March 2016

2016 is officially under way.  What should be the most important question for managers this year? How do I keep my workplace safe for all my employees.

For over 20 years, BCI has helped our clients keep their employees safe through prevention, intervention, and training programs. As we enter our third decade, we are even more committed to that mission--and the need has never been greater.

To meet that need, we've broadened our offerings and brought on new team members to serve our expanding client base. We've also developed an online training program that any organization can easily implement. We're here to help when you need us.

Best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2016,


Jaimee Pittman, President
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Train Now Before It Happens
Active Shooter Response Program

Although active shooter incidents are historically rare, organizations whose employees are trained in
situational awareness are in a much better position to handle them if they do happen.

BCI's new Active Shooter Training educates your staff on the various response strategies they need to deal with such an event. This one-hour, on-site training will give them the knowledge they need to recognize potential aggressors and take action before the situation escalates. 

One hour is all it takes to develop this baseline awareness and skill set that will help keep your employees safe in an workplace violence situation. Designed for organizations of any size, the training can accommodate up to 100 people in a session.

Contact us at email or 800.391.4267 to discuss how this training can work for you.  
"What if it's us?"

In a Yahoo News interview with Wayne Maxey, a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and senior consultant with BCI, Maxey said he has seen an uptick in training requests from companies seeking help on how to best deal with a potential workplace shooter. 

"Unfortunately, it's becoming such an evident part of our culture," Maxey explains.
"These things seem to be happening every week, if not every couple of days. Organizations are starting to look at this and say, 'Whoa, what if it's us?' " 

Situational awareness, Maxey says, is very important. "Know where you are, where exits are. Play the 'what if' game. If something happens, where am I going to go?" Your first, best option, Maxey says, is to run. "That's becoming the standard. The 'run, hide, fight' is going to be the 'stop, drop and roll' of a workplace violence situation," Maxey says. 

"Get into an office and lock the door. Barricade it with a book shelf. Move the printer in front of the door, whatever. Get on your cell phone, call 911. Silence your cell phone so the shooter doesn't hear it and find you." Once out of the active shooter situation, Maxey says people should keep their hands empty and their fingers spread so they can be seen as a non-threat by police. "Law enforcement isn't going to stop to render first aid. They're going to be stepping over bodies and moving toward the threat." 

The city of Houston produced a video called Run. Hide. Fight. which addresses how to best survive a shooting in a public place.  
Click here for the Support Tool created by Mr. Maxey highlighting several points covered in the "Run. Hide. Fight." video.
Workplace Violence Prevention:
Everyone's Responsibility

Basic Online Training for All Your Employees
Anywhere, Any Time, and on Any Device!

As recent events have shown us once again, the need to train your employees on how to help prevent workplace violence and what to do when it happens has never been greater! 
BCI offers an easy-to-implement, affordable way to give all your employees the tools and information they need to recognize threats and help prevent violence in the workplace.
Our interactive, online training program, Workplace Violence Prevention: Recognition & Response, is designed to meet the needs of today's busy people.  
Contact us today for a demonstration of 
Workplace Violence Prevention: Recognition & Response. You'll rest easier knowing you have this professional safety training in place!  

In This Issue
John A. Haley Joins the BCI Team
BCI is pleased to announce that John A. Haley has joined our consulting team. 
John is a seasoned law enforcement professional with over 30 years of experience in safety and awareness. During his career, he has investigated, reviewed, and managed hundreds of cases involving threats and intimidation. 
Recognized as an engaging and practical trainer, John has instructed and lectured as an expert on the topics of street safety, self-defense, awareness and risk assessment to law enforcement and to civilian employees, women and children. 
John holds an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands. He is a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) and is an executive board member for the California District Attorney Investigators' Association. 
As a senior consultant for Baron Center, John provides workplace violence prevention training for all levels of employee populations and consults with our corporate clients who have concerns about potential violence and problematic behaviors in their organizations. 

Workplace Behaviors & Practices to Enhance Employee Safety
Would your employees know how to respond to someone who's short-tempered and vengeful towards either a specific person or your workplace at large?

What about when an unwelcome infatuation between two employees has become common knowledge? And what if one of your employees shares that her estranged spouse has become violent? 

These situations all hold the potential for workplace violence, and your people need to be empowered-with tools, education, systems, and support to handle such low-risk exchanges. 

John Haley, BCI Senior Consultant, provides an in-depth discussion of these situations in a four-part blog series "Customer Service and Creating a Culture for a Safe Workplace". In the final post, he highlights specific workplace behaviors, practices and protocols which can enhance employee and workplace safety. 
BCI on the Road:
Events and Conferences

NCHR-SD Luncheon 
Wayne R. Spees, Senior Consultant for BCI will present "Difficult Conversations: Effective De-Escalation Techniques for Managing Emotionally Charged Situations" on April 13th at the NCHR-SD monthly luncheon. In this presentation Mr. Spees will discuss the basics of
de-escalation strategies for Human Resource Professionals, with an emphasis on preserving the dignity of the individual and respect for the professional relationship.
NPELRA Annual Training Conference "Rockin' and Rollin' Away the Labor Relations Blues"
April 17th -21st.
Our own Mr. Wayne Spees will present "Crisis" Negotiations: Communication and De-escalation Skills for Public Entities"
on April 20th 1:15-2:30pm at The Peabody Hotel in Memphis TN.

We w
ere frankly ove rwhelmed by the reception we received in September at the annual conference of the American Society   
for Industrial Security (ASIS). We're already planning to be at the
in September in Orlando 
Heading Into Our Third Decade
Much has changed since Baron Center was founded in 1995, but our approach is still the same--thoughtful, compassionate and guided by our key values of honoring and serving others.  
While we never disclose their names, we have helped hundreds of private and public corporations, government entities, hospitals, and educational institutions over the past two decades. 
Today's BCI professionals offer consulting, training and coaching services that improve security, safety and leadership practices in today's workplaces.  Using assessment, prevention and intervention strategies, we help organizations minimize their risk of disruptive behavior and workplace violence and to manage it if it happens.

What are you doing to keep your workplace safe? Let us help you take proactive steps to minimize the potential for workplace violence in your organization!

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