will provide comic relief during the event. 


Bowties for Babies is May 19, 2015, from 7-10 PM at the Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge. This fun-filled evening benefits the Advertise for Life Campaign, a service to Louisiana's pregnancy centers, women, and children.  


Joining Perry on the program are Cary and Tyler Koch, who will talk about their recent experiences as adoptive parents. Cary graduated from The Dunham School (Baton Rouge) and the University of Virginia and is a wide receiver for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League.


Bowties for Babies will also feature live jazz music by the Big Easy Jazz Band, delicious food, and a silent auction.


We invite you to become a Patron of Bowties for Babies and/or purchase tickets for this event!  


 Click Here to Buy Tickets!   

Acadiana Youth Rally
Acadiana and PULSE Immersion Rally


Students in seventh grade through college are invited to join us to celebrate life with PIZZA, LIVE MUSIC BY THE STEPHEN JOUBERT BAND, GAMES, VIDEOS, AND INSPIRING SPEAKERS at the first Acadiana and PULSE Immersion Rally on Wednesday, May 6, from 6-8:30 p.m. at the Cajundome Convention Center, 444 Cajundome Blvd., Lafayette. The event is free, but donations are welcome.


PULSE is the Acadiana Pro-Life Student Council. Student leaders from all of the schools that received the Pro-Life 101 presentation have taken a leadership role in consolidating individual pro-life volunteer efforts into one movement to create a greater impact, build bridges among schools and expand the reach of the pro-life movement.  



Youth who attend can connect with young adult leaders in the pro-life movement and gain a better understanding of the many different areas they can get involved in. Several young adults will be giving their testimonies on why they are involved in the pro-life movement during the event. 

Contact Sarah Mary Toce at for more information.



Don't Miss Camp Joshua!
2 Camps in the Books,
2 More Coming Up

Did you miss out on the fun at Camp Joshua in Baton Rouge? Have no fear! There are two more

opportunities for students to spend a weekend at the camp, designed to train and equip high school students to be pro-life leaders.


Camps coming up are:

* Camp Joshua Covington May 1-3 (Click to register)  

* Camp Joshua Shreveport May 15-17 (Click to register)


Register online at or download a registration form and mail it to Louisiana Right to Life, c/o Camp Joshua, 7121 Catina St., New Orleans, LA 70124.


Legislation Would End Pre-Natal Discrimination in Louisiana
H.B. 701 Has Been Filed, Hearing Next 

By State Rep. Lenar Whitney, Guest Author, Houma  


I recently filed H.B. 701, the Louisiana Pre-Natal Non-Discrimination Act (PRENDA), in the Louisiana Legislature, and it will be considered soon before the House Health and Welfare Committee.


Rep. Lenar Whitney

This bill, crafted using model legislation from National Right to Life, would prohibit abortion when based on the gender of the unborn baby and provide for civil actions against those who violate the law.



It is sad that people in our world would kill unborn children simply because they are baby girls instead of baby boys, but that is happening around the world and in our country.


The use of abortion as a means of sex selection is a major social problem in a number of Asian countries, including China and India, where male children are widely preferred over females.  In a 2012 book by Pulitzer Prize finalist Mara Hvistendahl, Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls and the Consequences of a World Full of Men, she estimates that approximately 160 million women are missing as a result of prenatal female infanticide and sex-selection abortion in Asia and Western Europe. Sex-selective abortion became so widespread in these countries it is now illegal, but sex selection remains a problem even with these laws in place. Restrictions have also been placed on sex-selection abortion in countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, South Korea and the United Kingdom.


In fact, it is believed the United States is the only advanced country that does not have restrictions on this practice.   


Since we have no legal protections, sex selective abortions have increasingly becoming problematic in the United States. A 2009 New York Times story cited several studies showing that Americans of Chinese, Indian and Korean descent retain a preference for sons and occasionally choose abortion because of it. And a 2011 article in Forbes reported on two abortion businesses located in areas of high Asian-immigrant populations that allowed researchers to interview their patients. According to the article, researchers found 89 percent of the women surveyed who were carrying girls aborted them. Half of those women said they had aborted girls before, and many of the women reported they were coerced into the abortion by threats of divorce and violence if they did not bear sons.


So far, eight states - Illinois, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas and North Carolina - have enacted laws prohibiting sex-selection abortion. Louisiana would be the ninth.


Louisiana is a leader in protecting human life, and while there are no documented cases of sex-selective abortion happening here, the Legislature needs to take decisive action now to ensure that sex-selective abortion never happens in Louisiana's future. We must act during this session to protect baby girls in Louisiana from the most violent form of gender discrimination, sex-selective abortion.  I look forward to passing H.B. 701 and placing the bill on Gov. Jindal's desk for his signature.




In Washington D.C., Louisiana's senior U.S. Senator David Vitter is the sponsor of the federal version of the Pre-Natal Non-Discrimination Act, S. 48.


"It's chilling to realize that many babies - almost always girls - are aborted purely as a method of selecting the opposite, preferred sex. That's flat out wrong, but it happens regularly. I support Rep. Whitney's Louisiana version of PRENDA, and I look forward to passing the federal version in the U.S. Senate," said Vitter.  


Ryan Verret, Associate Director of Louisiana Right to Life and the organization's legislative captain, said, "Sex-selection abortion is the ultimate form of gender discrimination. We believe gender equality begins in the womb, and we are excited to work with Rep. Whitney to pass this important legislation."


Former Planned Parenthood Manager to Attend Rally 
Please Join Us and Stand for the 2,844  

1,755 days after Planned Parenthood purchased its first piece of property on Claiborne Avenue in 2010, the foundation for its new abortion business was poured. This building has been strategically designed to squeeze every last abortion out of the New Orleans area.


Planned Parenthood officials have stated themselves they believe 2,844 abortions can be performed at this facility every year. If they succeed according to plan they will kill enough babies over a 10-year period to fill all the seats in City Park's Tad Gormley Stadium.


We remain hopeful that Planned Parenthood will not be able to get a license to perform abortions. We are awaiting the results of an appeal filed by Planned Parenthood after the Department of Health and Hospitals denied it an outpatient abortion facility license.


For our part, the mission of exposing Planned Parenthood's abortion business is not finished. In fact, we invite you to join us next to Planned Parenthood's property at 4636 S. Claiborne Ave. in New Orleans at 6 p.m. on Monday, May 18 for our "Stand For The 2,844" Rally.


A special guest at the rally will be Ramona Trevino, who 

worked for three years as the manager of a Planned Parenthood abortion-referral facility in Sherman, Texas. In the spring of 2011, thanks to the inspiration from a local Christian radio station, the prayers and public witness of a 40 Days for Life campaign, and through God's grace, Ramona reclaimed her walk with Christ and resigned her position at Planned Parenthood, which resulted in the clinic closing.

Ramona now shares the story of her pro-life conversion and resulting exodus from the organization responsible for the most abortions in the United States. 
Upcoming Events 
May 1-3: Camp Joshua Covington
May 6:
Acadiana and PULSE Immersion Rally
May 15-17:
Camp Joshua Shreveport
May 18: Stand for the 2,844: NOLA Needs Peace Rally
May 19:   Bowties for Babies: A Southern Soiree for Life

June 28 - July 2: Joshua Leadership Institute 

July 9-11: National Right to Life Convention, NOLA 

Sept. 23: 40 Days for Life Fall Campaign Begins 

Oct. 24: Louisiana Elections (Governor, Legislature, etc)

Nov. 1: 40 Days for Life Fall Campaign Closes 

Nov. 21: Louisiana Run-Off Elections 

Jan. 23, 2016: Louisiana Life March North & South 

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